Cosmic Daily Weather – September 2016

By Kaye Berjot

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September is jam-packed with action. When you have a month loaded with a New Moon Solar Eclipse, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and an Autumn Equinox, it’s sure to be intense. On the first day of the month we have a New Moon at 4:04 am in Virgo. During the month, Virgo seems to be the star of the zodiac, as there are a number of planets occupying the natural ruler of the 6th house. Mercury is retrograde, and as the ruler of Virgo, wants you to be mindful, rethink, and take a good look at healthy ways of being before Jupiter leaves the sign. Beside the fact that there is a solar eclipse occurring where the Moon overshadows the Sun, there are two T-squares occurring that impact the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Saturn, and retrograde Neptune at the beginning of the month. Information from the events surrounding August 7th could come up around this time of the month. With this type of energy, you might choose to move forward with a plan of action, or leave a situation altogether. Either way, mental health is the name of the game. Expect some intensity on the 16th, because the planets are in full on damage control. This is also the day of the Full Moon lunar eclipse. This energy will continue until the 20th when a lovely Kite makes an appearance. When the autumn equinox makes its way towards us on the 22nd, we’ll feel in much better spirits, and will be even happier once Jupiter enters Libra, along with the Sun. Towards the end of the month, you’ll ask yourself some tough questions. With Mercury in shadow and finally moving direct, you’ll be in a prime position to answer anything that is thrown your way.

**Please see the end of the month for information about the Moon Void of Course (VoC) **


Thursday, September 1

There’s a New Moon at 4:04 am in Virgo conjunct the North Node today, and to top it off there is a solar eclipse that comes along with this energy. The T-squares involving the Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune could have you feeling a little perplexed and perhaps a bit edgy. With that said, if you instead turn your attention to the Jupiter/Mercury retrograde and Venus conjunction that’s taking place at the tail end of Virgo and the beginning degrees of Libra, you might be able to hear the faint sounds of a hummingbird adding renewed energy to a partnership that could have the balancing information that you seek.

Friday, September 2

That little hummingbird from yesterday has found a very captive audience. Not only are Venus and Jupiter listening to the Sun; the Moon and the North Node are equally as captivated. You might need to listen as far back as August 7th, to get a feel for what all of the chatter is about. On the positive side, the Sun’s and the Moon’s positive aspect to retrograde Pluto could have you in reinvention mode. Moon VoC 5:14 pm until 7:57 pm in Libra.

Saturday, September 3

As the Moon makes its way into Libra she encounters Jupiter and Venus. With the planet of abundance, Jupiter, anything is possible. So do yourself a favor; taper your energies, and enjoy any new experiences that come your way. You don’t always have to go full throttle to understand the meaning of life. Sometimes you can sit back and reflect over a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, while listening to the little birdies around you chatter away. This isn’t a fix-all; it’s a temporary reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the last few days; therefore, it’s ok to enjoy it.

Sunday, September 4

Today the Moon and Venus square a retrograde Pluto while Pluto positively aspects the Sun. Your emotions pull you one way, yet your passion for success pulls you in the opposite direction, so it can be difficult to make decisions. During times like these you can’t rely on either, because both paths are based upon what others want from you. Therefore, you might look to the positive aspect between Mars and retrograde Uranus in Aries for the answer. Change the game, and just choose you. Moon VoC 7:31 pm until tomorrow.

Monday, September 5

The Sun and the North Node are sitting side by side. This means you have a very real understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Your values are rooted in partnerships that stand the test of time; partnerships that build stability; and partnerships where healthy dialogues are the norm. Anything less than that is not for you.  Moon VoC ends 7:40 am in Scorpio.

Tuesday, September 6

The Moon positively aspects retrograde Neptune in Pisces, which could make you a little emotional. Lessons that teach us when it’s time to move on are often difficult. Offering chance after chance to things that don’t work will not make them eventually work. If you’ve given enough time and dedication to a certain cause, and it hasn’t panned out the way in which you would have liked, this could be the time to move on to something else that is much more to your liking.

Wednesday, September 7

Today we have less than an hour to meditate, which would imply that today is an action-oriented day. If something has been on the back burner since the end of May to the beginning of June, then it’s time to make a decision and make it happen. Yes, Mercury is retrograde. Don’t let that stop you; planning is still a form of action. Moon VoC 7:44 pm until 8:21 pm in Sagittarius.

Thursday, September 8

Jupiter is at 29° Virgo, and due to its conjunction to retrograde Mercury and the Sun, it makes a harsh angle to Mars, the Moon, and Saturn in Sagittarius. It takes time to fully understand what it will take to move towards emotional freedom. If you weigh the odds of what you will lose in comparison to what you can gain, you’ll be able to make a decision that urges you to change in unconventional ways. Although it can seem unsettling, these decisions are designed to make you stronger. 

Friday, September 9

Transitioning from one way of thinking to another is always stressful. You always ask yourself if you’re making the right decision, or if it’s the right time to take a leap of faith. If you jump now what is in jeopardy? If you jump later, what will you lose? If you don’t jump at all, what will pass you by? As Jupiter makes its way into Libra, doing nothing is simply not an option. Therefore, figure out from your own experiences which scenarios worked for you and why they worked. Moon VoC 7:52 pm until tomorrow.

Saturday, September 10

Jupiter is at 0° Libra today, and it feels kind of good. Jupiter is a large planet, and it carries all of the magic of good luck. Relationship aspects should receive a bit of attention, and depending on where Libra is in your personal chart you could see the beginning stages of potential. VoC until 7:56 pm in Capricorn.

Sunday, September 11

As the Moon inches its way towards Pluto in Capricorn, you could experience an emotional breakthrough in the form of communication. If you have to cover old ground that’s ok, because retrograde Mercury is providing you with the ability to see further into the past, in order to get to the future.

Monday, September 12

The Moon is always moving, which means that your intuitive side is always trying to make sense of what’s occurring. The past, however, always stays the same, and therefore it’s your feelings about the past that change. Allow yourself to break away from past resentments, so that you are able to experience brighter days. VoC 5:01 am until 4:40 pm in Aquarius.

Tuesday, September 13

The T-square between Neptune, Saturn, and the Sun has finally broken up. The constant evaluation of the past was beginning to be too much. With the Moon in Aquarius you know exactly how you feel, and which community you’d like to be a part of. Embrace your new peer group; they’ve been waiting on you for quite some time.

Wednesday, September 14

If you feel like doing cartwheels, laughing out loud, and dancing around the furniture at home, it could have a lot do with the positive energy that is shared between the Moon, Mars, and Venus. When you’re emotionally aware and give yourself the opportunity to move towards greater freedom, you are able to experience what it truly feels like to engage with others who take your contributions into consideration. VoC 10:32 am until 9:24 pm in Pisces.

Thursday, September 15

Today there is some turbulence in the air. With all of these squares and oppositions, it’s difficult to ignore contradictory information. If something doesn’t add up today, there’s probably a reason. Take a deeper look, it never hurts to recheck the facts. You may have been betting on the right horse, but for the wrong reasons.

Friday, September 16

Today calls for some damage control. With a Full Moon in Pisces nestled against Chiron, and a full on lunar eclipse, something in the air has taken on a life of its own, and it is time to get rid of it. Pluto and Mercury are busy fighting a number of fires, while Venus is trying to keep the peace. Leverage the Mars and Uranus energies to help you out today. They are two heavy hitters that pack a powerful punch, so use them! VoC 2:06 pm until tomorrow at 11:23 pm in Aries.


Saturday, September 17

After a day like yesterday, it’s understandable if you’d like to stay on the couch and marathon watch your favorite show. Unfortunately, if you do that, the wildfire will come roaring back to life, causing even more damage. Have that fire extinguisher with you, and keep a discerning eye open at all times.

Sunday, September 18

As the Moon crosses over Uranus today in Aries you’ll feel a bit calmer. The shakiness will still be in the air, just not as volatile. If you feel like you’ve just been on the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime, it’s because you have. Don’t try and process it all just yet. Let the situation play itself out. VoC 3:12 pm until 11:59 pm in Taurus.

Monday, September 19

With the Moon in Taurus you’re feeling a little more emotionally grounded. You’re still in the race, and going for gold, yet it’s understandable if you’d like to take a sip of water before continuing along. There is plenty of work to be done, and a journey ahead of you. Therefore, hurry up, take that sip, and keep things moving.

Tuesday, September 20

Shine bright like a diamond. OK, it’s not a diamond, yet it’s an astrological Kite in the sky, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. You’ve finally hit pay dirt, thanks to the Moon, Pluto, Mercury, and Neptune. Let the celebration preparations begin. VoC 10:33 pm until tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, September 21

As the Moon moves into Gemini, you realize the importance of communication. Nothing will work if we’re not all on the same page. Breathing new life into relationships is what it takes to make good things happen. It has to be mutually beneficial; it cannot be a one-sided partnership, so let’s all learn together. VoC until 12:54 am in Gemini.

Thursday, September 22

The fall equinox is upon us, and Neptune, the Moon, Saturn, and Mercury form a Grand Cross in the sky. Mercury no longer retrogrades, and is armed with new information. This means that you’ve turned over the rocks, found the hidden gems, and are ready to say what needs to be said. Communicate from a place of authority and determination, because there is no longer a reason to mince words. We are all on even playing fields at the moment, and we all understand what needs to be done.

Friday, September 23

The Sun finally makes its way into Libra. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck couldn’t be happier. People will have their opinions, and we will all be able to see the fruits of our labors. This moment could be summed up as a moment when all of the ripe fruit has fallen to the ground, so that it can be picked up, and put into the basket of life and comradery. Voc 2:58 am until 3:34 am in Cancer.

Saturday, September 24

When Venus moves into Scorpio, you have to ask the question. Therefore, what question are you wanting to ask? Start by asking the questions; What is it that I really desire? Which values do I want to build upon? and/or What seeds do I want to plant? These are all good starting points. It’s important to have these answers, before others start asking these same questions of you. VoC 8:43 pm until tomorrow morning.

Sunday, September 25

When the Moon makes an aspect to Venus in Scorpio you have to stop for a moment, and ask yourself if you love something; Is it worth the investment? Is it worth the energy? Is it worth the sacrifice? Mercury will tell you that it’s worth the effort. You can’t rebuild by staying still. VoC until 8:49 am in Leo.

Monday, September 26

Today is lovely, because you made space for your most cherished values to have a place to grow. When you nurture your intuitions under the brilliant light of the heart you can’t go wrong. It can seem a little foreign to you at first, yet in time you’ll get used to it. The Moon making a positive aspect to Saturn guarantees this.

Tuesday, September 27

Today the universe is delivering up a nice little fire trine. Make the most of its energy. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are beaming like cosmic clouds of light. If you can dream it, it can happen, so make sure that you dream up the right things, because when Mars exits Leo you’ll be in building mode. VoC 3:54 am until 4:44 pm in Virgo.

Wednesday, September 28

The Moon in Virgo has an opposing eye on Neptune in Pisces. Sometimes Neptune in Pisces has a flair for the dramatic. Just remember that when you go over the top, you have the potential to go off the charts, into a realm that is far beyond your original projections. Keep things manageable, and don’t try and overdo it. The universe understands your excitement, and wants you to succeed. Contrary to popular opinion, patience really is a virtue.

Thursday, September 29

When the Moon nestles up against Mercury, it’s a little like pillow talk. The opposition to Neptune has you dreaming, and the square to Saturn has you talking about stability. It’s important to feel, speak, and know the words today. Let those words guide you to a healthy way of being in partnership with yourself and others. VoC 5:06 am until tomorrow morning.

Friday, September 30

As the Moon makes its way into Libra, she can’t help but to meet with Mars in Capricorn. On the last day of September, you’ve probably already recognized that the future is here. Everything you’ve done throughout the entire month has a purpose. Mars, when it meets up with Pluto will give you the answer, so make sure to stay tuned. VoC until 2:53 am in Libra.

The Moon Void of Course (VoC) is the time period from when the Moon makes its last aspect in one sign before moving into the next sign. The Moon is the fastest-moving planet, and transitions from one sign into the next every 1-3 days. What that means is that the Moon is constantly in motion, it’s never retrograde, so it’s inevitable that she will connect with “something,” i.e. another planet or transit, until the moment that she doesn’t. During the moments when she doesn’t connect, we call it the Moon Void of Course. When these events occur, the best thing to do is to meditate, sit still, and listen to your higher guidance. Sitting still does not mean to physically sit still, although it can be beneficial.

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