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Cosmic Daily Weather-November 2015

Cosmic Daily Weather Nov

Cosmic Daily Weather by Kelley Hunter 

November 2015


Daylight Savings Time ends on 
Sunday, November 1st, at 2:00am. 

Mercury becomes strategic in Scorpio as of November 2. This quicksilver Messenger of the Gods zooms through the deep mysteries Scorpio in three weeks, uncovering secrets, then launches into Sagittarius on the 20th. The truth will be told. Venus picks up the baton in Libra, her own sign, on the 8th, soon followed by Mars on the 12th. Personal conversations, business discussions and public dialogue are invested with strong feelings. Conversations can become more harmonious or more contentious, or both at once depending on the dynamics of the participants, altering the texture of relationships for better or for worse. 

Neptune turns direct, like the turning of the tide. Soon, strong waves break upon the shore. Some are grand surfing waves. Pay keen attention to maintain balance on your surfboard. Mercury on the 20th, then the Sun on the 22nd, enter Sagittarius, the visionary sign. These two central factors meet up with Saturn the late in the month, when we get a first take on our progress this year. The Full Moon on the 25th highlights a rather confusing interaction between Saturn and Neptune. The best of it allows us to witness how spirit manifests through the material world. On the other hand, various issues we might prefer to ignore come to our attention. We question our take on reality, not quite sure what is going on. Belief systems are staunchly defended, even in the face of facts. We have to ask: Whose facts? Who is telling the story? Are you walking your talk? We may be confronted with religious righteousness, whistle blowers or mind-blowing discoveries on some scientific front. Standard paradigms break open like Humpty Dumpty. Walls are crumbling down. We experience the limitations of our knowledge and face a reality check that dispels illusions and calls us to attention. We take on the question of how to manifest our goals.

NEW MOON —November 11, 19 SCORPIO

FULL MOON —November 25, 4 Sagittarius-GEMINI

Sunday, November 1

Daylight Savings Time ends at 2am
The Moon begins the month in sensitive, gentle Cancer. Challenged by a confrontation by transformational Pluto in the wee hours, perhaps troubling dreams or news—or, on the other hand, unexpected opportunities— take us by surprise. We have some things to consider and work through, with a breakthrough or change-up possible later in the morning. Don’t take everything too personally, and be careful of knee-jerk reactions. Attend to practical matters, as much can be accomplished. Pay attention all this week to the natural wisdom of your body, which offers wise clues to your best options. The Moon is Void of Course at 9:52pm.


Monday, November 2

Entering Scorpio at 1:06am, Mercury becomes shrewdly strategic and deeply analytical. This quicksilver Messenger of the Gods zooms through the hidden layers of Scorpio in just three weeks, exposing many secrets. Laser sharp insights and thorough investigation can change the playing field and outcomes. The Moon enters confident Leo at 9:48pm, adding to the day’s creative tone. Venus meets up with her mythic lover Mars in the sensual sign of Virgo for their third rendezvous this year. Jupiter, standing close by, amplifies the practical aesthetics of their combined energy. We attend to the daily matters of relationship. If we can make our lives work, love is enhanced. Go beyond criticism and perfectionism to focus on what is going right, rather than what is going wrong.


Tuesday, November 3

A last quarter Moon urges awareness of deep, inarticulate urges that we seek to express in some way. Continue to listen to your body. Perhaps it wants to dance or walk in the deep, dark woods, reveling in the stark mystery of the season. When the Moon goes VoC at 7:46pm, we are vibrating and sparkling with new revelations like crystalline snowflakes.


Wednesday, November 4

An all day Void of Course Moon leaves an open field of energy to play in. This could be a magical day, shimmering with synchronicities and serendipities, wide with transparent windows into new perspectives and new worlds. I wonder what can happen. Probably not the usual routine or the same old-same old. The Moon enters Nature-based Virgo at 8:22pm to bring us back to Earth. This sign is so underrated in its simplicity. Remember Shaker Elder Joseph’s song: 

“’Tis the gift to be simple, ‘tis the gift to be free,
‘tis the gift to come down where we ought to be.
And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
‘Twill be in the valley of love and delight.
When true simplicity is gained,
To bow and to bend we shan’t be ashamed.
To turn, turn will be our delight,
Till by turning, turning we come ‘round right.” 


Thursday, November 5

Our attention is back to the tasks at hand, likely with a different attitude. Let’s be grateful for the small, tangible delights of our day-to-day lives. Be the agent of special moments for others. Such gifts have ripple effects beyond our comprehension. Attend to the temple of your body with reverence and appreciation. Perhaps some yoga, a massage or a hot tub is in order.


Friday, November 6

A great deal can be done today, especially this morning, that is really worth doing, supported by imagination, natural talents, positive attitude and tried and true techniques and methods applied in appropriate measures. It feels so rewarding to do a good job, even in the little things. It’s one of those simple, Virgo pleasures that carry us through the day and into a night of nocturnal delights. This whole weekend can be quite lovely for lovers.


Saturday, November 7

The Moon goes Void of Course at 6:47am, with a lingering kiss from Venus to send it into Libra at 9:14am. It’s a lovely day to spend with ones you love, even if you are cleaning the house or attending to projects. All in the name of beautifying and making lives more pleasing. There is a theme in the air of getting things done, with cooperation and good will. It’s more important the quality of energy we put into doing something—as in no bad moods or criticism—than doing it just right (although “perfect” feels good too). Let’s make the best of the day, get the job done and enjoy doing it. 


Sunday, November 8

Venus enters Libra at 9:31am, continuing and enhancing yesterday’s themes of cooperation and consideration. Things can get a bit bumpy, grumpy and challenging as the day goes on. Anyone who is overly accommodating others, may bubble over with resentment. Issues of fairness and justice are on the table, globally as well as personally. Sometimes we just can’t be nice. Some people may take this to extremes. On another note, life-changing decisions can be made, again globally as well as personally. By the time the Moon goes Void of Course at 8:42pm, irrevocable changes are in play. 


Monday, November 9

The Moon is VoC all day, with repercussions from yesterday’s developments rippling through our systems. Conversations are a’twittering and a’buzz about it all—you guessed it—globally and locally. What does this mean to you? The Moon enters deep, dark, alchemical Scorpio at 10:02pm for some serious dreamtime investigations.


Tuesday, November 10

Important news begins the day, as further developments surface. Open your mind and imagination what is possible. Opportunities can lead to positive growth. Don’t believe everything you hear, but do consider what is true for you. Your body signals are spot on. Calm, anxious, stressed, needing rest? Listen, consider basic priorities and attend to what needs to be done.


Wednesday, November 11

NEW MOON at 11:47am CST, 19 Scorpio

The Moon makes a series of positive planetary connections through the morning, leading up to the mid-day inauguration of a new lunar cycle. Mercury accompanies the New Moon, indicating deep considerations and research over the next two weeks of the waxing moon. Some of the best insights come from dreams and spiritual realms, with healing import. Think of a snake shedding its outworn skin. Be gentle, we can’t force the process. As we share our perceptions we find common ground beyond manmade boundaries. Universal truths prevail. 


Thursday, November 12

A Void of Course Moon at 8:45am shortly ends as it moves into Sagittarius at 9:14am. No time to waste as we focus intently on worthy goals. Mars enters Libra at 3:41pm, putting action to words and implementing agreements. It is past time for objections, though some will continue to argue. 


Friday, November 13

Friday the 13th is a Woman-Power day, NOT a bad luck day. Give the goddess due respect. Our basic question remains: what is truth? As the poet Keats reminds us:

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

The Moon goes Void of Course at 9:18pm, leaving us with this great question. Take time to contemplate something you find beautiful.


Saturday, November 14

On another long VoC Moon day, the question of reality arises. Can we trust the evidence of our senses? Can we trust our intuition, our feelings? What if those two levels of perception don’t agree? All this offers yet more aspects to consider in relation to what we believe is true. We may have new answers to that query by the time the Moon goes into Capricorn at 6:21pm, and then what do we do? 


Sunday, November 15

Things may be tentative and a bit uncomfortable at times today, heading into the Moon’s evening meet-up with Pluto and the overnight challenge from Uranus. Not everyone will have a full night’s sleep. The main action might be on the other side of the world. 


Monday, November 16

Positive developments unfold as the day goes on. We find our way forward, step-by-step, feeling where our feet land. Putting our heads and experience together we can find workable solutions. See what you can accomplish by the time the Moon goes Void of Course at 2:53pm, then take time to review, air your plans and develop further strategies. 


Tuesday, November 17

The Moon enters air sign Aquarius at 1:24am, helping us detach from the intensity and get some sleep. We start the day with a broad overview and fresh perspective. Pay special attention to ideas that arise around 9am, clear intimations from deep inside. Trust your feelings, without needing to understand rationally. The Leonids meteor showers are a special celestial treat tonight. Watch the show if you can, best after midnight. 


Wednesday, November 18

A subtle shift in the field may have us wondering and musing, as Neptune turns ever so slowly forward. A wave is heading to shore. 

Can you feel it? This shift affects collective trends and styles, public opinion and mood. Take it easy. Ground yourself if you feel any anxiety. Take into account it may not be your personal anxiety, since our shared fields are very permeable these days. You don’t need to take it on.


Thursday, November 19

A short Void of Course from 2:19am shifts into Pisces at 6:21am, imposing on our dreamtime, for some rare perceptions.  Dreams rarely lend themselves to clear interpretation, but do let impressions and images linger for some meaningful insights. Clear any potential nightmarish leftovers with morning exercise and a good breakfast. This is likely to be a challenging day. You’ll need to start out as solid, strong and clear-headed as possible. Let’s be very kind to each other. We’re all in this together. 

Friday, November 20

An all-day Moon in Pisces tends to increase levels of sensitivity. That is never truer than today, with the psychic internet on high buzz and our attunement to energy fields being amplified. Best to spend some time with Nature and unplug for at least a while after the work day. Those who are too wired and ungrounded may make silly, stupid or even nasty bloopers, or otherwise offend others, whether consciously or unconsciously. Mercury enters fiery Sagittarius at 1:44pm, spilling hasty words. That sword of truth can be sharp. Do you ever find you have to apologize for your behavior, even if you’re “right”? This can be a make-it-or-break-it night for relationships—not your typical romantic date night.


Saturday, November 21

The Moon is VoC at 7:23am, with lingering dreams on a Saturday that may start out lazy. That doesn’t last long. Entering impulsive Aries at 9:12am, the Moon clearly gets the day going, proliferating exciting ideas and clarifying goals. We are motivated! Keep others informed, or you may be in trouble later in the day. Still, one has to do what one has to do.



Sunday, November 22

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, enthusiastic Sagittarians! The Sun enters this sporting sign at 9:26am, ramping up the energy and moving things along. Think wild horses galloping through wild country or along the seashore, like that great scene in Black Beauty. This freedom-loving sign may want a travel buddy to hike the back country or head into adventure—or not. Don’t be offended if your independent Sagittarian friend is off and running on personal trails. Saggies need to know they are free to roam, to be on their own to make fresh discoveries and let their imaginations roam. When the Moon goes Void of Course at 1:16pm, this may be just what we all need. Who knows what we may discover when we are open to inspiration, with no expectations?


Monday, November 23

The Moon enters Taurus at 10:26am, bringing our energies right back to Earth. Any of us who didn’t take advantage of the weekend’s call to adventure may be a bit in the doldrums, but we get another chance later this afternoon, when something or someone may take us by surprise. Maybe you’re the one shaking things up, sending roses or serenading someone special. Don’t take other people for granted today, especially loved ones—and don’t let them take you for granted either! Gestures of love spice things up and make our hearts sparkle. Hugs and kisses are good, too. 


Tuesday, November 24

With an all-day Moon in persistent Taurus, and planets in the two other earth signs, we can get a LOT done today. Focus your energy and maintain your attention on the goal, with your to-do list in mind and your eye on the job in front of you. That list will have most, if not all, items checked off by the end of the day. Make one of them something to do with a long term goal. Hang up your work hat by 7:26pm, when the Moon goes Void of Course, with a sensation of day well spent.


Wednesday, November 25

FULL MOON at 4:44pm CST, 3 Sagittarius-GEMINI

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Moon gives us its highest, brightest light. Also, once it moves into Gemini at 11:15am, it amplifies a square dance of planets that can be quite distracting and disorienting. We’re back to questions and conundrums about reality. Family matters may need attention, with potential disagreements or resistance to necessary pre-holiday discussions. Let go of anxieties so you can get a good night’s sleep.


Thursday, November 26

It may be best to eat dinner without politics on the table. Differing belief systems create static. Invite all prayers for thanks giving to the table. Forgiveness and compassion, along with giving thanks, go well with pumpkin and pecan pies, or any after dinner aperatif. The Moon is Void of Course at 9:35pm, by which time harmony may again reign. 


Friday, November 27

 A slow morning gives a smooth start to the day. Give your list a quick check, but be open to spontaneity this morning. Do what comes naturally. The Moon moves into its strong sign, Cancer, at 1:27pm. Take it easy and keep the smooth flow going. Keep the 
home fires burning bright and give yourself time to quietly contemplate all that has been happening—which feels like way more than usual. We don’t get many of these quiet moments these days, unless we take care to do so. When you are centered, you’ll be more ready to respond with your best to the challenge for change that tomorrow brings.


Saturday, November 28

A bit of a dicey day, as the extra sensitive Cancer Moon faces some strong-armed planetary players. Action is required, but not the knee-jerk type. What is most needed? How are you making room for change in your life? The necessity becomes apparent today, personally and globally. If it comes as a quiet voice for you, show you are ready and willing by at least cleaning out closets, doing volunteer service, or adopting a rescue animal (if one will be welcome and cared for).


Sunday, November 29

A VoC Moon at 6:46am lasts through a lazy Sunday, as we contemplate the yesterday’s intensity and find our centers again. We may be feeling a bit uncomfortable and anxious. If so, take care of yourself, and help others do the same. We all need support. By the time the Moon enters Leo at 6:47pm, we may have resolved something and gained clarity on the path ahead, as in “This is what I’m going to do.”


Monday, November 30

Now do it! No use procrastinating when the Moon is in a fire sign. Use the momentum and confidence at this beginning of a new week begins. Stoke your creative juices and take heart that possibilities abound. They start showing up today, and even more so tomorrow as December begins. Aim that Sagittarian arrow toward your shining star. 

KELLEY HUNTER, Ph.D., is an internationally known astrologer and mythologist, enriching her offerings in Depth Astrology with perspectives from psychology, cosmology and consciousness studies. Author of Living Lilith and Black Moon Lilith, Kelley has a special interest in women’s spirituality and the astrology of relationships. She offers personal consultations that illumine the potential of current planetary cycles in your life and relationships. Visit her website at or on FaceBook: Kelley Hunter, AstroMythology. You can contact her by email at NEW! Listen to her new radio show, Cosmic Inspiration on radio, Wednesdays at 1:30 CST. Archives are on her website.

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