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Cosmic Daily Weather-January 2016

By Kaye Berjot

Imagine a delicate, lacey, shimmering veil that vibrates with light In January you can expect to evaluate and reevaluate your movements. Mercury goes retrograde January 5th, and Jupiter retrogrades on the 7th, so expect some slight delays. The new Moon on the 9th and the full Moon on the 23rd will give you some insight into what needs to be renewed, and what needs to be released. The tone of the month is one of wanting to move forward. This month you will need to rely on your intuition to help you navigate throughout the month. If that’s not something that you are used to doing then be prepared for an intensive immersion class in “follow your instinct.” Make sure to follow through with as much of the plan as you are able to. With that in mind, make sure to leave room for slight changes. Backup plans will come in handy this month, so make sure to have a couple in your back pocket, just in case you need to use one or two of them. It’s better to have them and not need them than to not have them at all. The only real challenges this month center on not having enough of the right information, yet that’s to be expected when retrogrades appear. As you go through the month be mindful of the retrograde planets, but don’t let them stop you from moving forward.

Friday, January 1 
It’s a new year, yet the Moon still has its emotional security blanket somewhere in the latter part of 2015. The good news is that all of that analyzing just might pay off. You may have learned a great deal about how to address your values. Unfortunately, that may have come at the expense of some deeply rooted illusions about what it takes to create stability. You needed a little bit of chaos to put you on the right trajectory to kick off the year. Mars is talking to Neptune, and allows you to know that you’ve just made room for something even more grandiose and more suitable. Uranus may have ruffled some feathers, yet hey, it was the only way to create the stability that you crave. Out with the old, and in with the new. The Moon goes Void of Course (VoC) December 31st, 2015 at 11:33 pm to January 1st at 12:41 am.

Saturday, January 2
Well this year is off to a hectic start. Dare I ask; who unleashed the Kraken? (A legendary sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland, or Iceland.) It seems like the planet of chaos, and the planet of let’s keep our emotions in check had an overnight conversation that threatens to disrupt your plans. Not to mention the fact that communication seems to be offline, or maybe it’s too much of the wrong types of communication that’s getting in the way. You just might need to take a step back and look at what caused the rip in the ozone, before you say something that can’t be unsaid. With Jupiter nestled up against the north node in Virgo, there is sure to be a logical explanation. The Moon goes VoC at 10:23 am, until tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday, January 3
The Moon is still in Libra, and what should be a harmonious event is looking pretty much like a battle of wills. Yes, you do have to commit to that New Year’s resolution that you made just before you rang in the New Year. You can’t just give up, because you now have to do it. With Mercury in Aquarius aspecting Jupiter in Virgo, you have all the community support you need to achieve your goals. So stop fighting yourself and just do it. The Moon VoC ends at 1:36 p.m.

Monday, January 4
The Moon leapt over Mars during the night, and both landed in Scorpio, now that’s more like it. These two planets are conjunct and squaring Mercury, so don’t beat yourself up over not having kicked into gear sooner. The Jupiter-Virgo energy is reminding you of the way forward, so that you can build that solid foundation that you promised yourself. Uranus, the planet of innovation is only giving you dirty looks to make sure that you stay on your path, so don’t worry. 

Tuesday, January 5
Your natural ability to believe in your pursuit of happiness has finally hit its stride. The Mars/Moon trine to Neptune just might have you visualizing your goals in color rather than in black and white. Venus is loosely conjunct Saturn so there could be a little friction since both are square Neptune. There’s no raining on this parade. You are walking the walk and talking the talk. Just make sure you’re not too forceful with your talk. You don’t want to overdo a good thing, especially when Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius today. The Moon goes VoC at 11:47 pm, until tomorrow morning. 

Wednesday, January 6
The Moon is about to make its way into Sagittarius, the sign of teaching, learning, and big picture ideas, yet not before it indirectly faces off with Neptune, due to the Venus/Saturn conjunction. The planet of illusion already knows that it can no longer pull the wool over your eyes, yet it never hurts to make sure that your protective, intuitive self gives him a little helpful reminder. It never hurts to retrace your steps, that’s when a Mercury RX comes in handy. The Moon is VoC until 12:56 a.m.

Thursday, January 7
The Moon is in Sagittarius, and is cuddled up with Saturn, and they are both square Neptune. 
I guess the planets of intuition (Moon) and karma (Saturn) needed to talk to the planet of rose- colored glasses (Neptune) without the watchful eye of the “follow your heart planet” (Venus). You’ll be ok as long as you stay away from what has caused you to not succeed. Even Uranus has gotten in on this conversation. It’s making sure that there is no mistaking how things can go from yay to nay practically overnight.  Don’t forget about the Jupiter retrograde in Virgo. It might cause you to question some of your previous analysis.  One variable might unravel, or be removed from the equation, and could cause you to view things very differently in the near future. The Moon is VoC from 8:44 pm until tomorrow morning. 

Friday, January 8
The Moon is square Jupiter RX. Do you really understand what it takes to maintain a healthy existence? Right now, you might want to tell the entire world exactly who you are. Now is not the time to reveal everything that you’ve learned. There are still a few things that need fine tuning before you can stand on that bedrock of freedom. Just a few more stones to turn over and then you’ll be ready for prime time. The Moon VoC ends at 9:07 am. 

Saturday, January 9
The New Moon is in Capricorn, and making a nice sextile to Neptune. It looks like things could be headed in the right direction, with a little extra effort on your part. Mars is helping out by providing that extra little push to see you through the barriers. Don’t let Venus, the planet of luxury and love get in your way by promising a good ole time. Neptune has already been warned by the planets of stability and intuition to play according to plan, even if Venus is projecting a mean sideways glance that can have even the strongest of egos crumble to their knees. 

Sunday, January 10
The new Moon in Capricorn is having a sobering good time while hanging out the master communicator (Mercury), senior will power (Sun) and the (former) planet of make change happen (Pluto). Together they are staring at the planet of chaos (Uranus), and hoping that he doesn’t act up and destroy all of that hard work that’s been done over the past few days. Stick to the plan, and plant that seed of productivity right where it belongs; in the now. There are no more stones to turn over. It’s time to kick things into high gear over the next few weeks. The Moon is VoC from 11:39 am until 2:23 pm. 

Monday, January 11
Yowza, A retrograde Jupiter and the North node are closer than two peas in a pod today. Together they are telling the planet of love and let’s indulge, “no,” and telling Capricorn, the sign of rules and stability, “yes.” Could we have overestimated or underestimated something in our logic? 

A retrograde Mercury seems to be the tie-breaker, because he’s looking over the books and making sure that the other planets in Capricorn look over them too. Now is not the time to slack off. It’s time to put in the work, and make sure that the work is being done in the right place. The Moon goes VoC at 7:09 pm.

Tuesday, January 12
Yup! There is still work to do. Not much has changed since yesterday. The only difference is that the Moon is safely in Aquarius, and getting a glimpse into what the collective community has to say about all of those impending changes. The intuitive self is saying that an innovative new seed is about to be planted. Mercury is still retrograde, and is making sure that the right people come to the party. You can’t build the future on a weak foundation, so thank goodness that Mercury is there. He’s putting in the extra hours to make sure that all is safe. So don’t provoke him because he’s taking his time. The Moon VoC ends at 5:53 pm.

Wednesday, January 13
Yikes, while the Moon was in Aquarius something must have transpired. Now that it’s in Pisces things have changed, literally overnight. It’s Wednesday, the 13th, and not Friday, the 13th. Why do things seem like a bit of a nightmare? Your values concerning stability are in conflict with those that want to keep the illusion alive. That’s a tough place to be in, especially when no one knows which way is the right way. All you can do is wait for Mercury, the Sun, and Pluto to work their magic, while Uranus patiently waits on the sidelines. While Mercury is RX, inaction is the best course of action, because you don’t want Uranus to create chaos that can’t be contained. 

Thursday, January 14
Everything is changing. One day you think one thing, and the next day you see something different. Remember when Venus was throwing a hissy fit and no one was listening? Well now they want to ask her a million questions about what to do next. On any given Thursday she would say let’s relax and enjoy the day, yet today she’s got her business hat on, and wants to understand what’s valuable and how to build from there. From her perspective, when you build from a place of love and value you heal the pain points that keep you in a state of inertia. The Moon is VoC from 10:31 am until 8:48 pm. 

Friday, January 15
The Moon is moving into Aries, and is opposition Jupiter RX and the North Node. The question of the day is should we move forward with a potentially flawed plan, or should we go with our instincts? Mars is giving the green light to move forward, because in his opinion you have to have a little bit of faith to know you can get the job done. Mars doesn’t always know what he’s talking about, because he sees only the fight, and not the obstacles. Therefore, you might need a backup plan to your backup plan to make sure that you don’t step into something that can cause a problem later on down the line.

Saturday, January 16
The Moon is conjunct Uranus, and the two are talking harmoniously to Venus today. Do what is valuable, and leave the rest, because you don’t have all of the information just yet. The only thing that you can do is act upon the things that you know about, at this moment in time. There is still an illusive mystery that has yet to be played out in the external environment. Be thankful for that backup plan to the backup plan. The Moon is VoC from 5:26 pm until 11:48 pm. 

Sunday, January 17
The Moon enters Taurus today, and you could be in protection mode. Your intuition wants you to be careful of what you say, and how you navigate change. Mercury and Jupiter are still reviewing the books, and they just may have identified the flaw in your logic. With that said, they aren’t ready to communicate just yet, so be patient. There are still too many moving parts.

Monday, January 18
Aww. Yeah, things are looking up, thanks to the Yod. Yod is a rare astrological aspect that involves any three planets or points in the horoscope that form an isosceles triangle. This phenomenon occurs when two planets are sextile (60° aspect) to each other, and both are then quincunx (150° aspect) to a third. Finally, some clarification and confirmation. Although you might find yourself moving at a slower pace, at least you’re moving in the direction that causes the least amount of resistance. You don’t always have to bulldoze your way through everything. Sometimes, it’s just minor adjustments that are called for. You’re still going to have to figure out how things went awry, yet for the time being you know what went wrong, and that’s what counts. 

Tuesday, January 19
The Moon is still in Taurus, and you’ve got that feeling that you are planting your seeds in the right place. The excitement from yesterday is still here today, so it’s ok to continue the celebration. You had to give up on one way of moving in order to have this moment, so don’t fret over what didn’t happen, and be happy about what has happened. Ice cream Sundae anyone? The Moon is VoC from 12:50 am to 3:13 am. 

Wednesday, January 20
The Moon is in Gemini, and it’s now time to communicate. You might feel a little anxious about saying what needs to be said. You have two choices; either tell it how it is, or tell it how it isn’t. Either way, you’ll need to be innovative in order to build stability. It’s always best to speak from a place of truth and reality, rather than from sugar-coated fantasies. Just be gentle in your approach. 

Thursday, January 21
The Moon is still in Gemini, and you might need to do some damage control. This time you have to talk about what went wrong, and why your value proposition has changed. It won’t be easy, yet it needs to be done. Everyone involved needs to understand what they need to do to accomplish the new goals that have been set in place. Pluto and Mercury RX team up to help you communicate the newly discovered information, and as the Sun moves into Aquarius, everyone will understand the direction in which they are headed. The Moon is VoC from 2:01 am to 7:28 am.

Friday, January 22
The Moon is in its home sign of Cancer, and your intuitive nature has hit its stride. You suddenly know exactly what you want to accomplish, and how to get there. You have faith and you have desire. That’s all you need. You might be unsure of how to communicate this newly found motivation, and equally unsure as to what you might build. Even if there is some turbulence, you realize that it’s the journey, and not the destination that is providing you with that extra shot of adrenaline. 

Saturday, January 23
The full Moon toward the later part of the day might have you wanting to sip on a hot cup of tea   or a glass of red wine; sit on the couch; and have that cathartic moment that’s been waiting in the wings. You’ve gone through the chaos, and you’ve gone through the rebuilding phase. It’s been a busy start to the year, and you’re not quite sure how you made it through. It’s ok to take a day to simply breathe and shed a few tears. You’ll sleep better. The Moon is VoC from 12:21 am to 1:21 pm. 

Sunday, January 24
This full Moon in Leo is making a few stressful aspects to the planets of drive and will power. You no longer have the motivation or desire to continue along with unfulfilled promises. You know what you’ve been holding onto, and now is the moment to blow it a kiss and wave it goodbye. Another glass of wine, or your favorite hot tea might be in order. You’ve held onto this dream for quite some time, so it’s ok to take a couple of days and shed a few tears as you let it go. It’s important to remember that when you clear out everyone else’s light the only light that remains is your own. The Moon is VoC at 8:51 pm.

Monday, January 25
Mercury goes direct today. The universe seems to have heard you, and is gearing up to give you something else to hold on to. This new thing will be more suitable for you. You will learn things that you didn’t know, that you needed to know; you will move in ways that you didn’t know that you could move; and you will have a pep in your step that is all yours and nobody else’s. Even if others want you to feel the moody blues, you’ve decided that that’s not the path you’re headed down. The Moon VoC ends at 9:46 pm. 

Tuesday, January 26
The Moon is hiding out in Virgo today, so you might want to take a look at your belief structure. How were things supposed to turn out under the old paradigm? You can choose to focus on the shoulda, coulda, wouldas, or you can focus on the now. A good friend will always tell you to stop “shoulding” yourself. Mercury as it starts to retrace the steps in direct motion is that friend for you today, and is giving you that well deserved pat on the back. You can thank him later. 

Wednesday, January 27
The Moon is still in Virgo, and seems to be on its final stop of the world tour. It’s meeting up with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo. Later in the day, they will have a roundtable discussion of the do’s and don’ts when assessing situations. Make sure you listen so that you can avoid potential roadblocks in the future. The goal here is to work smarter, and not harder. The Moon goes VoC at 6:11 pm. 

Thursday, January 28
Other people’s agendas could get in the way of your goals today, yet don’t let them. You have your marching orders, even if others don’t know theirs. Jupiter is still retrograde and withholding a little bit of information. Although you may not like it, it’s not going to get in the way of what you’re building. Communicate what you know, and don’t try to guess or assume the direction for others. The Moon VoC ends at 8:59 am.

Friday, January 29
The Moon is in Libra today, and is playing the diplomat. No, you can’t tell others your plan, because you need to make sure that they are on their own path. You are not judge and jury, so keep your emotions balanced, and your ego in check. This month is almost complete, and the weekend is getting closer and closer. Stay focused. The Moon is VoC at 7:34 pm.

Saturday, January 30
Today is download day. You’re ready to hear the full debrief from this month’s events. You realize that there is still potential for the wheels to fall off of the wagon if you make too many missteps. Jupiter RX and mental Mercury want you to understand that you can only do so much. The Moon VoC ends at 9:50 pm. 

Sunday, January 31
As the month ends, the Moon enters Scorpio, and this requires some emotional healing. It’s great to look at all of the avenues that are the easiest for you to accomplish, yet you also have to take a look at those avenues that are ripe for the picking, and require a little extra energy on your part. The planet of action wants you to take a giant leap into the realm of the solid, even if it’s unknown. You might be a little scared to launch into the community, because you’re afraid that they won’t accept what it is that you have to offer. Don’t be afraid, because YOU are a part of the community, and there are many others like you within that same community. 

Kaye Berjot is a Transformational Astrologer with more than 20 years’ experience interpreting planetary movements. Visit to read more of her articles, or contact her at: to schedule a reading. 

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