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Community Happenings-December 2015

Introduction to Massage for Those Considering Massage Therapy as a Career

Feet massage

This intro session is geared to show you how a massage is performed and answer your questions about becoming a massage therapist. After attending this session, you may choose to register for the 9 month FAST TRACK course which will be offered beginning January 11, 2016, on Monday and Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. 
Just for attending this session, you will receive $500.00 off the January Massage Class. You must pay the registration and book fee for the discount. Not good with other offers.
Location Information:
School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology
515 Ogden Ave. #300
Downers Grove, IL 60515

THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM: Presented by Christine Arens, Professional and Teaching Astrologer

Christine Arens Image
Was the Star of Bethlehem an astronomical phenomenon? The general answer is “no.” It was not a comet, a significator of death. Nor was it a nova, as none were recorded during this time. So what was the “star” that the Magi followed and what is the most likely date for the birth of Christ that fits the facts that we have and the astrology of the times?
More than 30 years ago, Christine Arens’ mother challenged her to use astrology to work on the puzzle of the Star of Bethlehem. Her answers will amaze you!
This fascinating program will be presented at The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center and Bookstore in Unity Northwest Church, 259 E. Central Road, Des Plaines, on Sunday, December 6th, from 2 to 5pm. The admission for this event is $45, $35 for A.R.E. members.  Christine is presenting, “Eclipses for the Year 2016” on Friday, evening, December 4th, from 7 to 9pm, also at the Center.  The admission for that presentation is $25, $20 for A.R.E. members. 
Location Information:
The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center and Bookstore in Unity Northwest Church, 259 E. Central Road, Des Plaines, IL Please call 847-299-6535 for more information or to register.
12-15 Enlighted Balance Chakra Spa
Crystal Lake’s hidden treasure, the Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, is worth a visit to the historic downtown area. Follow the heady fragrance of essential oils and the music of djembe drums into the courtyard on Williams Street and follow the large concrete Buddha heads through the door.
Owner Kim Grannemann welcomes patrons into her spiritual boutique, rock shop and oasis of self-care. Customers may explore the range of offerings from metaphysical supplies, a vast selection of crystals & rocks, jewelry and more! Over 50 local artists representing all spiritual communities’ call Enlightened Balance their home. Private Sessions are available daily and range from Medium Sessions to Akashic Records. The gifted practitioners share Grannemann’s vision of joyful self-healing and positive, forward growth. Please check our schedule online or call for today’s offerings.
Psychic Holistic Fairs are held the second weekend of each month, beginning at 11 am. Doors open at 9 am for Retail Shopping and Waitlist. The event always kicks off with a “Psychic You” class at 10 am (preregistration required, $25). Save the date for our Fairs: December 12 and 13, January 8 and 9, February 13 and 14. This event is run on a first come, first served basis.  

The Burning Bowl Ceremony 

Thursday, January 7        7-8pm     $10

burning bowl CEREMONY

The Burning Bowl ceremony is a traditional ritual of release and letting go of what does not serve us now. The equinox, solstice and New Year all present opportunities for renewal and releasing everything in your life that is holding you back; especially negative thoughts and emotions, bad habits, unhealthy relationships, old hurts, grudges and regrets. Anything that burdens your mind. 
Ask yourself these questions.
What do I want cleansed?
What do I want to give up?
What do I want gone from my life?
The Burning Bowl ceremony is also known as the Phoenix Ceremony. It is about letting go, but it is also about rising from the ashes, renewed as the Phoenix. Join us in this powerful celebration of letting go and rising renewed.
Location Information:
Spiritual Learning Center, Burr Ridge. Details available when registering. Call 312-786-0077, or send an email requesting the Burr Ridge address to: FREE PARKING.

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