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Cosmic Daily Weather: February 2017

By Kaye Berjot –


February is one of those months that will have you going through the peaks and valleys of life so that you can come out on the other side with renewed confidence. Jupiter will retrograde on February 7th in Libra. This could cause you to take a good, long look at relationships, by putting a scrutinizing eye on what’s good for you and what’s not. In this position, Jupiter doesn’t withhold; it allows you to put things into context, and as a benefit put things in order. Mercury will cover old ground, which provides you with new information that allows Mars to eventually break away from the pack. During the middle part of the month, Chiron will want you to take a look at some unconscious barriers that have been holding you back. The best way to view this is as if you were weeding a garden. If you look around and see that you’ve weeded everything that you can see, what happens if you take a step to the right and look down? Will you find that you’ve been standing on top of a weed that’s been covered up by your lack of movement? This will be the month that you get out of neutral, and into drive mode.

 ** Please see the end of the month for information about the Moon Void of Course (VoC). **

Wednesday, February 1

As we start out the day with a T-Square including Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto, and Uranus, there’s an opportunity that presents itself. This can be stressful, yet encouraging when the pressure to react can be a powerful motivator.

Thursday, February 2

As the Moon joins the T-Square, emotions can boil, causing you to be more creative than you ever thought possible. Today you are a leader; you own your emotions. These feelings will help you build, grow, and share with those that are worthy. Moon VoC 10:50 AM until 7:50 PM in Taurus.

Friday, February 3

As the Moon makes a positive aspect to Saturn, you become emotionally attached to the stability. You want to find stable relationships; in particular, those that make you believe that something great could happen.

Saturday, February 4

The Moon in Taurus has you determined. You’ve never been more ready to do the necessary work required to change your circumstances, communicate your goals, and embody your dreams. Moon VoC 4:42 PM until 10:44 PM in Gemini.

Sunday, February 5

Today the Moon in Gemini makes positive aspects to Mars, Venus, and Mercury. This may just be the day that you speak your intentions into fruition. You know that you’ve spoken the truth when the sound resonates throughout your entire system. Remember that frequency.

Monday, February 6

This is “make it happen” Monday. A Grand Trine is in full effect when the Moon in Gemini, Jupiter in Libra, and the Sun in Aquarius converse. It looks like the train is leaving the station, and has a destination. All aboard! Moon VoC 4:43 PM until tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, February 7

As the Moon exits Gemini it creates T-Squares amongst Saturn, Venus, and Mars. In situations like these you have to make decisions that can put your desire for love and beauty, and desire for progress at odds. Do you move forward, or do you already have what you need? Moon VoC ends at 1:03 AM in Cancer.

Wednesday, February 8

Yowza, we have a Grand Cardinal Cross in the sky today creating a big dose of challenges. Retrograde Jupiter is at odds with Uranus, and the Moon is at odds with Pluto. It looks like fact checking is in order. Moon VoC 4:00 PM until tomorrow morning.

Thursday, February 9

Mercury makes an appearance today, and is in harmony with Venus and Mars. It’s acting as a reminder, and supporting decisions that were made last week. At the same time, it’s battling a retrograde Jupiter which is calling into question whether or not you’ve aligned with the right partnerships. Moon VoC ends at 3:42 AM in Leo.

Friday, February 10

There are times when you have to follow your own internal marching orders. With a Full Moon in Leo, you might do exactly that. Full Moon 6:33 PM. Moon VoC 11:52 PM until tomorrow morning.

Saturday, February 11

When you follow your own internal compass you’re able to fly higher than other people’s limitations of you. This means that you are aware of what you can accomplish, and eventually others will see it too. Moon VoC until 7:52 AM in Virgo.

Sunday, February 12

With the Moon opposing Neptune, you are able to see past the illusions and wishful thinking. Your mental health is first and foremost, along with your ability to change your own circumstances. This is a healing effect that only you can accomplish. It’s your special power.

Monday, February 13

When the Moon squares Saturn, there’s a lesson to be learned. It usually has to do with allowing yourself to explore all of the corners of the universe without destabilizing your energy. Moon VoC 6:36 AM until 2:43 PM in Libra.

 Tuesday, February 14 

Are you unconsciously standing in your own way? Chiron at 23 ° Pisces thinks so, as it makes aspects to Saturn, the Sun, Uranus, and retrograde Jupiter. Look to Saturn to help you figure out what really needs to be accomplished. and use the energy of Pluto to make it happen.

Wednesday, February 15

The Moon and retrograde Jupiter oppose Uranus, Mars, and Venus today, which can have you doing a balancing act. Aries wants to be unconventional, while Libra wants to do what’s best for the collective awakening. It’s about time for everyone to state their position, and to be loyal to their direction. Moon VoC 7:54 PM until tomorrow morning.

Thursday, February 16

When the Moon enters Scorpio, there’s a general understanding of the desired outcome. If you want to move towards fertile ground, you’re going to have to lead the way. If you don’t want to be the leader, then it might be time to allow another to provide the direction. VoC until 12:41 AM in Scorpio.

Friday, February 17

It seems like change is always changing. That might seem like an obvious assessment, yet it isn’t always so obvious. What exactly are we trying to change? You, me, or us? VoC 1:38 PM until tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday, February 18

Communication is key today. You can talk about change, you can talk about boundaries, and you can talk about growth. After all of that talking, just make sure that it leads you somewhere. VoC until 12:52 PM in Sagittarius.

Sunday, February 19

As the Moon nestles into the comforting arms of Sagittarius, it makes a positive aspect to Venus, Mars, and Uranus. This indicates that there’s a bit of a journey toward self-discovery. When you become emotionally attached to your own forward movement, there’s nothing that can hold you back.

Monday, February 20

As the Moon inches closer to Saturn, it bypasses the rose-colored glasses of Neptune. Therefore, you no longer connect with the impossible, because you have your eyes set on the real gems of anything can happen. VoC 5:37 PM until tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, February 21

Now we’re talking as the Moon and Saturn meet. You feel comfortable with your plan. It’s like your exit strategy and your entry strategy are finally aligned. VoC ends at 1:08 AM in Capricorn.

Wednesday, February 22

You might be emotionally charged today, as the Moon meets up with Pluto. Make sure that you’re ready to make change happen. Follow through on your plans, because you’re the only one that can. It’s your responsibility, and not the responsibility of others. VoC 9:24 PM until tomorrow evening.

Thursday, February 23

Today you’re able to see the lines clearly; they’re no longer blurred. Act responsibly, be responsible, and value the responsibility that has just been given to you. VoC ends at 11:17 PM in Aquarius.

Friday, February 24

Movement without clarity is like the blind leading the blind, when the Moon is in Aquarius. You’re not blind. The Moon sees Venus, Mars, and Uranus, and those three planets are anything but blind. Those are the “we’re going for it” planets.

Saturday, February 25

When you take a giant leap, you get rewarded. Today is a day when you can reward yourself, so make sure you do it. It’s always nice when Uranus and Saturn are on your side. VoC   12:11 PM until 6:24 PM in Pisces.

Sunday, February 26

Uranus and Mars are holding hands and waving at Saturn today. There could be a little bit of nervousness in the air, because you recognize that you can’t look backwards. With that said, you can move forward with more insight than you’ve ever had before. New Moon 8:58 AM in Pisces.

Monday, February 27

Mars is packing its bag, and preparing to break away from the pack. It’s a solo mission, yet one that’s rewarding. There’s something to be said about paving your own path. VoC 5:08 PM until 10:52 PM in Aries.

Tuesday, February 28

As the Moon enters Aries, it makes a stressful aspect to Saturn. This isn’t meant to deter you; it’s meant to let you know that you’ve traveled far and wide. You’ve gone deep, and you’ve soared high. This isn’t a plateau; it’s a sneak peek from the highest mountaintop.

The Moon Void of Course (VoC) is the time period from when the Moon makes its last aspect in one sign before moving into the next sign. The Moon is the fastest-moving planet, and transitions from one sign into the next every 1-3 days. What that means is that the Moon is constantly in motion, it’s never retrograde, so it’s inevitable that she will connect with “something,” i.e. another planet or transit, until the moment that she doesn’t. During the moments when she doesn’t connect, we call it the Moon Void of Course. When these events occur, the best thing to do is to meditate, sit still, and listen to your higher guidance. Sitting still doesn’t mean to physically sit still, although it can be beneficial.

Kaye Berjot is an Astrological Coach and Mentor who has studied astrology for over two decades. Her focus is Chiron, the wounded healer. Visit to read blog posts, request readings, consultations, and interviews.


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