Cosmic Daily Weather-December 2015


Cosmic Daily Weather by Kelley Hunter 

December 2015


Imagine a delicate, lacey, shimmering veil that vibrates with light and sound and beautiful geometric patterns. Imagine that reality arises from this subtle veil as a field of vital energy. Now imagine that whatever does not harmonize with this field is a distortion, an illusion that we are fooled into thinking is real. That vibrating field is the basic ground of life. This field is being lit up by high-charged cosmic input. Reality as we have known it is being rearranged. We may be afraid we are losing our minds. That may be a good thing if our hearts are opening. As false illusions are dissolved, the truth of who we are will shine forth. Venus moves into passionate Scorpio on the 5th and adventurous Sagittarius on the 30th. Mars in Libra triggers the intense Uranus-Pluto dynamic. Volatile and disturbing activity stimulates the global agenda for transformation. Some folks are grumpy or downright nasty. The Sun enters Capricorn on the 22nd, as we celebrate Solstice and accompanying assorted holy days. A Full Moon on Christmas day highlights the hosanna of angels and the birth of the coming year. Uranus signals its holiday celebration by turning direct, further stimulating our consciousness awakening.

NEW MOON —December 11 at 19 Sagittarius
FULL MOON —December 25 at 3 Capricorn-Cancer


Tuesday, December 1
A Leo Moon starts the month on a heart-filled note, with creative verve that gives us inspiration and motivation to act on our visions. Set your sights on the brightest light and share the excitement that is in the air today. The Moon goes Void of Course at 9:09pm, with good feelings to share. This is a great date night, one to spend with loved ones and to envision your plans for the future. Encourage each other to your best. 

Wednesday, December 2
The Moon enters pragmatic Virgo at 4:09am, to begin a busy bee day during which we can get a lot done, one task at a time.  Take full advantage of this practical mood, which lasts until early evening, at which time we are likely to run out of steam and need a rest. Don’t be discouraged by what you did not accomplish. Some things worked out and some didn’t. Feel good about what you did get done, even if it’s not quite what you had planned on. What did happen and what you did learn is more important in the long run.

Thursday, December 3
Attend to unfinished business from yesterday. Something from your list or something that comes up may feel really important. Give it your best. In one way or another you get back what you give. We’re all in this together. Into the evening you may need to clarify some misunderstanding or misinformation. Take a break from the small stuff to get an overview. How are all the pieces coming together? A few tweaks may be in order. Overall, though, by the time the Moon goes Void of Course at 10:59pm, most of us feel a level of satisfaction. 

Friday, December 4
There is likely to be glitch in the morning that requires attention. Again, it could be a communication issue or some skipped step. Schedules may need to be rearranged. Once we attend to this, we can appreciate how smoothly things are moving forward. It’s a true TGIF kind of day. The Moon changes into Libra at 4:34pm, indicating social hour. Venus enters Scorpio at 10:15pm, deepening the tone in relationships. What do you desire, deeply and truly? 

Saturday, December 5
The Moon in Libra is strengthening cooperation and collaboration. By the end of the day, decisions are made, and some are even implemented. This may imply significant breakthroughs and transformations. On a different wavelength, there is unrest in some quarters, which may break out in nasty ways. Be alert for trouble and stay clear. 

Sunday, December 6
Unsettledness and disturbances continue today, with potential for further breakthroughs as well. Something’s got to give somewhere. This may or may not be a personal issue to you, but may have the kind of global impact that affects us all. It certainly gives us something to talk about, even as the Moon goes Void of Course at 8:03pm.

Monday, December 7
The Moon enters Scorpio at 5:26am, meeting up with Venus today for strong emotional impact. Feelings are all or nothing with this combination, likely to bring people together in powerful ways. Hanukkah begins today. It’s also Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, International Civil Aviation Day and Cotton Candy Day. That sweet sticky stuff was originally called fairy floss. I prefer that! What are you celebrating today? As for me, well, it’s my birthday! 

Tuesday, December 8
Powerful forces are at work under the surface on many levels. Are you feeling it? Alchemical, subatomic, transformational, inside-out impacts ripple through the field. Some of these undercurrents will arise into surprises in the evening. Reports of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions would not be a surprise. What is ever so ready for change in your life? Don’t dwell on the negative. Gather all the powerful positive feelings you can to invite the best possible outcomes. Test out that Law of Attraction in your life. If we can imagine it, it can happen. Put your heart muscle into it.

Wednesday, December 9
The Moon is Void of Course from 12:39am, through the day until 4:25pm when it enters enthusiastic Sagittarius. This gives plenty of time for things to arrange themselves in order to bring positive results. Stay with the positive, that’s the test. Don’t fall into despair or doubt or any such feelings that undermine the glow. This is a deep piece of work, and a potent one. Results will follow at the right time. Mercury moves into practical-minded Capricorn at 8:35pm, indicating it’s time to think out a plan to manifest the best outcome.

Thursday, December 10
The fiery Sagittarius Moon is motivating and energizing. It might take part of the morning, though, to get our engines going. Be ready by mid-morning when a situation may call you into action. Get your goals set for tomorrow’s New Moon and fuel them with enthusiasm and confidence, taking into consideration any steps that need to be taken now. Don’t put the cart before the horse, as they say, or you are likely to trip over your feet. Take extra care this evening when there is an accident-prone combination of planets.  

Friday, December 11
NEW MOON at 4:29am CST, 19 Sagittarius 03
Full of promise, this New Moon is action-oriented, fueled with fireworks. Some are the celebratory sparkling kind, but some may signal disaster with the crashing of old systems and structures. Remember that dis-aster means “against the stars,” so stay in tune with the cosmic harmonies. Limiting belief systems may be challenged. Such old structures are falling apart like the Tower card in the Tarot deck. The Earth may make its voice heard in unmistakable ways to remind us that we can’t control Nature. The Moon is Void of Course most of the day, starting at 10:06am, leaving us with many questions about how to sort out some of the chaos in the midst of change. In a Greek creation myth, divine Eros, the god of love, emerges from the heart of chaos with Gaia, Earth, uniting Heaven and Earth. This is the renaissance we are experiencing. 

Saturday, December 12
The Moon enters take-charge Capricorn at 12:47am. At the start of the day, be on board to think through plans, to harness cooperation and the will-power to drive them into manifestation. We might start to get inklings about our new year’s outline—and resolutions. Don’t be too narrow in your vision—let your imagination soar. We want to be inspired, not overwhelmed. What kind of world are you dreaming of? Start there and sketch it out.

Sunday, December 13
Today is the key Earth-power day for this month, as the Moon aligns with Pluto’s subterranean depths. Volcanoes are likely to erupt, along with other globe-rocking events. Take care and be alert. Attend to those things that need to change in your life and cooperate with the forces that foster wellbeing. When the Moon goes Void of Course at 5:07pm, we are called to honor Nature’s wisdom through the night. Are we dreaming the Earth or is the Earth dreaming us?

Monday, December 14
The Moon heads into socializing Aquarius at 6:59am, turning on the social media buzz for the week. What do you, what can you believe of all the hype and spin? Don’t get spun out or overwhelmed yourself. Listen to your heart for what rings true to you and proceed accordingly. Turn off the television for static-free access to your inner guidance. Whose story are you living?

Tuesday, December 15
Differing opinions about what is right likely stem from conflicting values. Take a second look at any cause you are being asked to support. What is the motivation beneath the surface? Follow the money, as they say, and beware of manipulative tendencies that strong-arm today’s action. Keep a candle burning in your inner temple, so that you are aware of any tendencies to undermine yourself or others. We may need to work through some inner turmoil to hear what another person is saying. The energy frees up this afternoon for greater understanding and agreements to be made.

Wednesday, December 16
The buzz starts to calm down when the Moon goes Void of Course at 1:17am, with some lingering news of interest, some to dream upon. The Moon enters fluid Pisces at 11:45am, to color the day with pastel hues. Relax and go with the flow as fully as you can. Breathe deeply to release tension, realizing you may be picking up on the surrounding gestalt or someone else’s vibes. Be gentle with yourself and others. Dreamtime calls early tonight. Drift off to good music, not harsh sounds. You want pleasant dreams, don’t you?

Thursday, December 17
The day may start off rather dicey, depending on how well you slept, but smoothes out before too long. Feelings are deep and wide, like a river. Don’t rush and don’t push the river. Make it easier for yourself and others by setting strong boundaries and maintaining clear communication. Remain grounded. Much can be accomplished with lucid priorities and a simple agenda, along with a smile, good will and mutual appreciation.

Friday, December 18
A wave of overwhelm may create some anxiety, but that wave will pass unless you let yourself get caught up in it. The Moon is Void of Course at 9:14am, with a call to maintain your enthusiasm and faith. Keep your eye on the goal. The Moon enters impulsive Aries at 3:26pm, resetting the mood of the day with more pizzazz. The workday ends on a fresh note. Plan something unusual for the evening and the weekend. Be open to new and unusual suggestions.

Saturday, December 19
This rather wild weekend will yield some powerful news, probably of comings and goings on the world stage and upsets in the world of sports. In other words, it’s a game-changer of a day! What’s your game and how is it changing? Don’t be caught by surprise. Expect—and welcome—the unexpected. 

Sunday, December 20
The wild winds of change continue to blow strong today, challenging the status quo beyond its crusty limits and stretching the polarity of opinions. We are just not going to see eye to eye with some folks. Choices follow. We may think things have smoothed out when the Moon goes Void of Course at 4:01pm, but there’s yet another surprise by end of day after the Moon enters resourceful Taurus at 6:13pm. 

Monday, December 21, Winter Solstice
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, accomplished Capricorns!
The Sun has been slowing down, coming to its Solstice “stand-still” today, allowing a huge download from the Galactic Center. We had X-waves a few months ago. Now what huge electromagnetic waves are crashing on the shores of our solar system? Imagine all the dancing light streaming in, perking up your consciousness. How joyful the hosannas of this season of multiple holy days! The Sun crosses through the Capricorn gateway at 10:49pm.

Tuesday, December 22
A Void of Course Moon starting at 8:26am may be more productive than most, with all the earth signs occupied and encouraging productive activity in advance of holiday vacations. The Moon doesn’t change into restless Gemini until 8:31pm, at which time our attention is out the door and on to other things. Change it up.

Wednesday, December 23
A few loose ends this morning confuse the issues, but we’re necessarily back in focus by the afternoon. Energy and people are moving around like chess pieces. Make sure you’re moving in the right direction and have what you need with you. Be vigilant and maintain the crystal clarity of your energy field. 

Thursday, December 24
Enjoy this day! Don’t overdo things in a way that adds any stress. It doesn’t need to be there. In this highly social season, be open to sharing the cheer with anyone you encounter that has good vibes. Synchronicities and serendipities strike here, there and everywhere. The Moon is Void of Course as of 2:04pm. Keep on track to get where you’re going. If you are already there, enjoy conversations without letting your buttons get pushed. Rather quietly disengage and withdraw if you need to. No need to exacerbate tempers. Find ways to help out instead. “Many hands make light work.” Kindness is a gift in itself. The Moon enters the giving sign of Cancer at 11:26pm.

Friday, December 25
FULL MOON at 5:12am CST, at 3 Capricorn-CANCER 20
A holiday Full Moon is always special. This one has a sweet, cozy feel, but not the sticky sweet and sentimental kind. There is a practical base that doesn’t overflow with consumerism, but cautions care, consideration and conservation of resources. “Tis a gift to be simple,” as the Shakers sing. Consider, for instance, the company you keep. There is no dire need to display any missionary verve or try to convince anybody of anything, unlike politicians and advertisers. Don’t fall for the hype. Make your holiday true to the spirit of why we celebrate, from the heart. Uranus turns forward at 9:53pm, sending shimmering electric sparkles through the atmospheres, like cosmic confetti. As this “dust” settles, address any uncomfortable undercurrents in a spirit of reconciliation. 

Saturday, December 26
Be alert to join the refreshing revolutionary initiatives of Uranus. Welcome insights from the higher mind—all that sparkling light that is coming in! There is heightened electricity in the air. Are you ready to wake up even more from the dream of illusion? From the ground up, the Earth responds literally within the great electromagnetic feedback loop from outer space. Inevitably, some people are just going to be disagreeable and unreasonable. State your case as you see fit. The Moon enters its Void of Course at 9:36pm, with deep sweet loving energy, like the mythic Soma, the elixir of life that is the sweetest, empowerment drink you ever tasted. Drink deeply and savor.

Sunday, December 27
The Moon enters playful Leo at 4:31am, encouraging a Sunday fun and creativity. Head off to the movies, bowling, or whatever is a happy way to spend the day with people you love. Children are a key focus, including your inner child! There is an open energy today that allows the space to let things happen delightfully, with just enough planning and arranging so things go well. Just don’t make it a “have to” sort of thing. That’s not fun! Some people are just plain grumpy and won’t play. How much do you need to accommodate them? It’s a delicate question in some cases. 

Monday, December 28
Yesterday’s energy spills over, and can be harnessed to change our approach to the week. The holiday spirit lingers, as well as some increasingly argumentative moodiness acted out by some folks. What is their problem? Perhaps they just want to someone to listen as they get something off their chests. Maybe they need some feedback that offers an alternate perspective. But maybe they are just playing devil’s advocate. Some people are just spoilers. Don’t be one of them. If someone is disturbing you, try drafting a letter to that person. Then edit it. Whether or not you ever send it (sometimes best not to), this exercise helps you get your thoughts and feelings straightened out. 

Tuesday, December 29
That disagreeable energy may hit a peak today and linger through the Void of Course Moon that starts at 11:38am. Just over an hour, this VoC Moon break gives us time to process our feelings about what is going on. Maybe you want to write that letter I mentioned for yesterday. When the Moon enters common sense Virgo at 12:58pm, we have likely sorted things out, at least enough to proceed efficiently enough with the day. 

Wednesday, December 30
Venus changes into Sagittarius at 1:17am, with an adventurous heart. We really did work through something yesterday. Dreams are strong. Some are nurturing, allowing your body to deeply relax; others may express underlying anxieties. Take some steps today and in the coming week to relieve your stress level. It’s time, and you will feel better in the long run. As we turn the page in the calendar, we are turning to a new page in our lives. 

Thursday, December 31
New Year’s Eve under a Virgo Moon is more health-conscious than party animal. Apply any health-related New Year’s resolutions tonight to demonstrate that you are serious. Excuses to party hard and overindulge might backfire on your physical wellbeing. Some of us are likely to clean out some piles or practice a bit of feng shui to align the energies and prepare for the brand new year. There are many ways to celebrate and honor this passage of yet another year as we head into 2016.


KELLEY HUNTER, Ph.D., is an internationally known astrologer and mythologist, enriching her offerings in Depth Astrology with perspectives from psychology, cosmology and consciousness studies. Author of Living Lilith and Black Moon Lilith, Kelley has a special interest in women›s spirituality and the astrology of relationships. She offers personal consultations that illumine the potential of current planetary cycles in your life and relationships. Visit her website, with many resources and the archives of her Cosmic Inspiration radio show, at On FaceBook find her at: Kelley Hunter, AstroMythology. Contact her at [email protected]

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