Thursday , July 2 2020


What Happens at the Precise Moment of Death?

By Wanda Pratnicka, Ph.D. –  Most people never get to answer this question until they’re on the other side. Psychologist and parapsychologist Wanda Pratnicka, Ph.D., author of the bestselling (in Poland) book Possessed by Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century, shares with us her findings based on 45 years of research.   Not everybody realizes they have died. As in the movie The Sixth Sense where Bruce Willis’ character missed …

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Navigating Chaos by Neutralizing Duality 

By Alecia Rice –  Chaos; we’re surrounded by it; polarization, rumor, hypocrisy, uncertainty… all seeded with fear of “the other.” Fear distorts reality, yet, every dark cloud has its silver lining. Finding that bright spot requires us to step out of our solidified perspectives to stretch ourselves in search of that ray …

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Organic Gardening – Less is More

by Sue Odland –  Birds are singing, tulips are in bloom, the garden is ready to be worked. However, many people find themselves as busy as springtime rabbits at this time of year. For gardeners short on time or energy, explore the Stout method of no-work gardening this season.   This ingenious …

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