Taking Back Control – An Inside Job

By Phyllis Light, Ph.D.

All that is happening on the planet represents the collective consciousness of humanity. In other words, we’re all co-creating the reality of today’s world together. How did we “create” it to be “so bad?” The answer is simple. There is a “shadow side” to every one of us, and sometimes, we need to look at it collectively to see it and transform it.

One of the big issues that is surfacing for many people is the area of “control.” How “in control” do we feel? If we feel out of control, what are we doing about it? How much do we want someone outside of us to step in and control us, to make us feel safe?

Since we seem to be creating a fairly “out of control” world at this time, then each of us must have “control issues” that need to be examined. Everything going on “out there,” around us, reflects something going on inside of us. This is a fundamental, metaphysical truth.

We can’t simply blame “some virus,” “some political leader,” or some external situation that is causing us to feel out of control. Whatever we are feeling is an inside job. There may well be something externally triggering our old, negative programming, and this may be causing us to feel bad or out of control, but we must take responsibility.

We need to look inside and tell the truth about our negative beliefs and programs about being—or not being—in control and then be willing to heal and transform them. As we come to a greater master of this issue within ourselves, we will have a greater impact on the consciousness-at-large. By healing ourselves, we are helping to heal the world.

If life isn’t giving you what you want, it’s time to look inside and see which thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs are creating your version of reality. (We all have different versions.) Then be willing to work on transforming that inner negativity. This will help you get through your current challenging situation(s) and diminish your need to attract something similar in the future. Once the inner lesson is learned, the outer circumstances can change for the better!

One challenge for us as humans is that we tend to buy into whatever beliefs are “out there” in the collective. That is we assume whatever we read in the newspaper or see on television is “the truth.” We do what others are doing; we believe what they believe. Somehow, we feel safe in being just like everyone else.

However, if you do that, particularly in today’s world, you are buying into boatloads of beliefs that are not for your Highest Good. Such beliefs will continue to create a bleak reality and leave you feeling out of control. Do you ever find yourself talking about how bad things are or how terrible things are getting?

The more negativity you focus on, the more you will increase that energy in your life. And, you will always “get to be right” about your beliefs. If you believe it’s “so bad” out there, you will continue to experience that in your version of reality.

We all want to be right about what we believe. This is the ego’s way of “being in control.” The problem is, most of our beliefs do not come from self-examination and inquiry into what is true for us. They come from what we have assumed to be true from those around us.

There is a deeper way to “be in control,” that is not ego-based. It is about choosing more positive thoughts, more positive actions, more positive and life-affirming beliefs in each subsequent moment. In other words, you want to remain maximally flexible and open, newly choosing in each moment.

“What do I want to believe NOW?” What do I want to experience NOW?” “What do I want to create NOW?” You have more control over each new moment than you know! Feeling in control, or in charge of your life, is truly an inside job.

Acknowledge the people in your life that make you smile. Be grateful for all the good you have. Focusing on the positive increases that energy in your life. It’s okay to be aware of the negative to be able to work on transforming it, but which side are you energizing? This will determine how in control, or in charge, of your life you feel!

Phyllis Light, Ph.D. is a psychologist, author and expert in telepathic healing, She helps people release old, negative programming within their subconscious mind to accelerate spiritual growth and fulfill the highest purpose of their lives. She is a pioneer in subtle energy protection and the creator of The Rejuvenizer®—protective and healing devices designed to combat the ills of life in a high-tech world. For more information, call 512-301-2999 or visit www.lighthealing.com.

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