Sunday , June 13 2021

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The Ayurvedic Body Types

The Ayurvedic Body Types by Romina Vintila Ayurveda is the Indian medicinal system and way of life that has been around for at least 2000 years if not more. It is considered a lifestyle, really for it pervades all aspects of one’s life. In Ayurveda, the approach to health is a …

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Fighting an Invisible Threat

Fighting an Invisible Threat by Phyllis Light How do you know that you are being energetically damaged on a daily basis, when you can’t see what’s hitting you?  How do you know that you are aging faster or getting weaker over time, when you can’t see anything bombarding you?  We …

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Balance Your Yin & Yang Energy Through Qi Gong

By James McNeil, Richard Baron, Dr. Iris Seeley An 85 year old man walks out into the middle of a city park and begins to do a strange form of movement.  As you watch he demonstrates an unusual spryness and uncharacteristic flexibility for someone his age. A dance-like pattern begins to …

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The Connection Between Mind and Body

The Connection Between Mind and Body by Romina Vintila When it comes to our health and our body image, many factors come into play. We look at commercials, we are bombarded with social media posts on what it is to be beautiful, what standards we must uphold, from television to …

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