Wednesday , September 30 2020

Beyond Mindfulness: Reaping far greater benefits without involving the thinking mind through Reconnective Healing®

– by Ana Clavell

We live in a fast-paced society, where everything needs to be ready yesterday. Somehow we have become conditioned to try to keep our attention on everything simultaneously, and that’s why most of us feel that we are on a daily race against time. The levels of stress this hectic daily routine brings into our lives have been blamed for the increase of dis-ease, and a decrease in personal happiness and interaction, even with the seemingly constant connectivity we’ve reached via digital communications we have never felt more disconnected. We are finding we need to counteract the effects of stress, so it’s no wonder that those seeking non-chemical relief have turned to traditional methods of stress-reduction such as yoga and meditation. Of the latter, mindful meditation has become one of the most popular alternative methods.

Unlike many other styles of meditation, mindfulness tends to require the least steps to learn, which makes it easier to fit into our non-stop lifestyle. Mindfulness has been shown to slow down the mind, making our thinking process easier, helping us detach from any conscious pursuit of multiple mental tasks, guiding us to focus attention instead on that which is in front of us, physically or within our mind’s eye, and concentrate on staying in the present moment. In this mindful space, time loses meaning, which lets the meditator’s mind break from the daily grind. People report that, among many other benefits, completing daily to-do’s become effortless and they feel more connected and grounded after doing a mindfulness meditation.

For a mindfulness meditation to bring about its life-enhancing benefits, the mind needs to be retrained and directed to focus in the now while taking a step back from actively going about the business of thinking. The longer we can sustain this state of conscious detachment, the more satisfying the results can be, and this is why experts recommend 10-30 minutes per meditation. Still, to be able to stay in focused observation without judgement for any period of time requires that we invest our constant attention in doing this because the second we lose our focus, our mind will speed off on any and every tangent and swing between our inner running commentary and whatever chore we need to do next. The fact is, the mind is not wired to sit still for too long, and mindfulness meditators everywhere know this first hand. The continuous need, while meditating, to keep the mind in check often has people believing, incorrectly, that they cannot meditate. So what if we could bypass the mind altogether and enter into the same space of timelessness while remaining fully present and detached…?

Getting past our constant need to narrate, interpret and judge is something that Reconnective Healing® allows us to do naturally, organically, without retraining the mind or having steps/methods to follow. In a parallel way to how mindfulness allows for the individual to reach a sense of inner stillness, this state of quiescence is reached instantly the second we interact with and become aware in our own bodies of, what science today calls, the Reconnective Healing frequencies.

In a series of experiments designed and led by Dr. Gary Schwartz and Dr. Ann Baldwin at the University of Arizona, a group of over thirty Reconnective Healing practitioners was tested as they facilitated self-healing. To the scientists’ surprise, the practitioners’ HRV (or heart rate variability) decreased markedly in confounding contrast with that of reiki and qigong practitioners as well as compared to practitioners of other energy healing techniques. They discovered that Reconnective Healing practitioners do not merely enter into a simple relaxation state. Just as unexpectedly, both the sympathetic and parasympathetic regulating systems of the heart decreased as well, putting Reconnective Healing practitioners into this rare state of quiescence of which Dr. Rollin McCraty of HeartMath says, “The mental and emotional chatter is silenced to a point of eternal quietness, to be replaced by a profound feeling of peace and serenity simultaneously.” Previously quiescence was something that only master meditators or Buddhist monks were able to achieve over the course of years of practice. Yet today science has discovered that Reconnective Healing practitioners enter into this state the moment they become aware of or consciously allow themselves to interact with these new aspects of energy, light and information that manifest via this powerful transformational approach.

This interaction with the Reconnective Healing frequencies enables an instant rebalancing, a deep sense of peace and brings about a deeper meditative state with zero effort on our part, a fact greatly appreciated by people who meditate and use Reconnective Healing as well. The benefits brought about by Reconnective Healing not only include the many mindful meditation effects, but go far beyond these – and on many more levels as our very DNA starts to transform the moment we interact with these newly discovered frequencies for the first time.

Reconnective Healing is also very easy to learn, as there is no technique to master in order to feel and interact with the frequencies. And since there’s no time required to receive its beneficial effects, many report that within their very first moment of interaction they feel dramatically lighter and at peace.

Our stressful lives have been improved greatly by the advent of mindfulness meditation and other relaxation methods. What Reconnective Healing offers is a shortcut to the same benefits… and much, much more! Whether we have the time to sit down and meditate or not, Reconnective Healing is a powerful tool to reconnect us with everything… and to bring us there on much deeper and even more comprehensive levels.

To reach greater success, peace, joy and grace in all aspects of your life, check out all Reconnective Healing live events and offerings here. Are you ready to unleash your infinite possibilities and live a life you love? Discover the limitless positive impact Reconnective Healing will have on your life in Chicago November 9-11, 2018.

Film and TV writer, director and producer Ana Clavell became entrained with the Reconnective Healing® frequencies in 2013 and her life was transformed instantly and infinitely. Leaving behind her 20+ year career, she is now a professional Reconnective Healing practitioner and mentor, crafts creative concepts and content for Dr. Eric Pearl, Jillian Fleer and The Reconnection, and divides her time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, always traveling by car between the two cities so she can stop at old diners and ghost towns.

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