Whatever the Vehicle, Let Peace be your Destination – Past Life Regression Hypnotic Session with Kasia Szumal

By Theresa Puskar

During this curious time, when our lives are filled with great mystery and a future that lacks any kind of certainty, it is my deepest belief that the most powerful way we can contribute to the world is by cultivating our sense of inner peace. How can we do so?

We are each unique and our lives are tapestries made up of threads of various patterns, sizes and colors that are the culmination of the experiences, thoughts, intentions and choices we have made. The means by which we can seek peace is just as varied as those life tapestries are. I believe that when we set clear intentions and listen to our inner guidance as it arises, the means by which we experience that peace will reveal themselves. I feel truly blessed as such has been the case for me during these past several months.

One of the vehicles that presented itself to me was hypnosis. Throughout the past 20 years, between my work at Nightingale-Conant Publishing and this column, I’ve had the pleasure of dipping my toes into this phenomenon. This past month, our wonderful publisher, Kasia Szumal invited me togo through one led by her. I’ve already had a powerful healing experience with her, years before we worked together on the magazine, so I trust Kasia; I knew that I was in good hands!

Welcome to another world!

As is the case with any new experience, I start in a frame of enthusiastic openness with a sprinkling of cautious trepidation. Before we began, I was introduced to the team of three experts who would drive this particular vehicle: The hypnotherapist was Kasia Szumal, the telepath (person who was under hypnosis) was Monika Lasshan (Moony), and the translator was Ania Massatt. Years ago, when I first experienced hypnosis, I thought that once I went into the process I would lose awareness of my surroundings. This was a misconception. While some may experience this, I did not. As I went into the hypnotic state, I was fully aware of my surroundings because Moony went under the hypnotic trance on my behalf. What I soon discovered, however, is that within minutes, mysurroundings would vastly change. So much so, that to start,they were a stretch for my logical mind. That being said, however, I found that each revelation shared with me was supported by sensations, insights or affirmations that arose inconjunction with them.

The first thing I was told was that there was an obstruction that stretched from my heart to the top of my head. When I was informed of this, I immediately saw a flat, steel panel or plate. No sooner had I visualized it, then it was described to me in the same form. Hold onto your hat, because this ride gets even more adventurous!

The serpent and the frog

The day before the hypnotic regression, I did a process with my teachers at O&O Academy in India. It felt particularly potent, as I experienced a great deal of sensations and visualizations throughout it. At one point, a serpent appeared in my mind’s eye and its presence was so huge, I literally opened my eyes and looked down the hall, expecting to see a gigantic serpent slithering towards me. To backtrack a moment, I should point out that I have been doing a great deal of yogic breathing practices and meditations, and I believe that my kundalini has been rising. To add fuel to the gas tank, I had been experiencing chronic aches in my right shoulder blade for the 19 years since my car crash in 2001. As the serpent made her way towards me, she asked if I wanted her to alleviate the source of the pain in my shoulder blade. I was afraid, but I responded, “Yes.” I felt nothing and noted no visceral changes. Fast forward 24 hours to my session with Kasia and her team. After removing the panel in my chest, she informed me that they noted two energies within my heart area—the first, a massive frog and the second, a snake who was chasing it. At that point, I just about rolled off of the couch that I was lying on!

Removing energetic obstructions in the etheric body

The team led me through a dialogue with the frog, and in the end, I was invited to cast it out of my body and into a neutral zone, where it would no longer energetically interfere with me. At first, I was a bit frazzled, but in the end, I surrendered my agenda. I felt that if the kundalini was rising and chased out of my body, it could and would rise again at another time.

This seems like such a crazy story, but there was obviously something very powerful going on. Since doing the session, the chronic pain in my shoulder has subsided. At times I will feel it, but it is no longer the throbbing ache that I have been experiencing for so long. One of the things that Kasia mentioned was that some of the shifts that were initiated in the session could take up to three months to be fully completed.

When hypnosis can be most effective

Hypnosis has been known to be of great assistance, especially in situations where you have consciously tried everything you can to deal with something but to no avail. If you have been struggling with fears, anxiety, anger, trauma, sexual abuse, negative thoughts, low self esteem, money problems, insomnia, not loving yourself, depression, self- sabotage, addictions, obsessions, discomforts, phobias or start heaving physical problems, pains in the body perhaps a Past Life Regression hypnosis session with Kasia and her team could be your answer.

It takes you on a journey into yourself that allows you to open the doors to your unconscious, so that you can resolve the root causes of problems and release from your body with your permission. It can assist you in understanding the origins of any blocks you may have, often shedding light on the reason for underlying events and how they influence you today. Each session is 60 to 90 minutes long and is conducted on Skype. If you do not want to be hypnotized, that’s not a problem, there’s a telepathic support person to do so on your behalf (Moony).

I am deeply grateful to Kasia and her team for the remarkable healing session that they conducted on me. Fantastical, absolutely. If I were sitting in your shoes, I don’t know if I’d believe it, but I know what I know. To book a hypnotic regression session with Kasia and her wonderful team, you can email [email protected] or call 847-966-1110.

Theresa Puskar is a highly-skilled transformation leader, author, performer and keynote speaker. As an unabashed truth speaker and inspirational teacher, she is delighted to spread causeless joy throughout the world. Her most recent books, 8 Ways to De-Clutter Your Brain and The Good Morning Mind: 9 Essential Mindfulness Habits for the Workplace are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. To learn more about Theresa, visit www.TheresaPuskar.com.


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  1. This will provide relief from addiction? If so, please explain how this is possible. I am truly very interested… Thank you!

  2. Hi Paul, Yes, it will. Something on a esoteric level is manipulating with your energy and why it is so hard to let go of this addiction. It can be a program, belief pattern, traumatic experiance or memories from this life time or previous life time. Under hypnosis you can find out what is a root of your addiction and release from your body.


  3. This is Great

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