The Rise of Divine Masculine

By Scott Hilburn

On a beautiful fall day, I was struck by lightning. My wife and I just finished the closing ceremony to a retreat we held on our land in Austin, TX. As I stood by the firepit for a moment of decompression. Seemingly out of nowhere, I was hit by an incredible force. It wasn’t an actual bolt of lightning, yet it was comparable. It was a vision that emerged into my consciousness. The vision was so full of light; I felt it in my entire being. My whole body vibrated with energy and my head radiated with intensity. My breath deepened and my body filled with awe and delight. I knew without a doubt I was in the presence of the Divine.

An Ice Bath

This vision showed me a culmination of memories. I saw all the ways I’ve applied myself spiritually and developmentally. I saw all the many meditations, techniques, and yoga that I had practiced over the past decade. I saw my physical body strengthening and my emotional intelligence increasing. These memories began to collide with the men’s work in which I’ve recently engaged. Like a slideshow in my mind, I saw all the circles in which I have sat with other men. I could barely keep up with the memories. That’s when it truly hit me. I saw a coalescence of all the many years of service, dedication, learning, and practice come together to create a brand-new mission inside my heart. The vision was vast yet so simple: I was to devote myself to the creation of men’s retreats. I recognized it as a true soul desire, and immediately, I went to work on that vision. It has since come to form an entity of its own in a very quick amount of time. I call it the Divine Masculine Immersion, and it’s rapidly changing people’s lives. It’s humbling and empowering to witness.

A Group Check In

From an early age, men are often taught about manhood from a limited and physically-oriented perspective. Simply put: don’t cry, just fix it, puff up, be the provider. These seem to be the loudest messages we receive. I feel that men in our society are aching to expand, and this is what I teach in my immersions.

When teaching men about our Divine nature, I often use the Yin-Yang symbol. The circle represents Divinity which is split in two: Masculine and Feminine. Each one has the other within it, symbolized by the little dot of the opposite color within each side. We all have Masculine and Feminine within us. Ideally, we are able to use both of these expressions to serve ourselves and the world. Both qualities are equally important and do not exist without the other. As we embrace the healthiest version of our dominant quality, we have the ability to more fully receive the other quality. So this means as men embrace their Divine Masculine Energy, they now can receive and understand the Divine Feminine within them and around them more readily. The same is true for the Divine Feminine, as those with that dominant quality deeply align with it, they will now be able to better understand and receive the Divine Masculine within them and around them.

Lightening Fire Walk

When balanced, this leads to the ability to consciously toggle between the two energies as needed. This is so needed in the world, in leadership positions, and especially within relationships between two people. The Divine Masculine is Spiritual Warrior. The Divine Feminine is Spiritual Scholar.

The Divine Masculine is described in the Akashic Records as a lightning bolt of awareness, consciousness of movement, and creative and aggressive energy. It is activating, moving, goal-oriented, task-oriented, activity-oriented, heeding, enlivening, and strengthening. The Divine Feminine is described as all that is receiving, nurturing, receptive, understanding, compassionate, empathetic, softening, loosening, relaxing, and harmonious. We need both to manifest! The Divine Masculine pursues, initiates, and manifests, while the Divine Feminine receives, nurtures, and develops.

I’ve learned it this way: the Masculine is the riverbank that holds structure and space, and the Feminine is the powerful water and energy that flows through. The river does not exist without the banks (i.e. structure) or without the flowing energy of water.

Fire Side Story Telling

I believe many of the world’s problems today are due to the overuse of Masculine Energy that has become less Divine and more toxic. This shows in extreme usage of resources to achieve goals that are not in service to the greater good. This, in turn, suppresses Feminine Energy. The rise of the Feminine is extremely important in this regard. The Feminine has a great ability to receive from the Divine, operate from intuition, and update, change, and evolve—even in the middle or last stages of creative manifestation. The world needs balanced leadership that embraces both masculine and feminine qualities, so we have direction, forward motion, and achievement, while also having the ability to receive new inspiration, nurturing and updates. We need men to realize the Divine Feminine so that men can create, lead, and serve from that place, rather than egoic identities that may be self-serving.

We are here to evolve, awaken and realize who we truly are and to create on this earth with the consciousness of that, the Divine. The Rise of the Feminine is a much-needed movement on this Earth, as energies have been out of balance in this world for quite some time. This is one part of the process that must occur to save this planet and will enable us to go from surviving to thriving. When a pendulum is so far swung to one side, it almost always has to swing to the other side to create balance. The rise of the Feminine is healing to the world. While the Feminine finds its voice and freedom, it awakens the world out of toxic its masculinity.

However, the cause and effect of the rise of the Feminine is a sudden need for the evolution of the Masculine. Sometimes humanity throws the baby out with the bathwater. Just because Toxic Masculine (an unhealthy use of masculine energy that isn’t serving the greater good of all) has been a major influence in the world and the world’s problems, doesn’t mean that we need eliminate Masculine Energy or suppress it. Rather, we need to evolve the Masculine Energy into Divine Masculine or Healthy Masculine energy. What will serve this world the most is the unification of Healthy and Divine Feminine and Masculine working together to be whole to create the world we desire.

We can’t abolish men or masculine energy—as everything designed in this creation we call the Universe serves a grand purpose…just all aspects of a forest serve the whole. We need men and the Masculine Presence in this world to lift and evolve the world to its highest expression, highest purpose, and highest use of its energy—the Divine Masculine Energy. When this happens, we’ll use our masculine energy to create good for all concerned, sacrifice ways of being that no longer serve the whole, align the self with the highest self, bring healing, and serve all creation.

In this important time of the rise of the Feminine and monumental change, many men are confused, ashamed, fearful, overly sensitive, suppressed, living in hidden pain, lost, or overly exerting masculine energy. For the most part, men have not had ideal role models or examples of Divine Masculine or Healthy Masculine. Most men were shown and taught unhealthy masculine habits. We were taught that it’s weak to cry, show emotion, or be vulnerable…and that we need to bury our pain, pretend everything is okay, and force things to work. We were taught to be passive, not speak up, and be overly self-conscious, etc. Some men were taught to force; some were taught to suppress. Neither of these is the solution. As a masculine presence in a man’s body, I have had to put in a lot effort to update old patterns and create new patterns from which my mind can operate.

Men and masculine identifiers in this current state of the world must learn to fully embrace the Divine Masculine Energy in service to the world, the Feminine, themselves, and all creation. While doing so, they will more greatly be fulfilled and more greatly harmonize with the Feminine. When we embrace our main quality, we are afforded the opportunity to readily experience the Feminine quality within our self more readily. So, by men stepping away to do men’s work, we are not only serving men, we are serving women, children, all people, and the world.

I have found from practicing and leading men’s work, that I have embraced my Divine Masculine and my Divine Feminine. I honor, respect, and utilize both qualities regularly in my life and leadership. So far, at men’s retreats, I have seen men become truly vulnerable…some, for the first time, acknowledging the pain they’ve been carrying. I have seen 50-old-year men heal wounds from their childhood and open their heart more than they ever have before to experience the love that is always here for them. I saw an 18-year-old who was lost and questioning whether or not to stay alive, find a deep sense of purpose and self-value that caused him to be radiant and change his trajectory of life. I have seen brothers who have not truly experienced the Divine Connection or their power testify that now they have found one or the other (or both), and state that the discovery has directly influenced their relationships, family, career, and daily life.

Scott Hilburn

I am truly honored to hold space for men to heal, feel, and become more real, as well as to connect with their Higher Self, mission and purpose, and Greater Divinity. It is medicine and healing in itself to experience brotherhood, a container of men all dedicated or desiring to be better men. Men learn to be vulnerable, feel received and heard, open up in greater ways than ever before; they learn to look fellow men in the eyes, to hug and embrace other men. We go through several initiations to challenge ourselves, train ourselves to become comfortable outside of our comfort zones, and learn to embrace challenges as opportunities. So we can allow all of life, even its challenges, to serve us and lift us up rather than defeat us.

We are in a special time where people are awakening to a greater purpose and greater possibilities. Men are discovering that they are powerful individuals. We are just in a space and utilizing tools to realize that power. Now we can harness that power to have a greater influence and presence in this world.

This Divine Masculine shows up:

When we listen to those who need to be heard.
When we love and embrace the Feminine when it needs to feel its pain.
When we speak up when something needs to be spoken.
When we remain calm, respond more, and react less.
When we embrace challenges as opportunities rather than complain about them.
When we open our hearts and give love.
When we are more compassionate and less judgmental.
When we have the courage and strength to pursue our soul’s mission.
When we have a greater connection to the Divine, Great Spirit, Universe, God, or whatever you choose to call the source of all creation that is only found within; when discovered within ourselves, we will see it is omnipresent.

Half of the world’s population is men. The time is now for men to arise and invoke the change—to rise into our healthy power, so we can use our presence to serve the world, the Feminine and all. Men who are divinely aligned can break the cycle of toxic masculinity and set an example for generations to come. There is no more time to wait; the only time is now. If not us, who?

I encourage all men and women to explore men’s circles, women’s circles, or immersive retreats. Whether you are new to this work or experienced in personal and spiritual growth practices, the sacred containers of men’s and women’s work will add value to your life. In this way, we can heal the relationship between masculine and feminine on this planet.

Next Rise Up Divine Masculine Immersion retreat is on July 8-11, 2021 in Austin, TX. More information about retreat you can find here:

With over a decade of immersive study and teaching, Scott Hilburn’s passion is to aid others to become free of old patterns and conditioning, to be truly authentic, and to live life with an awareness of one’s purpose and mission while in connection with Divine Consciousness. Scott is a full-time teacher and leader of Retreats, Workshops, and Private Coaching offering Kundalini Yoga, Divine Masculine Immersions, Couples Work, and Akashic Reading Integration Spiritual Work for anyone wanting to Elevate and Connect with their Highest Self., IG@scott-hilburn.

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