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The New/Full Moon Energy for July 2021


By Donna Stellhorn

Welcome Summer! After some big astrological events, including the lunar eclipse in May, the solar eclipse in June, and the second Saturn/Uranus square, now we enter a calmer time. In July, Mercury is now direct, which means you can proceed with buying your new car or getting your new phone. Mars has moved into Leo, stimulating creative ideas and pushing you toward fun. Mars starts this month just past the opposition to Saturn, which could indicate you have completed an important project or let go of an irksome responsibility.

July 9 brings the new moon at 18° of Cancer. At the same time, Venus moves to conjunct Mars in Leo. This is a double hit of positive relationship energy, a virtual geyser of emotion. It’s likely you are seeing more people and connecting with friends that you haven’t seen in months. This is an excellent time to get involved in groups and community organizations again. You may be going back into the office and seeing coworkers face-to-face. You might be attending some weddings over the summer.

July 23 ushers in the full moon in Aquarius. Like the energy earlier in the month, this time is also about connections, but more toward the bigger world. Now that you have reconnected with friends and family, it’s time to make new friends and get involved in the world again. You might be joining professional networking groups or finding Meetup groups of people who have shared interests with you.

On July 28, Jupiter steps back into Aquarius, where it will stay until December 28. Jupiter expands energy, and in the sign of Aquarius, it expands ideas of technology, community, and what we think about the future. On this day, Mars will sit opposite Jupiter at 29 Leo. This brings enormous creative power, but also a desire also to rebel against the rules. Around this time, we may be hearing from the media about how some major rule has been broken. You may be faced with the personal rules you have and the need to challenge those rules now.


July brings a focus on home, and family, and romantic possibilities for Aries natives. You may feel that you are saddled with too much responsibility. Through some communication, you can get some tasks off of your desk. There could be a financial gain based on a creative project you’re working on or something you’re doing with your adult children. Your guardian angel is quite active at this time. You might be doing something that’s a little more risky than usual, like four-wheeling or water skiing.


For Taurus natives, the focus this month is on communication. You may be receiving a contract for employment or a large purchase. There are some happy times at home. You and your sweetheart may move in together, or one of your kids may bring home a perspective partner. Some additional income flows into your wallet this month. July brings a big announcement from a close friend. This might be a pregnancy or that they have purchased a home. A supervisor at work may move on to another job.


For you, Gemini native, the focus this month is on money. You have the opportunity to make more from your job as well as find an additional source of income. You also have a great deal of luck if you are job hunting. If you’re looking for love, there is an opportunity for you, but you need to get over the nervousness of a first date or of posting your profile online. You may be an announcer or performer on stage for some reason. An issue with your transportation is suddenly solved.


July is your month to shine, Cancer native. You may receive more notice from others, including more followers or subscribers on social media. There’s some positive attention at work. You may fall off your budget this month as you are doing a little bit more spending, especially on other people. You may be traveling to a place that is beautiful, where water sports take place. Some information you discover helps you sleep better. And you are surprised when a good friend unexpectedly appears in town.


July is a month to focus on your inner life. Many people are seeking your attention, pulling you in all different directions. You are very popular, though you want it on your own terms. If you’re looking for love, there may be several prospects getting in line to date you. A friend of yours may be making a big announcement about a relationship. Financially, this is a good month with extra income arriving. Additionally, you have access to more resources in the form of loans at good interest rates.


Virgo native, you have great relationship energy this month. You and your sweetheart are getting along well. If you’re looking for love, a secret admirer may come forward. You may be getting a new job or an opportunity for a promotion at work. You also could find a business mentor at this time. A friend goes out of their way to tell you how instrumental you are in his/her life. And you could take an impromptu weekend shopping trip to someplace you’ve never been before.


The month of July brings some recognition for the hard work you’ve performed. This could come from good feedback from customers and coworkers. If you have been looking for more hours, you will be rewarded. Libra natives looking for love could find a special someone among friends. Your health improves due to a new diet or exercise routine. Someone in your life may announce a pregnancy, taking you completely by surprise. A small windfall in the form of a valuable gift is handed to you.


In July, Scorpio native, you may be finishing a legal matter or professional licensing. It’s likely you will pass the test. You also can get an opportunity for a different job or transfer into a new department. If you’re looking for love, you can find it by going out with someone who’s not necessarily your type. One of your kids receives an opportunity to learn with a master or to study in a prestigious location. Your cooking or barbecuing is complimented by several people who want the recipe.


Sagittarius native, July brings opportunities for you to gain loans at low interest rates or funding for your business. You could access government contracts or gain permits to do something you want to do. Your relationship is going well, and you may be making an announcement to the family, such as getting engaged or a pregnancy. There’s a possibility that you’re looking at buying some real estate or renovating the house. A contract comes in that you’ve been expecting. You can negotiate some of the points.


In July, relationships are highlighted for Capricorn natives. You are seeing more people than you have in a long time. If you’re looking for love, there is an opportunity, especially if it’s a physical relationship you’re looking for. You may be looking at getting a loan for a large purchase or for your business. And there is more than one option to get this funding. You may be taking a car trip or be on a boat, fishing, or skiing. You may be substituting for a coworker who is out on leave, and it’s keeping you busy.


The month of July brings a lot of energy to your health and wellness. You may be exercising by playing sports, biking, or golfing. Relationship energy is very good, especially if you’re looking for a romantic connection. A friend or family member could introduce you to someone who is quite special. One of your older kids comes home with some good news about a career opportunity. You may not have been paying so much attention to your finances of late, but if you do, money may flourish.


Pisces native, the month of July highlights your area of creativity and risk-taking. It’s quite probable that someone in your life will announce a pregnancy or that he/she is adopting a puppy. You may have felt a little cash-strapped, but that is resolved as a side business starts to bring you some profits. There is a lot of activity at home. People from out of town may be staying with you, or the kids are coming back from camp. You are luckier now than usual. You may want to buy a lottery ticket or two.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram @donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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