Sunday , November 28 2021

The Energy-Draining Effect of Life in a High-Tech World

In most major cities, we are being hit by nearly 300,000 detrimental frequencies per minute—from overhead TV, radio and GPS satellites, cell phone and microwave transmissions, wireless internet, our computers and other electronic equipment. We live and work in an “electronic smog” that is extremely damaging to us—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Essentially, these frequencies weaken the energy field surrounding our body which then weakens us physically. They drain our life force, causing us to feel exhausted, depressed, unhappy and irritable. This is not how life was intended to be. These detrimental energies are not natural and interfere with our ability to experience a state of peace and well-being.

In addition, these high-tech frequencies break up the energy above our seventh chakra, the seat of our spiritual awareness. They create actual fragmentations of our energy field that then block the influx of spiritual energy through our chakra system. Not only are they causing us stress, irritability and immune system problems, but they are blocking us spiritually as well.

This manifests in an inability to tap into our natural intuitive abilities and be in touch with the Higher Self. We are becoming increasingly challenged to know the best course of action to take in any given circumstance. In other words, we are getting more and more disconnected from a Higher Source of Wisdom and Intelligence that should naturally be available to us, guiding us and protecting us throughout life.

You’ve heard of the “5G Network” for “faster downloads and higher speed internet access”? (It is actually replacing the 4G Network which has been used extensively throughout the U.S. for a while now.) The technology, originally called WiMax, was first developed in Sweden, in 2006, where a huge experimental tower was built, to broadcast the wireless internet (“WiFi”) frequencies across a substantial portion of the city. Within minutes of activating the tower, people started reporting to the hospitals with dizziness, blurred vision and nausea, along with a couple of cases of heart arrhythmia. Then within minutes of the people getting out of range of the frequencies, they found that all symptoms disappeared. They shut down the tower in Sweden due to potential health risks.

However, two years later, the U.S. proceeded to do a nationwide rollout, installing the WiMax technology in many major cities. We Americans seem to embrace the latest and greatest technology, regardless of any consequences to our health or well-being. The ultimate intention of the technology was to create one huge internet “hotspot” throughout the entire country. Sadly, they have succeeded to a great degree. Many people are now dealing with intense symptoms like the people exhibited in Sweden, but have no idea why, since the frequencies are essentially invisible and out of their conscious awareness. We are all actually affected by these detrimental frequencies, although you may not realize what is going on.

You may just find yourself wanting to do more “escapist” activities, such as overeating, drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Or, you may simply find yourself drinking more caffeinated drinks, eating more sugary foods or taking more medications to make up for the energetic drain you’re feeling from being hit by all these frequencies. The problem is that none of these “strategies” for coping with the extra stress on the mind and body can truly produce the health, energy and vibrancy you want in your life. At best, they are only “band-aid solutions,” helping you to “feel better” in the moment, while your mind and body continue to suffer and deteriorate from the onslaught of the frequencies.

The amount of frequencies that fills our air keeps increasing. It is unthinkable what a human being is forced to withstand in our world today. Thirty years ago, before I created a form of “energetic protection” for myself from all the electromagnetic fields and frequencies, I was exhausted. I could only sit in front of a computer screen for one hour, after which I would get a screaming headache. I literally had to drag myself through life.

My adrenals were shot from trying to cope with the stress I was feeling from my environment, and that was long before the advent of cell phones, WiFi, and all the broadcasts from TV, radio, GPS, and Homeland Security that assault us from above. I honestly don’t know how people are functioning with all the energetic bombardments pummeling them constantly 24/7.

The bottom line is that there are solutions to the challenges named here. Know that nothing is wrong with you that can’t be “undone.” Also, know that you are not alone here. This is a huge global problem that faces us all. The more you become aware of this problem, the more empowered you are to make choices that support better health for yourself and your loved ones.

Phyllis Light, Ph.D., is a counselor, author and expert in “Telepathic Healing.” She created The Rejuvenizer®—powerful, energetic devices that protect the human energy field from the damaging effects of EMFs. For more info, call 512-301-2999, or visit

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