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The New/Full Moon Energy for April 2021


By Donna Stellhorn

On March 28, there is a Full Moon in Libra—putting the focus on relationships of all kinds. You can attract new friendships, collaborate with others, and form business partnerships. There’s also an emphasis on finding balance or recognizing the areas where you do not have balance, such as between work and leisure or giving and receiving. People often think of Libra as being soft and easy-going, but this energy can be confrontational. There are times this month where you are walking side-by-side with someone. There are also times where it’s a chess game, and you’re matching moves and trying to win.

On the day of the Libra Full Moon, the Sun, Chiron and Venus in Aries oppose the moon, and this brings the potential for healing energy. A method of healing yourself physically, emotionally, or spiritually may be revealed. Suddenly what you were looking for becomes available, and you’re able to access the opportunity. This could take the form of getting an appointment with an expert medical practitioner or finding the natural cure you’ve been looking for.

In April, the North Node will trine Saturn, creating harmony this month between the two. Saturn represents your expertise and the experience gained through hard work and diligence. The North node represents your life path—your soul’s journey. You may find that you end up working on what you needed to get done. These are likely practical skills, ranging from using specific computer programs to how to work a circular saw or how to fix a leaky faucet.

April 11 brings the New Moon in Aries. This energy focuses on self-care and connections. You might start an exercise program, change your hairstyle, or reach out to others to collaborate. During this time, you might find that you’re more confident. This is useful as you could
be quite busy during the second half of the month.

On April 15, Venus enters Taurus and Mars trines Jupiter, providing a burst of creative energy. This is a great day to focus on enjoyable pursuits—since you’ve already finished your taxes. April 17 has Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and the Moon all at 26 degrees, and the Sun is a mere one degree away (at 27 degrees). So, April 17 could be an exceptionally busy, frenetic day. Schedule your time thoughtfully and use extra care on the road as there may be many distracted drivers.

And finally, on April 26, there is the Full Moon in Scorpio, so focus your energy on power and the ability to let go. We’ll talk more about this next month.


This month, the energy is focused on relationships. You will likely meet a new friend. You may consider collaborating on a business venture together though you have different ideas of what that would look like. Money from your career looks quite strong, and you may receive a new job or a raise at your current job. You may receive a visit or plan to visit a sibling or cousin. You’ll likely gain a new piece of technology, however, you may not have time this month to fully access its capabilities.


It’s wise to find some time to rest this month. You’ve been burning the candle at both ends, so leisure time is advised. There’s a surprise romantic connection with someone quite different than you are. You can do very well financially this month with one or more additional sources of income. You may be purchasing a new communication device or camera you’ve had your eye on. A supervisor is ready to compliment your work but also has more responsibilities in store for you.


Adventure and romance are highlighted this month. Someone who has been a friend may become much more. In general, your circle of friends is expanding as you get involved with a group of people with shared interests. You can do particularly well financially if you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone. Education requires your attention either for yourself or your children. You may be tutoring your kids or picking out a college. With the absence of a supervisor, you may be putting in more hours.


Your home life is in the spotlight this month. Some changes in your career may bring some changes at home. Additionally, you may be moving in with your sweetheart or renovating a house together. You can make more money this month, but it generally involves more effort or hours. You may be quite focused on saving money. Cancer native, it’s a good idea to look at recurring costs and see what can be eliminated. You’re quite noticeable over the next few weeks—especially in social media circles.


The month of April puts a lot of attention on communication with others and how you talk to yourself. Shifting your inner dialogue to the positive will help you in many areas. There is wedding energy around you. You might be getting engaged or getting an invitation to a friend’s nuptials. Revenue is flowing in, and your investments look profitable. It’s a good idea to look at phone and computer automated backup systems this month. A supervisor may agree to give you a letter of recommendation.


Virgo native, this is a strong financial month for you. There are opportunities for you to gain more income as well as to access low-interest credit or government-backed loans. There’s some very romantic energy that could lead to some exciting intimate moments. In general, this is a busy month for you. You may be doing extra duties at work because someone is out on leave. You can eliminate a bad habit this month by creating a system or adjusting your environment so it supports your success.


Libra native, this is your full moon, and so you are in the spotlight. This is an excellent time to look for love or to re-establish friendships that may have fallen by the wayside. Other people will go out of their way to give you support. Use caution when spending, or there will be much more going out than coming in. You may be finishing school or taking an accelerated course. This is also a good time to test for a professional license. There’s a lot of energy around children, and fertility energy is strong.


This is a good month to focus on getting quality sleep or on learning how to meditate. Single Scorpio natives may fall in love with someone who surprises and delights you. There is money to be made; however, currently, your interests lie in doing something else. You may turn down a financial opportunity. There’s a lot of emphasis on paperwork and getting records straight. You may be spending more time at home, or you’re working on the house. A relative may ask for a big favor requiring your signature.


Sagittarius native, you could be getting involved with a cause, charity, or professional organization this month. Or, you could be starting your own Meetup group. There is an abundance of friends and good times with your sweetheart. You can have exceptionally good luck with money matters, including asking for a raise or securing some large sales. Be careful about miscommunications or accidentally sending a group text. You may be shopping for a vehicle this month and get a good deal.


This month, your career is highlighted, and you can gain a new job or better position. This is also a good time to start a business at home. You and your significant other are more unified, agreeing on some important matters, especially around a large purchase. Consider giving yourself a written budget or a new savings plan. There is an investment opportunity offered to you, but it will require serious investigation. You may start a new exercise program involving running or cycling.


Learning and teaching are in the spotlight this month. It could be that you are finishing up a semester of school or helping your kids get through their classes. You may be planning a trip to see a special someone or taking a mini-vacation with your sweetheart. You have excellent financial prospects this month and are likely to receive more than usual. There’s a lot of creative energy now with writing or playing music. Someone you trust tries to boost your confidence. It would be good to believe them.


Pisces native, there are many resources available to you this month. You may receive money from several different sources. A love from your past may knock on your door either for romance or to re-establish a friendship. There’s a lot of activity at home, and some repairs to an air-conditioner or window might be needed. Volunteering for something could saddle you with much more responsibility than you were expecting. You may disagree with a neighbor regarding a boundary.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram @donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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