Thursday , July 16 2020

Stand in Your Own Spotlight

By Katie Oman –

Can we just pause for a second to look at the true miracle that is YOU!
Do you realize there has never been anyone like you in the whole history of the world and there never will be?
You are a snowflake – breathtakingly beautiful in your own uniqueness.
You are a fingerprint – totally original in design.

Do you realize how remarkable that is? There are literally billions of people on this incredible planet we all share, and every single one of them is an extraordinary one-off. Even if you have an identical twin, seemingly like you in every way, you’ll still have your own incredible set of traits, quirks and thoughts that make you totally singular in who you are. What a gift that is!

I think some of the problem stems from the fact you see yourself every day. You’ve become so acclimatized to who you are, the shine has worn off. It’s hard to see just how amazing you are when you’re not looking at yourself with fresh eyes. That’s why it’s easier for others to point out our beauty (inner and outer) than it is for us to see it for ourselves. That and the fact we’re all carrying around a suitcase full of issues that weigh us down (more on that later.) It’s easier to look to others to be the shiny and sparkly examples of awesomeness we seek to be, rather than turning up the dimmer switch on our own light.

We need to stop trying to be a sheep in this life. (Sheep are lovely creatures, by the by, and I have nothing against them as animals.) If you’re a sheep in your own life, it means you’re not comfortable in your own skin. You’re not celebrating the amazing person you are! You are so wibbly wobbly in your own individuality, you’d rather spend your time following others who you deem to be more special than you.


I can’t stress enough how special you are just by being you. I don’t care if someone else is a star, or has more money than you, or anything else which seems to raise them above the rest of us. Whatever someone else may or may not have does not make them better than you for even a millisecond. If you’re the Queen or a beggar, you are a beautiful and amazing person because you are you.

And, those who do seek to be a follower rather than standing in their own spotlight ultimately end up lost, unfulfilled and disenchanted. The ones who you see as better than you may do something that proves them to be more human than godly. Their pedestal becomes shaky, but it’s you that has placed them upon it. When this happens, the entire way you view the world becomes shaken, and thus makes the way you see yourself also on less than solid ground. By having acceptance and love for yourself, just the way you are, you won’t have the same expectations of those around you. You can be you, and you’ll let them be who they are: human beings all doing our best to make it through this crazy dance called LIFE.

Followers apologize for who they are. As if the fact they take up space by their sheer existence is a reason to say ‘sorry.’ They apologize for everything too, even when it’s not their fault! They can’t stop themselves because it’s all about hiding their light and playing small. If they keep apologizing, then others around them may like their light or bypass it altogether. Trouble is, no one ever got truly happy by sending out the sorry signal (kind of like the Batman signal, but a lot less fabulous.) If you’re apologizing continuously then you’re sending out the message that you are less than and not worthy of everything you deserve. Mr. Sorry and Little Miss Apologize are doing nothing but undermining their self-worth and self-esteem over and over again, even if they’re not aware of the part they play in pulling themselves down. So, whether you’re doing it to be a people pleaser, or to fill in awkward gaps in social interactions, over-apologizing is a huge no-no to happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve done something that needs you to say sorry to make amends, then go for it. Taking responsibility for your actions and healing hurt relationships is a healthy practice to bring into your life. But don’t be throwing sorry around like confetti at a party; save it for special occasions instead. It’ll mean more if you do.

So, let’s all stop being sheep. Stop expecting others to lift us up, simply by standing in their light. Stop apologizing for existing, saying sorry for who we are. Standing in your own spotlight may not be the easiest thing for you to do. You may feel shy and scared to let the magnificent being that is you shine forth in all its glory, but you don’t need to do it all in one go. I’m not asking you to go from pitch black to a 1,000-watt bulb with one switch; you’d be like the literal deer caught in the headlights! All I’m asking you to consider is the crazy fact that you matter.

That you are not a waste of space.

You are here for a reason, even if you haven’t figured out what that is yet.
You are alive, here on Earth to live your life.
You have dreams, hopes and fears.
You have a loving heart, a compassionate soul and a kind mind.
You have stardust in your bones, and magic in your spirit.

Yes, I’m talking to you. Let that all sink in for a few seconds … and turn up your light a little brighter.


Katie Oman is a psychic, angel expert, teacher and author dedicated to helping others live truly happy lives. She writes for Soul & Spirit and Chat It’s Fate magazines. Katie lives in Norwich, UK. Visit Little White Feathers.


Excerpt from Happiness: Make Your Soul Smile by Katie Oman. O Books (an imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd.) ISBN: 978-1-78535-770-1 (Paperback) £11.99 $18.95. Release date: May 25, 2018. 


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