Thursday , July 16 2020

Rebirth and Renewal

By Chris Alexandria –

As winter continues its laced frosted glass and snowfall dance, dreams of spring begin to emerge. Dreams leading to frolicking towards rebirth and renewal. Isn’t that what spring represents? Rebirth, Renewal and Transformation? Just as a flower can push through the frozen tundra at the first sign of warmth, so can you. Now is the perfect time to set the stage and plant your seeds of renewal and transformation. Just take that first step and the rest? It becomes as easy as dancing in a field of daisies.

How can you reinvent yourself and is it even possible?

Without a doubt it is possible! People, like yourself, do it all the time. They lose weight, change careers, change spouses, and more. The result? They end up reinventing themselves completely. They have transformed. They realize that life wasn’t exciting them as it ought and they decided, and rightfully so, they deserve better! The biggest hurdle was to change the mindset from ‘it is difficult or worse yet, impossible’to ‘WOW, I’m excited and CAN do this!’. What makes them succeed and you fail?

Very simply it is a belief in self. Specifically, the belief that all is indeed possible and you are worthy to live life on your terms. That is one of the energies that this year is all about –

Living Life on Your Terms

Does it happen overnight? No, if it could and did, it really wouldn’t be that transformational and exciting now would it? I mean, it would be kinda cool to transform overnight, but then again, after thinking about it for three seconds, it really doesn’t entice and excite the soul. Part of the fun of transformation is the journey. It’s the excitement of achieving a goal. It’s the exhilaration of stepping outside the comfort zone and doing something different, something daring even if it’s going to the movies by yourself.

A commitment to self is necessary to start this glorious journey, taking one step daily towards your goals. I often tell clients, if you can’t take one step daily towards your dream, then that dream and goal really isn’t that important to you. Oh, now that is something to think about, isn’t it?

Take one step daily towards your dream. It can be simple and small steps. A step could include clearing out your closet – who doesn’t have an article of clothing in there labeled under the ‘What If’ or ‘One Day’ Clause? After we moved to our beach home, we downsized considerably and I can tell you, it was extremely cathartic! When you clear out clothes, decor items, junk, papers, books etc. you are making room for the new to come in. Think of it this way, a bookshelf can hold only so many books, right? Even if they are stacked on top of each other, there is only so much room. However, when you donate to your local library or sell those books, you are now making more room and inviting additional wisdom to be part of your life.

Let’s say you wish to have your own business. Snag that domain name you’ve been thinking about. Nobody has to know you’ve done it, but it’s a step. Have a few names in mind? Snag them all. An old friend had over three dozen domain names; just in case. Overkill? I think so too, but she was prepared! You can then go to your local Small Business Administration. They frequently offer free sessions to budding entrepreneurs and help to build a solid business plan. One step daily will have you running your business like a pro in no time.

Implementing Askfirmations™ is another way you can kickstart your transformative journey. They will certainly help you along the way. Use Askfirmations such as:

Why am I worthy of all I desire?

Why is it so easy for me to live life on my terms?

Why does life flow with such joy?

Why is it so easy to take one step daily towards my dreams?

By asking these questions, you have opened yourself to receive the kind of answers you have been searching for. Then wait for the magic to happen and the angels to answer. Yes, the angels. Specifically, I’d chat with Zadkiel for transformational changes and Auriel to assist in illuminating the perfect path for you.

Zadkiel, among many things, is well known to help clear the crap not only out of closets but life. He can assist in ridding of relationships that aren’t in your best interests. He assists greatly in helping you speak your truth and help you to rise up like a phoenix from the ashes and rock your world. Chat away with him for clearing away unwanted energies. If you are one of the fortunate that sees energies and/or colors, expect to see more violet and purple when working with Archangel Zadkiel. If you love working or wearing crystals, amethyst is the crystal of choice. Its high vibrations naturally clear its surrounding energies.

As for Auriel, she is well known to help those claim their path of heart choice with great conviction and energy. She works with the energies of the moon’ so as the moon ebbs and flows in its own brilliance, so will your energy. It’s a lovely lesson in honoring what you need on any given day. Again, if you see colors, you’ll be seeing more of an opalescence sheen when chatting with Auriel. Her crystal of choice is moonstone. It helps to connect more deeply with the intuitive side of self while softly illuminating the correct path.

Are you ready, Goddess? Are you ready to embrace life like you never have before? I hope so, for NOW is the time!

Chris Alexandria is Your Transformational Coach with Angelic Insights. She is the co-creator of Angel Chatter; your place of empowering products for the heart and home. Remember, never under-estimate the power of a happy person! Chris can be found via and at various social media sites.


Editor’s note: This article was originally published in 2015.

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