Monday , January 24 2022

Review of Healing Modalities – Harmonic Egg

By Harmony Pavett

The Harmonic Egg is an innovative technology that uses bio-geometry to harness, then focus energy directly on your body.  Your experience is further enhanced with simultaneous light, color and sound therapies. The culmination of these modalities provides a deeply nourishing wellness experience – de-stressing, repairing and restoring your body, while providing profound relaxation.

The Harmonic Egg is an eleven foot wide – by – seven foot tall dodecahedron-shaped chamber, constructed of wood. The unique bio-geometrical shape harnesses and focuses energy directly on your body, as you rest comfortably in a zero-gravity chair, mounted to a hexagonally-shaped platform – promoting a 360-degree energetic experience.

Your customized Harmonic Egg experience begins with a 25 minute in-depth consultation, followed by a 50 minute non-contact session. The Harmonic Egg calms and nourishes the central nervous system and re-balances the body’s energy – promoting a reduction in inflammation, relief from pain, and natural physical healing.

Call Harmonic Egg – Naperville to book your first session today at (630) 780-0193 – or visit our website at


Harmony Pavett is Naperville’s co-founder of Harmony Egg utilizes her first-hand experiences from her personal spiritual journey – along with her finely-tuned intuition – to support the wellness and well-being of Harmonic Egg – Naperville’s clients.

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