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The New/Full Moon Energy for December 2021


By Donna Stellhorn

The month of December brings lots of changes. There is an eclipse and three planets changing signs. You may change your mind about an important issue as new information becomes available.

On December 4, there is a total solar eclipse at 12° of Sagittarius. This pushes you forward on your spiritual journey. You’re learning to follow your own unique path. Along the way, you might meet people with different beliefs, religions, politics, and philosophies. This energy is about accepting others and allowing them their own journey. If your chart is hit directly by this eclipse, you may be blocked in the area of travel and have trouble getting from one place to another. Your beliefs or ideas could be challenged by others, causing another to block your forward path. But as you overcome these obstacles, you grow stronger.

On December 13, Mercury enters Capricorn and Mars enters Sagittarius. You’re actively seeking knowledge and finding meaning in the symbols and signs of your life. Now you’re ready to apply that information in a practical way. You’re testing your concepts, theories, and plans; and you’re asking yourself questions such as, “Is this the right time to take action?” or “Is this is the best way to do this?”

Then on December 18, there’s a full moon at 27° of Gemini. Also, Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn. Now you may be rethinking how you present yourself to the world. You might change your hair or clothing style. You may reconsider your job. At this time, it’s good to let go of responsibilities that don’t belong to you. You may rekindle a love affair with a coworker.

And on December 29, Jupiter goes into Pisces and it will remain in Pisces for all of 2022. This energy expands your intuition and interest in spiritual matters. You may be more aware of the presence of angels and spiritual beings. People, in general, will feel more giving and humanitarian. There will be talk of how to take care of the community, the country, and beyond. There will be more empathy and discussions on helping the less fortunate. Water and water rights will be an important topic for the next year.

Have a Happy New Year!


Education is likely on your mind. You might be taking a test or completing an important application. You may be actively investing and taking more risks than usual. There’s an opportunity for some romance and intimacy, but toward the end of the month, there can be some discord. A career opportunity could bring you more money, but you’ll need to take action to manifest this choice. An important piece of technology that you are trying to save needs to be replaced after all.


There is a great deal of focus on passive income sources and investing. You may feel a little like a cowboy, taking risks and riding a bronco. A friendship could become an intense partnership, including a deep discussion about finances. Romance is strong, and there are several opportunities for some sexy fun. An annual bill could throw off your budget and cash flow. At work, there could be a change of management. You might be assigned a new boss or possibly transferred to a different department.


There is a great deal of focus on work/life this month. You may be trying to have it all. Or you are trying to finish up work before you take off for the holidays. A bad habit sneaks back into your routine, and this results in less sleep. Relationship energy is exceptionally strong. You could meet a new best friend or a potential lover. A creative project could bring a profit if you’re willing to show it to the world. Your job is going well, but your department is probably shorthanded, which means lots of work.


There are quite a few disruptions in your routine. You may have guests visiting the house, or you could be traveling. You may completely change your diet. One of your kids needs extra money. This could be for school or to help pay a debt. An intense relationship can be formed. You could become inseparable with someone you meet this month. You could receive a gift of some value. You start working again with someone you like a lot. But a change in management may not be to your liking.


You may be feeling quite creative — doing crafts and art. Someone in the family could announce a pregnancy, or you adopt a puppy. There’s a focus on fun, and you may do a few things that you’ve never done before. Home repairs don’t quite get finished in time for guests. A relationship gets a little rocky and won’t smooth out until one of you makes an adjustment. Money comes from an investment or speculation. A friend gives you advice about your career and tells you to make a change.


You may be at home this month even though you wish you could travel. You may be receiving guests who have traveled a long distance to see you. A contract for which you have waited lands on your desk. You and your sweetheart seem to miss each other. The timing is off, and it’s hard to sync your schedules. You could receive investment advice from someone who is much older or much younger than you are. A potential new job could be just what you’re looking for. It’s good to submit your resume.


You may be dealing with paperwork now. This includes applications, contracts, and pulling together financial records. You may gain a windfall or have a very strong financial month. A friend or family member wants to fix you up on a date or introduce you to a new friend. You may have some concerns about your career and where your company is heading. You may update your resume. You may be decluttering the house, doing some renovations, or transforming your home in some way.


Your finances improve greatly this month. A monetary debt is paid to you, and you may receive money from a surprising source. You may intend to complete a long list of things to do, but it’s difficult to stick to a schedule, and interruptions are rampant. Your love life is smoking hot. If you’re looking for love, you may have more than one choice. You may receive notice that you need to return to the office. Childcare could be challenging until a friend suggests a great idea.


You may be starting something brand new… planting seeds for your future. Your charisma is quite strong, and others are attracted to you. You might find more than one person is willing to do you a favor. You have more energy and therefore, get more done. Getting through some paperwork helps you make more money. There could be a contract leading to a job or a regular source of income. You may decide to take up a sport or start jogging on a regular basis. You might start training for a marathon in 2022.


You’re working behind the scenes or working at home, away from the prying eyes of supervisors and coworkers. You could finish an important side project. You may be asked to be on the board of a community organization or networking group. Cashing in an unconventional investment could bring you a windfall. Your magnetism is very strong, and it’s easy to meet someone new if you get out of the house. You may be surprised to hear of a pregnancy or the adoption of a new pet.


You may be quite busy with a charitable organization, professional group, or your own Meetup group. You could receive some recognition through this group or through your job. You could be published or have your name mentioned in the media. A possible promotion or more responsibilities at your job are coming. A secret rendezvous with your sweetheart is as romantic as it sounds. Something breaks at home and costs you money. You might take a communication or photography class.


There’s probable success at work. You may gain a new job or a better position at your current company. You could earn a bonus due to high sales or excellent service. After clearing up a miscommunication, your relationship becomes much better. You could be traveling and arrive in a place where there’s a lot of rain. You could do very well on a test, or an issue with a government agency is solved. There are possible issues with your vehicle, or it’s difficult to get around due to weather or construction.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram @donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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