Saturday , April 4 2020

Publisher’s Letter – Freedom in the Moment

By Kasia Szumal-

When I was a kid I remember having so much freedom in my life. After I was done with dinner and homework, I would play outside with other kids until sundown. We were chefs, firemen, police officers and baseball players. Our imagination was endless. Besides setting time aside for play, I took care of animals at school and helped other students with their math problems. I did not watch TV or play video games, not because I did not have them, but because I felt that time spent with my friends after school was more important than sitting in front of the TV alone.

I am telling you this story because it seems like today’s kids spent their time differently than I did when I was a kid. Watching my friends’ kids, I’ve noticed that they are very sensitive, aware, very open and wise with their answers. But, I’ve also noticed that they are living in a virtual world of constant stimulation with smartphones, computers and video games and that makes them less emotionally connected their friends or parents. When they finally get “unplugged” from technology for a moment, and they are in the “real world” of homework or housework, they feel angry or misunderstood. It seems like living in a virtual reality is now more appealing to them than being in their bodies and making face-to-face connections with other people.

Last month’s school shooting in Texas made my heart cry. I started to ask myself, “Why this is happening right now? What is a message those kids want to tell us?” In this June issue, we are proud to have our second teenage poet of 2018, Emily Grudka, who gives her insights about what it’s like to be a teenager today and how important it is to implement mindfulness in schools.

Summer begins this month; there is no better time than now to enjoy life’s simple pleasures like days at the lakefront or picnics with friends. See this month’s recipe, L’Été en Provence (Summer in Provence) for a French countryside menu that complements any summer day. Also, in this issue, you can read about the power of music, mantras, Kundalini Yoga and the importance of building a daily spiritual practice in Humble Warrior – Interview with Snatam Kaur. Nutritionist Barbie Boules shares the importance of good nutrition when we are dealing with low energy or thyroid diseases in Eat to Support Thyroid Health. I hope this June issue surprises and inspires you to live more consciously, and as this month’s contributor, Michael Peter Langevin encourages us all to do, to Savor Life.

As always, check in to regularly to see our latest content, including an all-new interview with noted spirituality author and editor, Gary Jansen who shares his deep insights on mysticism and spirituality and much more.

Happy Father’s Day!

The Best,

Kasia Szumal


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