Political Transformation is Underway

By Angel Carlton


As I entered the voting booth, I felt great excitement for the incredible opportunity to cast my vote for our nation’s next leader. As an American citizen, it is one of the rights we have to be a part of change, and propel our country in a direction that will serve the good of all; at least that is the idea behind this right.

This election didn't exactly take us down Easy Street, as it generated much separation in our society. It saddens me to see that since the election, this separation seems to have worsened, heightened into anger, and provoked violence in many cities. This is certainly not the change I anticipated when I cast my vote. I’m certain anyone who is reading this Conscious Community Magazine feels the same heaviness in their hearts.

Without getting too much into politics, I want to first say this; it is precisely these moments in time that propel the greatest transformation. As difficult as it is to watch the world seemingly fall apart, we must realize one thing…all change happens for a reason.  Specifically, to move these lower vibrational energies into the direction of the next highest vision we have for ourselves or, in this case, our country. As a global citizenship, we are experiencing a major shift, and it is playing out its course in scenarios such as this, the latest US election. Sit back and see for yourself; the transformation of our political system is underway. Not just in America, but across the globe.

You see, we cannot build a beautiful new structure of our government on the current cracked (some say corrupt) foundation it has become. So, what will naturally take place is a “breaking down” process in the form (or illusion) of destruction, in order for rebuilding to occur. It doesn't matter who is in the White House, rest assured this would occur with whomever won the election.

Although I realize it may be difficult to do at times like this, I invite you to lift yourself up to a higher perspective. Do this so you can see that this is part of the landscape for the reinventing phase, leading us to the next greatest version of our country. Then, when we can observe the shifting sands of our political structure from our higher selves, a peaceful knowing that all will be fine begins to envelop our hearts, fear gently subsides, we can begin to embrace the change that is happening, and finally allow this process to complete its course.

I believe that all events in life occur for our good; and isn’t it cool that you chose to be here during these exciting, historic, and epic transformative times for our world? You are here at this time for a reason. My question to you is: how will you contribute, respond, and show up to these events? Will you choose to complain and feed the negativity, or will you consciously raise awareness by observing without judgment, understanding the process of change, and nurturing the fears in others who are too scared to see the light through the darkness?

If I were to cast a ballot for positive change, I would vote for you to become the next greatest changemaker! I believe we will prevail if we stick together, engage with each other as humanity intended, and serve one another selflessly.

Gandhi’s words ring true today more than ever before: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Let’s Power Up People!


Angel Carlton is the author of Staying Afloat During Tides of Change: Introducing the 6 Stages of Transformation; the founder of Power Up People! (PowerUpPeople.net), a public speaker, and a Transformation Trainer for individuals, companies, and organizations.


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