Building our Lives

By Dean Fraser 

Building a house to stand the test of time begins with firm foundations; it is precisely the same with building a future full of personally inspiring new ideals. Only once the foundations are in place, and in our case this would be having established what we genuinely want from life and how exactly our perfect lifestyle looks, then the real construction can commence. Then arrives the exciting part when we step right ahead to see where this journey will take us!

In our information technology driven world we are easily able to instantly access the answer to virtually any question about practically anything or research the background to whichever person we want to know more about, all right there at our fingertips. Inevitably this can lead us to also sometimes expect these similar kinds of instant results from our lives. For sure we can find ourselves in brilliant new adventures by developing the habit of saying YES to those unexpected opportunities which come our way, however, the truth is that the process of building a completely new lifestyle from the ground up does require dedication and persistence.

Positive changes will never require us slogging away to the detriment of enjoying life. On the contrary, we need to ensure when fulfilling long term goals of any kind, be they improving our health or venturing onto exciting new career paths, that these genuinely improve our quality of day-to-day life.

The only way that our goals stand the best chance of manifesting for us is if we feel happy each day throughout the process of allowing them to happen!


              If we have consistently done things one way and then suddenly shift our entire intentions this will usually take a little while to show-up in our life.

Think of it like going to university, here though the lecture hall becomes your own life experiences. You would hardly expect to qualify as a doctor in three months, becoming proficient at taking control of your own life is precisely the same. Mastery comes through experience. Learning opportunities will be encountered. You are educating yourself and your ongoing life is the lecturer.

Every time we become aware of and then leave behind any deeply entrenched mindset, one we have for far too long bought-into that might have limited our ideal lifestyle from existing; we are placing ourselves so much closer to this same ideal lifestyle’s permanence.


What if a person you are loosely acquainted with, from the outer edge of your extended circle of friends totally out of the blue offered you an all-expenses paid holiday of your choice? All you needed to do was pick the destination and turn up at the airport on the day. How would you react?

How about a distant second cousin randomly deciding to gift you a new car? What then? Moving closer to home, how do you feel if your temporarily unemployed friend insists that he wants to stand his round of drinks at the bar or you receive an unexpectedly generous birthday present from an elderly relative who relies only on her pension to live?

With the law of universal energy taken into consideration there really can be only one response.

Smile as you graciously accept the gift and be happy for the generosity of the perpetrator, for surely their actions in due course are about to bring about many good happenings into their own life. To react in any other way we are treating ourselves like we are somehow unworthy of good things happening.

We always deserve good things happening in our lives. Irrespective of what we may have always thought to the contrary. It is our birth right to deserve to feel good…to be happy!

We need to allow for the good flow of energy. Any freely offered gift needs to be accepted with peace and grace. This is our role in the transaction.

And this can equally take the form of the gift of someone giving of their time, listening to us rather than doing the talking. This opportunity also must be cheerfully accepted and with due gratitude. Any other course of action would be interrupting the giver’s personal energetic flow of attracting good things via the actions of their own energy and you or I certainly don’t have the right to do any such a thing!

Always feel comfortable with accepting a freely offered gift and develop the habit of feeling infinitely happy for the giver’s generosity. Knowing that for sure it will boomerang straight back into their life at some point and probably soon.

Why not also get into the habit of freely giving kindness to others for creating mini miracles in your own life?

This is an excerpt from the book The Magic of Holistic Living by Dean Fraser.

Dean Fraser began his quest to learn more about human potential well over three decades ago. Each year he writes for thirty magazines across the world on ways of living in harmony and wellbeing with ourselves.

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