Oneness Sacred Chambers & Intuitive Gala

By Theresa Puskar
If you read my columns on an ongoing basis, you know that I am constantly experiencing extraordinary miracles and synchronicities in my life. I am so very blessed, and I know it.  As I shared in my last two columns, I have recently been observing how much fear I experience, and just how exhausting it is. On this same theme, the saga continues. This was a particularly powerful weekend on my spiritual journey, as I was privileged to attend Kristen Panek’s Oneness Sacred Chambers at the Flowering Heart Center Saturday afternoon, and then the Crystal River Gifts Intuitive Gala on Sunday.  I got a double dose of spiritual communication and wonderful healing. 
While at the Sacred Chambers, I had a powerful occurrence in which I experienced the quieting of my mind.  The respite was only for about two to three seconds, yet it was potent. Of course, seconds after, my monkey mind grabbed a hold of me again, and I was back on my nonstop treadmill of meaningless thoughts and agendas.  When I left the second chamber, I noted how much my body was vibrating with energy. Next to my Reiki initiation, it was the most powerful energy transmission I have ever received.  I quickly noted, however, how my mind wanted to know “what” was going on and “how” it was affecting me. In the midst of all the thinking, the wise voice in my head yelled out to my monkeys, “Who cares about the what and how? Just leave well enough alone, and experience!” So I did just that – at least for a second or two!
As I was reflecting on the weekend events, I noted that the underlying theme focused on my sense of urgency and the busy-ness in my life.  I followed that trail to my sense of unworthiness, and the fear that reigned at its core.  When I further investigated the fear, what I discovered at the root of the issue was my lack of trust in both myself and in any divine presence in my life. What a huge and sad aha moment.
I then headed off on Sunday afternoon to Crystal River Gifts to review their Intuitive Gala. For the last year this event has been on my radar. I finally had an opportunity to experience the wisdom, insights, and powerful healing energy of this radiant sanctuary.  While one can simply show up to this event, I called ahead and scheduled two appointments with the venue’s manager and energy work facilitator, Veronica Wittenbrink.   
“Winter has come. It’s time to stop, focus on your priorities, go into hibernation and energize yourself!” – RoseWolf
My first appointment was with RoseWolf (Shamanic counselor, healer, reader, and teacher). While I have known RoseWolf for several years, this was my first opportunity to receive a reading from her. Upon meeting her, one of the first things I noted was her energy. She is an extremely powerful woman, and fully embodies the warrior archetype of the divine feminine. Both priestess and healer, showing strength and benevolence, RoseWolf clearly walks the talk. 
With the aid of two tarot decks, she provided me with guidance that was rich, heartfelt, and right on the money.  While she covered a lot of ground, the main thrust of her message was that I need to slow down.  As I write this, I’m thinking of how much this message may need to be heard by you as well. There are no accidents, and perhaps the fact that you are reading this article at this time in your life, is a sign that you too need to slow down. RoseWolf encouraged me to go into hibernation this winter, focusing on “me” time. She assured me that when I give myself down time, along with permission to receive assistance when it is offered to me, the right people and circumstances will come to me, easily and effortlessly. Surrender and trust are at the heart of this message.
As an audio producer, trainer, and now in this column, I share my emotional and spiritual challenges, hoping that by exposing my shortcomings; you too may feel safer exploring yours.  This is perhaps the toughest challenge I’ve ever had to face, for I realize that what really resides at the core of this issue is my lack of faith. 
“It’s time to junk your old mind and start having a new mind…or you can waste another life on this. The choice is yours!”  -Bharat Kalra
My second appointment at the gala was with licensed massage therapist, reiki master, meditation and breath work instructor, Bharat Kalra. While his message was a tough one to hear, I know he was accurate, and that he delivered what I needed to hear in the manner that I needed to hear it.  
Bharat started the session by conducting an energetic reading of my chakras with the aid of a pendulum.  Along with chakra deficiencies, he also referenced related physical challenges that I was facing. His insights were potent and succinct. He mentioned that my lower three chakras lack energy and are imbalanced.  He stated that my heart and throat chakras are in excellent condition, but are carrying the load for the lack in the lower three. This explains recent concerns around the heart. He knew that I have been struggling with sciatica for the past year, and he also referenced digestive issues, and vision challenges with my left eye. He also mentioned that my left brain over-functions, and that I am barely using my right brain.  This explains why I’ve been challenged as of late in my “right brain” logical workplace endeavors.  
The kicker however, was his reading of my aura and crown chakra. He said that they were both completely blocked, and that I lacked faith.  Receiving this message yet again shook me to the core.  
When I asked Bharat how to best remedy this, he asked if I had studied meditation much, and if I have a routine practice. Of course, he knew that while I’ve studied several modalities, I have never followed one or maintained an ongoing daily routine. I haveknown for years that I should be meditating, and when I do, I note how wonderful it feels.  So, the question remains, “Why do I not do so?” Again, these last several years, I have stopped dwelling on the “why” of things, as I think it can be a “mind game” distraction from actually “doing.” So, at this point on my spiritual journey, I choose not to dwell upon “why,” and instead commit to facing this challenge head on. As Bharat so beautifully articulated, the choice is mine. 
“Do you wake up excited and happy to start your day? You are not the mind. The ‘I am’ is bliss, however, all you experience in your life is the creation of mind.” 
 -Bharat Kalra
How might this translate to you and your own spiritual journey?  I think that many of us in today’s society (myself included) practice stress unconsciously.  I note how my muscles are most often tensed, my breathing is shallow, and my mind is racing, focusing on my never ending to-do list.   Bharat went on to say that meditation could be defined as “practicing relaxation consciously.”  It is a discipline that could greatly assist us in learning to unwind and relax into a deeper, more profound state of consciousness. He said that with the ongoing practice of meditation, the mind starts to lose its identity.  I know that by identifying so much with my mind, I lack confidence in my own inner knowing.  I note how much I seek reassurance outside of myself.  
The truth is that RoseWolf and Bharat told me nothing that I was not already aware of. Often when I get messages from channels, spiritual guides, mediums, and other healers, the truth is that they reaffirm and mirror back to me the wisdom that is already inherent within me. When I take the time to move beyond the self-imposed chaos and go within, I find the answers, or perhaps more accurately, I remember the answers that were already deep within me. 
As the saying goes, when you hear something thrice, pay attention. When the universe has a potent message that you need to act upon, it starts with a whisper that, if necessary, grows progressively louder. I heard this particular message loud and clear, and I commit to taking the necessary action (or in my case, inaction)!  I look forward to the day in which I do not need to hear anything thrice, where I respond to the first message that bubbles forth quietly and confidently from within.  
To learn more about Oneness and the Sacred Chambers, you can log onto The Crystal River Gifts Intuitive Galas are held the third weekend of each month, Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sundays from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with one of the healers or readers, call 224-535-8708, or log onto
Theresa Puskar, our All About Town contributor, is a writer, trainer, speaker, and inspirational audiobook producer.  She has recently authored The Terri Series – seven books that focus on social issues such as bullying, honoring diversity, celebrating creativity, non-judgment of emotions, finding alternatives to technology-based entertainment, discovering a non-judgmental God, and overcoming fears.  She has also recorded a powerful experiential audio program, How to De-clutter Your Mind and Live a Heart-Centered Life. To learn more about Theresa and her upcoming engagements, log onto

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