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Dream On-January 2016

By Walter Perschke


Dreams are the primary way that our higher self communicates with us. Dreams are a spontaneous product of our subconscious mind and beyond the reach of the will. If you understand your dreams and the messages they hold for you, you have made a big step forward on your spiritual journey.
By interpreting the real dreams of real people, this column is intended to facilitate your understanding. Everyone dreams, but most people don’t remember. To assist in your recollection, keep a dream log by your bed to record everything you can remember as soon as you awaken. This sends a message to your higher self that you want this information and more will flow to you.
Happy Dreaming!
Dreamer 1: This dream all took place in one sleep session, but it seemed to be in separate parts so I will tell you about it in that way. 
First part: I am getting into the car with my mom. I do not think I like her driving my car, but I give her the key and she is about to drive. We got into the car because I could see some things on fire far away, blowing out, not sure what. They were coming our way so we needed to get to my car and start driving away fast to escape, to survive.
Second part: My parents used to have a business in my dad’s garage, and below the floor there was a space to get down and look at the bottom of the car and fix it. I am there with my mom. It seems like the world is ending, the way we know it. Like zombies or something. I am really afraid that creatures and animals will be in chargé of the world some day. Scary, like a zombie movie, like the human race will stop existing. I think my mom wants to hide in that space below the floor. I say that we cannot, because if the whole building crashes, we will be stuck and will not be able to breathe.
Then my mom wants to take pills to die before the other creatures take over the world. We were looking for the solution to survive, to manage the situation. I did not like the idea of taking pills.
Third part: I walk somewhere, or run, I do not remember. I pass a gun and am surprised to see it. I go back to look at it and see it is unloaded. I do not want to bother. I keep walking.
Fourth part: Then I was with someone, (maybe my boyfriend), at my aunt’s, (my mom’s sister), home or around it. She wanted us to be very quiet.
Walter: There is more to this dream. If it didn’t come through that night, you will have a repeat or a continuation of it. The dream is more complex than it appears on the surface. It is fear-based and what I would call an anxiety dream. How were you feeling during the dream?
Dreamer 1: I was anxious but not afraid. I felt something bad was coming but nervous would be more accurate than afraid.
Walter: What is going on in your life at this time?
Dreamer 1: I have an important decision to make and I am nervous about it.
Walter: Part of the dream is about that decision and another part is about your relationship with your mother. The part where she wants to hide from the zombies and you want to run is a good example that you need to separate from her more than you already have. Her driving your car is a symbol of her control, which you need to get away from. Where do the zombies come from?
Dreamer 1: Watching too many movies.
Walter: The zombies are manifesting your need for more security in your life. When you feel safe, the zombies will just disappear. This dream will probably resurface until you make your decision. It won’t matter what your decision is, only that you have made it. The gun part is just saying that you are non-violent. Besides, guns don’t work on zombies anyhow!





Dreamer 2: This dream came to me when it was almost time to wake up. I was walking in a large building with a lot of open space within its walls and very high ceilings. It was a very bright sunlit day, so bright that I could barely open my eyes. I was with people I knew and was friendly with and felt supported by, although I could name only one.  I wasn’t afraid or anxious but I was curious about why I was having the bright sunlight limiting my vision. The building had the feeling of a mall but there were no stores, nothing for sale. Perhaps it was the very high ceiling that was reminiscent of a big indoor shopping mall.
Walter: Could you identify anyone in the dream?
Dreamer 2: Yes, a friend of mine whom I trust. There were other people I knew but they were walking too far ahead of me to identify.
Walter: How did you feel in the dream?
Dreamer 2: I was comfortable, not afraid. I was annoyed at the “photo sensitivity” problem. I had it a few times in high school.
Walter: Were you walking comfortably?
Dreamer 2: Yes. My body felt healthy, but my eyes were forced shut by the brightness. 
Walter: The dream has several parts. The sunlight is a message to you that the answers you seek are there but you are not getting them because they are blinding you with their obviousness. Usually dreams like this are set outdoors. This one is indoors in a spacious building with very high ceilings because you have very high aspirations and abilities but need a structure to manifest them in this reality. The friends with you are there to support you but something is missing which is why you can only name one person. The support you need and the structure that will help you to achieve your goals and beyond is there for you, but perhaps you are looking in the wrong place or perhaps not looking at all.
If you can, reflect on what was happening in high school when you experienced the “blinding” then. There was probably something in your life that you did not want to see and the bright light was protecting you as well as giving you a message then. 
The age of individualism has passed, it ended in 2012, and the age of collaboration and partnership has begun. It might be helpful for you to look where you haven’t looked before, or perhaps looked and didn’t consider viable, for a partnership or a group to share your dream with. Perhaps find a partner and share his (her) structure for your mutual benefit.


If you would like to submit a dream for possible inclusion to ap- pear in this column, please submit your dream in email Walter@ and give us a phone number. Only submission with phone number will be consider. 
Walter Perschke is the publisher of Conscious Community magazine, formerly The Monthly Aspectarian, America’s oldest spiritual and metaphysical magazine. Mr. Perschke is a Professor of Metaphysics, writes, teaches, and speaks frequently on metaphysical subjects, and is a popular guest speaker at conferences and seminars. He hosts a weekly guided meditation group. Walter was nominated for an Emmy Award and is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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