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Mirabai Devi Oneness Festival Worldwide

Mirabi Devi Theresa Puskar article

Mirabai Devi Oneness Festival Worldwide by Theresa Puskar

Column: All About Town…

The Bodhi Spiritual Center – Chicago, IL September 26th, 2015

 “The Divine Light always works. It’s impossible for the Light not to work… that’s Its Nature.” – Mirabai Devi

If you are sensitive to energy, you may have noticed strong shifts from September 24th to the 28th. According to the teachings of the Oneness University’s founder, Sri Bhagavan and many of His contemporaries, the earth underwent a massive evolution at that time. A portal to more peaceful, higher consciousness is said to have opened. On Saturday, the 26th I had an opportunity to celebrate this wondrous transformation with fellow Oneness students as well as with spiritual leader, author, and healing facilitator, Mirabai Devi. The event was the Oneness Festival Worldwide, which was co-hosted by the Flowering Heart Center (Downers Grove), and Bodhi Spiritual Center (Chicago).

“The transmission of Divine Light is a process facilitated by Mirabai Devi which accelerates the soul’s evolution, transmutes karma, purifies the body and subtle centers, and activates and awakens your true Divine Nature.” 
– Mirabai Devi

Born in South Africa, and now living in Hawaii, Mirabai is revered for her healing gifts, and especially the energetic healing light transmissions she channels from Divine Mother.  With strong links to the earth and the Feminine Divine, Mirabai has a regal presence that exudes the gentle, nurturing nature of great Mother. I had an opportunity to have two healing experiences with her, and in both instances I gained powerful insights and felt a great sense of peacefulness and quiet calm.

“Only when you experience the deepest and most darkest pain can you know the most supreme joy. There in the ugliest most pain-ridden face lies the most precious creator, God… Reveal God in every form.” –Mirabai Devi

While we aspire to experience pain-free lives, the truth is that none of us are exempt from emotional and physical suffering. Pain is a part of the human condition. My most recent interior crusade deals with how much I have avoided feeling the pain that I know exists deep within me. As I have mentioned in previous articles, I have been working my way out of my addiction to busy-ness and over-achieving. I ask myself, “Theresa, how does this choice serve you?  What are you so afraid of?” Then I note that at the root of my hurried life is my fear of physical, emotional, or spiritual pain. Ironically, I have also come to realize that while I’ve been doing all I can to avoid the pain, in my attempts at avoidance, I have actually added to the pain. I liken my experience to muscle discomfort. While I rarely feel any physical pain, whenever any pressure is applied to my muscles, I realize just how sore they really are. Similarly, while I stay busy in my attempt to avoid pain, if I add a little pressure, the pain that is looming under the busy-ness reveals itself. 

While I respect my strong work ethic, I know that I have been over-taxing my nervous system. I have noted that for many years, I spent most of my time in “fight or flight” mode – breathing in a very shallow way, and always ready to wage war.  This way of living causes me greater and greater concern. 

“God feels compassion for your pain and wants to take your pain.  Your pain does not belong with you; it belongs with God. It has to be offered back and surrendered up. All that then remains is your Divine nature, which is pure love, compassion, and kindness.” – Mirabai Devi

As is always the case with this benevolent universe, when I ask for clarity from my Divine, it is given in such magical, delightful ways.  This journey of discovery and transformation is no exception. On three separate occasions I gained insight and instructions on this issue. 

During the meditation and energy transmission with Mirabai, I prayed to Divine Mother for help. I had a vision of Mother Mary that was reflective of Mirabai’s quote above. She was very strong, yet compassionate and nurturing. She told me that my hurriedness was based in my fear of being hurt.  She assured me that she holds me safe and warm within her womb, and suggested that I envision this whenever I find myself anxious and rushed. I have been doing so since, and I have found this image to be very calming. 

“The more you are able to let go and surrender, the more the Divine can work in your life.  Either you let go, or you hold on and suffer.” – Mirabai Devi

I received my second insight during a meditation soon after the energy transmission with Mirabai. My great grandmother appeared. I asked her if she had a message for me.  She proceeded to tell me that a large part of why I have been exerting myself so intensely in the working world was because I had made a soul commitment to the women in my lineage to break the chain of being mistreated and invisibility. 

Reflecting on my female ancestors, each of them in their own way had been minimized. They had been told that they were not the intellectual equals of their brothers, or were told that they should stay home and care for the family. They were not encouraged to shine in the working world, and became disciplined and committed homemakers. 

My great grandmother thanked me for succeeding in the working world. She said that I had broken the chain. She assured me that the paradigm had been shifted within the lineage, and that my work with this is complete. She stated most emphatically that I should slow down.  She said that the women in my lineage died at too young an age because they worked too long and hard supporting others and ignoring their own needs (does this sound familiar?). I was encouraged not to make the same mistakes. This confirmed my inner knowing – that I need to slow down and ask for help.  

To further solidify this message, one of the women who had been meditating with me asked if I had known an older woman who wore a brown stole.  She said that on several occasions throughout the evening’s meditation session, the spirit of this elderly woman appeared by my side.  Of course, I have seen photos, and I know that my great grandmother did, in fact, wear such a stole.  Aren’t life’s gifts extraordinary?  I truly feel so guided and blessed. 

“The whole Universe is made of love, every atom, every fiber, every cell, it is all a creation of love, created in love, and very few experience this. Those who do, experience who they truly are.” – Mirabai Devi

Finally, the third message came to me through my dear friend, Jessica. We ride the train together each day, and this afternoon, after sharing these experiences with her, she responded with a powerful insight that she had received. She noted how I come alive when I speak of my one-woman show, or anything related to creative self-expression. She encouraged me to center my priorities more on my creativity. With each choice that I make, she suggested I ask myself, “Does doing this align with raising my energy and consciousness through creative pursuits?”  If not, then she suggested I learn to say no to them. 

While this is still a work in progress, I am enthusiastic about making this shift.  One of the contemplations that Paula Rosenfeld suggested in her excellent book, The Oneness Blessing, is as follows:  “What kind of personal Divine or higher force would you like to have? What would you call it?”  Since visiting the university in India I have struggled with choosing just one personal Divine. When I meditate, I see Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Sister Holy Spirit, Kwan Yin, the laughing Buddha, Pachamama, and Sri Amma Bhagavan. In this case, my Divine came through Mirabai Devi as the blessed Mother Mary. Clearly, I needed nurturing, compassion, and a sense of deep protection.  What better manifestation of this than my Divine Mother?  

Next time you find yourself exhausted and overwhelmed with the busy-ness in your life, I would encourage you to take a moment, stop, and ask yourself some questions: “What am I so afraid of?  What will make me feel safe enough to slow down?”  Then take a few moments to focus on: “What is my passion? What fills me energetically?”  If you know what does, then I encourage you to focus your attention and time on what contributes to that passion. If you are over-busying yourself with other tasks, perhaps it is time you learned to say No to that which drains you, and Yes to experiences that feed your heart, mind, and soul.  I challenge you to join me on this crusade. Let’s see where this magical Divine experiment takes us!

To learn more about Mirabai Devi, you can visit her website at, or call the Mirabai Devi Foundation at 760-216-1029.  To purchase a copy of Paula Rosenfeld’s book, The Oneness Blessing, go to, then in the “Pick a Charity” box, type “Flowering Heart Center.” You will not incur any additional fees; however some proceeds will be donated to the Flowering Heart Center.
Theresa Puskar, our All About Town contributor, is a writer, trainer, speaker, and inspirational audiobook producer.  She has recently authored The Terri Series – seven books that focus on social issues such as bullying, honoring diversity, celebrating creativity, non-judgment of emotions, finding alternatives to technology-based entertainment, discovering a non-judgmental God, and overcoming fears.  She has also recorded a powerful experiential audio program, How to De-clutter Your Mind and Live a Heart-Centered Life.