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Dream On

Manikin leaping from reflective sphere in fantastic landscape

Dream On by Walter Perschke

Dreams are the primary way that our higher self communicates with us. Dreams are a spontaneous product of our subconscious mind and beyond the reach of the will. If you understand your dreams and the messages they hold for you, you have made a big step forward on your spiritual journey.

By interpreting the real dreams of real people, this column is intended to facilitate your understanding. Everyone dreams; most people don't remember. To assist in your recollection, keep a dream log by your bed to record everything you can remember as soon as you awaken. This sends a message to your higher self that you want this information and more will flow to you.
Happy Dreaming!

Dreamer 1: I had this dream a couple of weeks ago.  I was in the garage of my home that I grew up in, and my friend came up and said she had horses and I say, “Oh!”, and then I think I had the reins of the horse or something. I don’t know. All of a sudden, the horses took off. And she went running after them. I thought, maybe it was my fault. So I let go. Maybe it was my fault. Next, I saw her running down the street after the horses.

Walter: That’s it?

Dreamer 1: And then I thought, maybe I should call the police. How could I get the horses back, you know? I couldn’t get the horses back.

Walter: Do you feel things slipping away from you?

Dreamer 1: Yes.

Walter: Ok. That’s the symbolism of things slipping away from you and it is about letting go.

Dreamer1: It could be. My dad’s in the hospital.

Walter: Okay, well, that’s closure. There was a very famous song written about that in the 60’s. I believe it was “Softly, As I Leave You.” 

It is a personal choice. That’s what it’s saying. It’s time to let go.

Dreamer 2: I’ll do my best to do it fast.  It’s a three-part. The first part is me on a motorcycle, and I don’t ride motorcycles. It’s my mother on her own motorcycle. I’m like okay…. and she chooses to show up, a really brief type of dream. So she goes like she is on a horse and up and hits a parked car and that’s all I see. The next thing is there is some blood on the asphalt and she stands up. She’s okay, she’s alive, she will make it, but obviously this woman is goofy and I see her hand, specifically her right wrist, being bumped really badly, so all I know is that it ends right there. I know I need to get her some help fast, and tend to her. So that’s the first part.

Walter: Is it her blood?

Dreamer 2: Yes.

Walter: Is she right-handed?

Dreamer 2: Yes. And my impression was, what I felt it means to me, was the meaning of riding a motorcycle, that she does not control her emotions and it gets her in trouble and it costs. A recent event that happened was that she had a fight with my father. It ended up with her going to a dealership and purchasing a car without any rationalization or research — just getting it. And although I didn’t see any cars in the dream, it just shows me her pattern of not being able to deal with her emotions, even at her age. It’s almost as though it showed me that I also have a bike with lots of emotion in me, but I choose to ride it right with no showing off.

Walter: Is this a motorcycle?

Dreamer 2: Yes, and so on to the second dream with me and my father, and my brother is there. There is a device that flies vertically high up, and it looks like a baby chopper. It’s for two people only. I feel nauseous. I don’t really feel comfortable or safe on this thing. 

Walter: And this is with your brother?

Dreamer 2: With my father. And my brother is the one who proposed for us to try it out. It’s almost like he owns that or I don’t know… just my brother is in the picture. So my father is right next to me, and there’s no safety belt on it, only small bars on the sides for each of us to hold to that’s completely unsafe. It’s new age technology, whatever it is. And that thing shoots up and you look down, and it’s really high, it’s really high, thousands of feet. And the next thing that happened is that my father just falls out of this thing. My brother is using something like a remote control, and he uses the device to play. I have no control over this device to fly. And I see, in another second, my father with a crazy-looking face, and I’m like he’s about to die now. It’s like a moment of facing death with one I know. The next thing is I cannot help him because I can’t even manipulate this device because my brother’s the one on the ground. And then halfway through this I’ve already accepted that he’s gonna’ be dead soon, and free falling, but halfway through his fall, I notice that he has, you know, rockets. They have those, in my land it’s a turbina, or turbine. That means it’s this rocket-type of fire that propels you forward so that thing gets activated and he lands on his feet and he’s rescued.  He’s not crushed, therefore he is alive. Then suddenly the device I was sitting on and also worrying that I am gonna’ fall off of, too, gets lowered to his model, to my fathers model, and grounded finally. And I’ve checked my father. He’s unconscious but he has a pulse. So he’s sort of half dead, half alive. Meaning he is alive but he almost made it through a heart attack or something because the shock he went through thinking he’s about to die was just super intense. Now in this part of the dream, I wake up so much in shock and terrified that I couldn’t hold the intensity of it. It was not funny at all. I started tearing to release the shock. I was completely shocked. In thirty years, I only once was shocked in my dream state where I’ve I ended up seven days in the hospital with major problems. This the second time going through shock after a dream, and my heart was going like this . I called my parents that day to check on them. My mother and father were fine. I know that often parents represent your other side of consciousness, too, not necessarily them directly but you never know so. My father had an accident that day, nothing major, in his truck that he drives, but he was fine. That’s about it. So both parents are going through troubles.
Walter: Do you have other brothers and sisters?

Dreamer 2: Just one brother.

Walter: And he wasn’t in the dream?

Dreamer 2: There was a third part. And the third part was very technical. Basically, it showed me that he got a car. My brother had new technology again, something that goes above the other cars; it doesn’t ride on the ground.

Walter: Hovers?

Dreamer 2: Something like that. And it was almost like a spaceship. It was a car for this planet but nobody owns one yet. So my brother was the third piece, the vehicle was very technical and, on a cool note, nothing bad there. Only technologically advanced, but it applied to both parents. It was like my father almost having a heart attack and dying  and my mother getting into small accidents and being like a child. Emotionally irresponsible, that’s how I felt. So, does it sound like a reflection of my family or something internal, even, going on with me? 

Walter: All three. It’s about your family relations. It’s about you moving. It sounds like you are stuck and you are looking for a way to move.

Dreamer 2: I want to actually relocate physically, not to be that close with all of them.

Walter: It’s telling you that you should do that, definitely do that. It’s a question of whatever you feel is a safe distance. My daughter decided that. I live in Chicago and her mother lives in Dallas, and she decided to go to a school in New York. When she enrolled, I said, “Are you going to school in Long Island because it’s the farthest you can go from your parents without leaving the country?” And she said, “Yes”. That’s kind of what you’re looking at. You need to find something in your comfort zone far enough way, but not so far that you feel isolated and abandoned. And what the multiple modes of transportation are saying is really, in a sense, the sky is the limit for you. You can do anything you want to do and you’ll be fine, but you have to pick. You have to choose one. And the fact that your parents are safe means they’re going to be safe. They are going to survive your move. That’s why I asked you if you have another sibling, and the sibling came in the third part. It is about family relationships and that you’re concerned about them. But you don’t want the responsibility of saving them and you shouldn’t. They are going to be okay. The dream is saying that they are going be okay. You need to make the move and whatever method you choose is fine. And you’ve chosen a couple of risky ways to go here, but that’s okay. This is a very complex dream. What it is saying is that no matter what you choose, it will work and that you should take more risk. That’s what it is saying. Because what happened? You took a risk. You got in this thing and you didn’t even know how it worked, and it went up in the air. But you got back to the ground and you were grounded again. And that’s okay. So it’s opening you up to more risk. It’s really a marvelous multi-leveled dream, but it’s all positive, it’s all good. Thank you, that was really a wonderful dream. Anybody else?

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