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In Print – May 2017

By Kayla Hancock – 

Sacred Geometry of Nature: Journey on the Path of the Divine 
by Francene Hart (Bear & Company, $35, Hardcover) 

This book contains over 80 beautiful illustrations created by Francene Hart. She shares her creative journey with readers through her art, and recounts her life experiences that have influenced her work over the ages. Drawing inspiration from the work of C. J. Jung and Joseph Campbell, Hart explains that her earlier pieces were inspired by her solitary lifestyle in the forest. She also describes how she learned to channel energy from various spirit animals, shamanic lessons, the ocean, and oneness to share her divine visions with the world. 


Awakening the Chakras: The Seven Energy Centers in Your Daily Life 
by Victor Daniels, Kooch N. Daniels, and Pieter Weltevrede (Destiny Books, $19.95, Paperback) 

Knowledge of the chakra system can make a huge impact on an individual’s understanding of himself or herself. In this book, Victor Daniels, Kooch N. Daniels, and Pieter Weltevrede share some of their wisdom from working with the late tantric scholar, Sri Harish Johari, in order to help readers transform into a higher consciousness. This practical guide will help readers connect more deeply with themselves, heal energetic blocks, and create freedom and balance. Provided are various mantras, meditations, and other practices related to each chakra center. 


The Book of Tapping: Emotional Acupressure with EFT 
by Sophie Merle (Healing Arts Press, $12.95, Paperback) 

In this practical guidebook, Sophie Merle shows readers how Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as “EFT” or “Tapping,” can help with various life challenges; including anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, insomnia, panic attacks, phobias, and more. She points out specific points on the face, hands, and torso that can be done anywhere in only a matter of minutes! Merle also explains how this technique can help clear suppressed emotions, and enhance one’s overall energy flow and wellness.  


Herbs Plain & Simple: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need (Plain & Simple Series) 
by Marlene Houghton (Hampton Roads Publishing, $14.95, Paperback) 

Using the empowerment model, Marlene Houghton teaches readers how to incorporate herbs into their daily routines in order to optimize their overall well-being. This book is easy to follow, and was written so that even beginners can use it to look up common ailments and find herbal solutions. Houghton also shares background information about the various herbs, and includes an herb glossary and dictionary to help readers quickly find the various uses and benefits of specific herbs.  


Moments of Love: Mornings with The I Am 
by Darlene Harvey (WestBowPress, $27.95, Paperback) 

Within the pages of this book are Divine messages emitting the vibration of the love of God and Jesus Christ. Darlene Harvey reminds us of the unconditional love our creator has for us through these beautifully orchestrated messages, and helps us tap into self-love, faith, truth, and joy. Readers will find the answers their souls are searching for, by simply allowing the book to open, and reading the message in front of them.  


Psychics, Healers, & Mediums: A Journalist, a Road Trip, and Voices from the Other Side 
by Jenniffer Weigel (Hampton Roads Publishing, $16.95, Paperback)  

After the death of her father, Jenniffer Weigel became especially interested in mediumship and psychic abilities. In this book, she shares interviews with some of the world’s most renowned psychics and mediums, including Rebecca Rosen, Caroline Myss, Concetta Bertoldi, Echo Bodine, and Thomas John, to name a few. She also challenges these gifted individuals to see if they are truly capable of doing what they claim.  

Kayla is 23 years old, and is humbled to be able to work for Conscious Community Magazine. She is a certified Deeksha blessing giver and Reiki Practitioner who loves to dance, practice yoga, and make vegan goodies. Kayla also enjoys working with her angels. 


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