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In Print-February 2016

By Kayla Hancock


Lessons from the Twelve Archangels: Divine Intervention in Daily Life by Belinda J. Womack (Bear & Company,  $15.00, Paperback)
The archangels are powerful loving forces in our lives who have a lot they wish to communicate to us. Belinda Womack shares various practices from the 12 archangels that will help you release your deepest fears and pains, shift your vibration, and rebuild your self-esteem. Each word in this book is transmitted directly from these beautiful beings and contains their love, meaning that when read, the love is immediately absorbed into the mind of the reader. Womack also includes guided visualizations to help readers experience the power of chakra healing and creative imagination. 
The 12-Type Enneagram: Know Your Type Improve Your Life by Matthew Campling (Watkins Publishing, $14.95, Paperback)
In this book, Matthew Campling introduces readers to an ancient system known as the 12-Type Enneagram. He explains how we each embody one of the 12 planetary essence types—which, once identified, can allow us to learn about ourselves in a new and valuable way.  Campling offers detailed information about each type, helping us to deal with our individual essence-type limitations and resolve conflict in our lives.
Beat Depression Fast: 10 Steps to a Happier You Using Positive Psychology by Alexandra Massey (Watkins Publishing, $14.95, Paperback)
When depression takes hold, it can trick us into thinking it’s there to stay. Alexandra Massey knows this firsthand. In this book, she shares how she recovered from depression using just ten simple and practical steps. Massey’s integrated approach to beating depression includes aspects of positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and holistic healing. She explains how bodywork and breathing techniques, together with the right foods, can help you alleviate your depression and rediscover yourself from day one. 
The Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation: The Promise Will Be Kept by Barbara Marx Hubbard (Muse Harbor Publishing, $21.99, Paperback)
In this book, Barbara Marx Hubbard offers an in-depth examination of the Gospels as well as the Acts of the Apostles and Epistles. She tells us how the statements of Jesus are coming true…that we are all being changed. We are already achieving miracles comparable to those of Jesus, she explains. We just lack “Christ consciousness” and do so without realizing the true power we have as human beings to destroy or rebuild our world. Hubbard invites us to form groups so that we can help one another on this journey towards discovering our new Christ like powers and how we can use them to create a positive future for all inhabitants of our planet.
Life After Near Death: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Transformation in the Extraordinary Lives of People With Newfound Powers by Debra Diamond (New Page Books, $16.99, Paperback)
According to author Debra Diamond, the only defining factor of a near death experience (NDE) is that it leaves a lasting impression on an individual and creates permanent transformation. This book takes a look at various NDE accounts, specifically focusing on the cognitive and physiological aftereffects of these experiences such as newfound musical talents, enhanced hearing, spontaneous healing, etc. Diamond reveals the reason people have NDE’s, circumstances that lead to NDE’s, and the connection between predisposition and the NDE.
The Union of Isis and Thoth: Magic and Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt by Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully 
In this book, Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully guide readers through connecting with their heart center, also known as the adytum, so that they can become a channel for divine wisdom. They provide various structures, readings, and teachings to help readers connect deeply with the Egyptian pantheon and restore the magic of the Egyptian mysteries to our time. Included are shamanic journeys, initiations on ascension, soul retrieval, and multidimensional realities.
The Four Purposes of Life: Finding Meaning and Direction in a hanging World by Dan Millman (HJ Kramer/New World Library, $14.00, Paperback)
What is my purpose? This is a question that many ponder often. In this book, Dan Millman reveals the purposes of life: learning your life’s lessons finding your career and calling, discovering your life path, and attending to this arising moment. He expands further on these goals but explaining how they bring life into sharper focus by revealing how to make wiser decisions, appreciate the value of every day challenges, and our 
twelve mandatory courses we must experience within our own school of life.
You Were Not Born To Suffer: Love Yourself Back to Inner Peace, Health, Happiness and Fulfillment by Blake D. Bauer (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, $18.99 on Amazon, Paperback)
This book offers unique guidance that explains how all suffering and unhappiness are cries from our souls’ asking us to fulfill our life purposes. Blake Bauer explains how to develop unconditional love and compassion towards ones’ self in order to ultimately enable transformation of emotional, psychological, and physical blocks that are holding one back and affecting his/her wellbeing.  He integrates ancient and timeless wisdom that goes straight to our deepest wounds so that we can heal.
Reaching for Insights: Stories of Love, Faith and the Kitchen Sink by Mitch Rosenzweig (Outskirts Press, $14.95 on Amazon, Paperback)
Every reader can relate to something in this book. It contains over 200 essays written by author and clinical social worker Mitch Rosenzweig which focus on ordinary situations. Using light-hearted, dry humor, Rosenzweig allows readers to connect with their true selves. His stories remind us that we are not alone in our humanity and inspire us to find the divine in even the most mundane parts of life.   
Pandora’s Gift: Pandora Series – Book Three by Carolyn Mathews (Roundfire Books,$16.95, Paperback)
Full of romance, transformation, and suspense “Pandora’s Gift” is the third and final novel of its series. After Jay loses his job and business and Pandora’s job is being threatened, the two witness an archangel and believe they have just witnessed a miracle. The message from the angel, however, forces Pandora to help out a street mission to fulfill some secret prophecy.
Kayla is 22 years old and humbled to be able work for Conscious Community Magazine. She loves healing work and is a certified Deeksha blessing giver and Reiki Practitioner. She also loves to write and is interested in astrology, holistic health, and dreamwork.


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