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In Print – December 2021

By Kayla Hancock

Abundant Living: A Journey of Riches,  by John Spender, AJ Myers, Belinda Foster, Lanelle Martine, Samuel Sykes II, Harmony Polo, Anastasia Gunawan, Abhinav Gupta, Sam Frazer, and Catherine Kavadas (Motion Media International, $14.80, Paperback)

In a social world, based on impressions and riddled with comparison, it can be easy to fall into the mindset of: “I will be so happy if I could just purchase this ONE thing”. This is not in alignment with abundance thinking. True abundance is a mindset in which one remembers that everything they are seeking can already be found within. This book contains powerful insights from various authors on topics such as: using what you already have to manifest abundance, reciprocity, dream decoding, the power of our minds, and much more.


Unlocking The Ancient Secrets To Healing – Why Science is Looking to the Past for the Future of Medicine, by Gail Lynn ($16.95, Paperback)

After being diagnosed at age 37 with severe cardiac stress, Gail Lynn dived into the world of energy work, determined to regain her health. Her diagnosis was reversed — thanks to a series of light and sound treatments — and she decided to learn even more about the history of these healing techniques. Not long after opening her own healing center in 2010, Lynn created an extremely innovative healing chamber — a combination of sacred light, sound, geometry, and Tesla mathematics — known now as the Harmonic Egg. This book details the various challenges she endured, and her remarkable discoveries behind the realization of her dream.


 Vibrational Sound Healing: Take Your Sonic Vitamins with Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, Chakra Chants, Angelic Vibrations, and Other Sound Therapies, by Erica Longdon (Healing Arts Press, $14.52, Paperback)

Sound is, by far, one of the most powerful and most accessible natural medicines known to man. In this book, Erica Longdon explores various sound healing mediums and techniques — such as tuning forks, gongs, singing bowls, drumming, and more. She also shares with readers practical exercises, such as affirmations and humming that can be used at any time to initiate healing. Detailing the extensive benefits of sound healing therapy, Longdon emphasizes a few important tips on preparing to receive sound healing in order to optimize its healing effects.



Liberating Yourself from Lyme: An Integrative and Intuitive Guide to Healing Lyme Disease, by Vir McCoy and Kara Zahl (Healing Arts Press, $17.09, Paperback)

Both Vir McCoy and Kara Zahl contracted Lyme Disease (a complicated and often misdiagnosed infection) in 2001. While they initially began treating the disease using the standard antibiotic protocols, it was not long before they began to have intuitive hunches on how to treat their chronic illness. In this book, McCoy and Zahl share details from their 10-year healing journey in order to help those inflicted with Lyme Disease to discover their own optimized treatment plan….and eventually live symptom free. Included are the herbal practices, diet changes, exercises, and meditations that helped them to fully recover. They explain how to increase sensitivity in the body to make it easier for each person to decipher what type of unique healing methods their body is telling them to use.


 How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey, by Linda Howe (Sounds True, $14.39, Paperback)

No longer must we wait to break free from our past selves and learn about our life’s path from a stranger. The Akashic Records can be accessed by anyone seeking answers for life’s mysteries, both big and small. With over 15 years of experience with the Akashic Records, Linda Howe teaches readers how to use the Pathway Prayer Process to access the records. Howe also explains how to work with one’s spirit guides in searching for divine answers within the records.



 The Lotus and the Bud: Cannabis, Consciousness, and Yoga Practice,  by Chris Kilham (Park Street Press, $11.99, Kindle)

This in-depth guidebook explores the variety of benefits of cannabis and yoga. Chris Kilham emphasizes how, when done with intention, cannabis harmonizes systems in the body through the endocannabinoid system, which helps to deepen one’s yoga practice. This, in turn, leads to accelerated healing and higher states of consciousness. Kilham also provides illustrations to help guide readers through cannabis-yoga poses that can awaken one’s kundalini energy.


Kayla Hancock is grateful to be a part of this community. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and certified Deeksha giver who enjoys working alongside her angels and spirit guides to bring more love, joy and compassion into the world.

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