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In Print – April 2021

By Kayla Hancock

Fierce Feminine Rising: Heal from Predatory Relationships and Recenter Your Personal Power, by Anaiya Sophia (Destiny Books, $16.99, Paperback)

Women and men alike are waking up to an energy that has long been suppressed—the Fierce Feminine or the Dark Mother. From this energy comes a sacred rage and the desire to seek justice and help those who can’t help themselves. Anaiya Sophia teaches readers how to gain control of this chaotic energy with traditional Eastern practices, audio meditations, sexual healing exercises, and more. She empowers those who feel the Fierce Feminine energy to embrace their mission to heal themselves, heal our planet, and recreate balance.


Vibrational Nutrition: Understanding the Energetic Signature of Foods, by Candice Covington, (Healing Arts Press, $16.99, Paperback)

Did you know that you can tell a lot about food simply by its color? According to Candice Covington, the color of a piece of food can give us helpful information about what chakra it is connected with. She explains how the foods we eat affect us on spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional levels. Covington offers recipes, stories, and helpful advice on eating intuitively to support one’s natural vibration. Furthermore, she details the energetic qualities of over 400 different foods to help readers fine-tune their energic bodies with a nutritious diet!


When I Was Someone Else: The Incredible True Story of Past Life Connection, by Stéphane Allix (Park Street Press, $24.99, Paperback)

While on a trip in Peru, journalist Stéphane Allix experienced a vivid waking vision. He saw a soldier dying on a battlefield along with his name and various scenes from earlier in the man’s life. After searching the German military archives, Allix learned that this man had actually existed. This book details Allix’s research into the life of Alexander Herrmann and how Allix realized that part of his purpose was to help the soul of this deceased German soldier to find healing and forgiveness. Allix takes the reader on a beautiful journey that explores divine synchronicities, healing after death and reincarnation.


Be You, Only Better: Real-Life Self-Care for Young Adults (and Everyone Else), by Kristi Hugstad (New World Library, $15.95, Paperback)

As a trauma survivor herself, Kristi Hugstad wanted to do something that would bring hope and strength to others who are struggling. In this book, she provides science-based tools and practices that lay a foundation for success and wellness. She shares various physical, emotional, mental, social, and financial self-care practices. Hugstad also shares illustrations and inspirational stories of real young adults overcoming their lives’ challenges through self-care.


The Journey: Mastering the Art of Slowing Down into a Beautiful Existence, by Cathy Trinh (Balboa Press, $18, Paperback)

Cathy Trinh has faced many hardships throughout her life. She is a cancer survivor, a recovering addict, someone who has overcome sexual assault, and she has dealt with a myriad of challenges living in America as a refugee immigrant. Trinh explores her past to prove that anyone can overcome their challenging circumstances and create a better future for themselves. She also reminds readers of how important it is to slow down to experience the beauty of the Earth and allow it to heal you.



Coming Home: Finding Shelter in the Love and Wisdom of Paramahansa Yogananda, by Margaret Wolff (White Pearl Press, $16.95, Paperback) 

This collection of stories gives readers a firsthand view of what it’s like to have a profound connection to God. Margaret Wolff shares the stories of fourteen ordinary individuals seeking the divine who find themselves so deeply touched by their God-related experiences that “God” becomes synonymous with “home”. Not only do these accounts awaken faith in readers, but they also prove tribute to the powerful potential of the human spirit and the guru/disciple paradigm.

Kayla Hancock is grateful to be a part of this community. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and certified Deeksha giver who enjoys working alongside her angels and spirit guides to bring more love, joy and compassion into the world.

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