Dream Reality

by Audrey Williams –

Everyone dreams whether their dreams remember them or not. It is our universal birthright. Our dream-world operates without the restrictions of our ego and our physical body. While dreaming our spirit has freedom to roam. When we dream, we enter the nonphysical world, where the impossible becomes possible.

The nonphysical realm employs our sixth sense, whereas on the physical earth plane we use our hearing, seeing, touching, smelling and feeling senses. One does not negate the other. They’re both real. Dreams, like meditation and prayer, give us a wealth of valuable information and connect us to the spirit realm.

During our night activity, there are nuances and differing levels of consciousness. These are alpha, beta, theta and delta brainwave states. These frequencies describe the ranges from very light sleep to a very deep sleep. Two additional terms, hypnogogic and hypnopompic, describe when you’re falling into sleep and when you’re waking from sleep.

Hypnogogic is closely associated with the theta state. It is when you are awake and entering the sleep arena. In this state, you are slowly losing consciousness with the physical realm. During this phase is a great time to set intentions for your dream activity. You can question the nonphysical realm about anything that’s causing concern. Or, you can repeat an affirmation, setting your intention for your dream state reality. Doing this is a prompt for your subconscious mind.

The hypnopompic state is when you are waking and slowly becoming reacquainted with the physical realm. (Note: This state does not happen if you are awakened by an alarm.) Just prior to fully waking, this is the time when creativity is at its highest. The boundaries of the physical mind have not imposed limitations yet. Your state of consciousness is not totally asleep nor totally awake. Many call this the “dreamy state.”

Connecting to the nonphysical realm is not a rare phenomenon. Mediums, shamans, scientists, artists, athletes and others who receive inspiration during their sleep, are often referring to the hypnopompic state. Two famous dreamers, Edgar Cayce and Dmitri Mendeleev, used their dreams to enlighten, advance and serve humanity. Edgar Cayce received psychic messages of medical diagnoses while asleep that helped thousands. In 1869, Dmitri Mendeleev’s inspired dream led to the periodic table of elements. Many receive messages and answers to questions during their night time activities.

February 9
Spirit was using my left hand to perform some type of opening on my third eye. I felt vibrations moving upward into my spiritual eye. Equally surprising was the way my left hand was positioned and moving. It moved expertly and knowingly. (I am a right-handed person, but felt the definitiveness in the movements my left hand was making.)

March 29
I dreamed that my toes had an awareness that connected to my mind. My toes were able to know and anticipate the thoughts, feelings and questions that my mind pondered. It felt surreal and the energy was very palpable. It was a strong and deep feeling that shook me to my core.

This poem, Like a Bird’s Tail,was written several days after this entry in my dream journal.

Like a Bird’s Tail
My toes filter vibrations
like a bird’s tail reading the wind
and connect to an awareness,
as it soars on the breeze
in my brain. They anticipate
dipping and rising
thoughts, feelings, and questions;
before landing in its perfection
the energy is intense and real;
a knowing in my toes
that had the answers
that my mind thought.
Awareness in both.

April 17
The night’s in-between state is very pronounced. There is a clear distinction between sleeping, hypnopompic and awake. I meld with each phase, feeling each one distinctively. You perceive more and connect to spiritual entities, angels and guides. There is definitely a difference.

I’ve always journaled during the night. Sometimes when I awaken fully, I don’t remember writing anything down. I’ll look at my pad and see poetry, sentences, words, and descriptions. It is extraordinary waking to what I did unaware. This poem, Fountain, was one of many surprises:

It’s like a fountain of words, symbols, inspiration,
knowledge—everything needed to connect and
glean from spirit. The first task is to locate
the fountain, and once located, open your
mind to allow it to speak to you.

In 2004, my dad transitioned. He has visited with me many times. A particular moment that stands out is when he lovingly caressed my face. I felt his warmth and caring soul. He was 3D, and as real as someone standing next to me in the physical realm. Then, slowly as my conscious mind entered, my perception shifted causing a slow-creeping evolving awareness to flow—what was my dad’s hand caressing my face ever so softly, slowly became just my hand. With the awareness shift, the caress, and the angle, that he had stroked my face changed. I tried to contort my arm to mimic the angle, but could not achieve it.

During spirit visitations your perception is heightened. There is a clearness and distinctness to your dreams and the experience is immersive. Spirit dreams hold clarity, perception, and understanding within them. These dreams realities are different than our regular dreams.

August 16
I believe that the strong vibrations that I feel throughout the night is LOVE. I questioned spirit if the vibrations were visitations, and every time, I named someone in spirit, my vibrations would decrease. When I focused on love, the strong tingling vibrations returned.

A second part to the above dream, was a lesson where I felt differences in vibrations for those in the spirit realm. My mom, dad and spirit guide’s vibrations were all distinctly different. This particular vibrational dream was a profound lesson that has been instrumental for me as a medium.

Become fluid in your beliefs and understandings. The possibilities are endless. I’ve seen melodies that fit together harmoniously and produce a solid, shimmering form and have seen vibrant, alive colors that breathed. I’ve experienced healing with Spirit Beings who used illuminated, intuitive tools to heal me by layering light into my heart pieces. I have a rich dream life that never ceases to surprise and excite me.

A precognitive dream that I had, I dreamt that my sisters and I were in a school hallway standing by lockers. My youngest sister headed for the lady’s room, my other sister said that she would wait in the hall to let the first sister know which way to go, once she returned. I went to the auditorium to secure seats for us. Nothing about this dream was earth shaking, but I wrote it down in my journal, and I remember thinking that the lockers were just like the ones we had when I was in high school.

Several days later, my two sisters and I went to my brother’s graduation. My youngest sister headed for the lady’s room, and my older sister said she would stay there to let the first sister know which way we went. I said that I would try to get us seats. When I sat down, it occurred to me that I had dreamed this. I recalled the sequence that had just played out. As soon as my sisters joined me, I went in search of the lockers. They were there. I’d walked right past them. I know now that my mother gave me the dream. She was telling me that she would be at the graduation. As soon as the program began, I felt my mother’s vibrations, so strongly.

Our spirit can do things uninhibited that can make our minds explode. I remember one morning waking and I was having three distinct and different thoughts simultaneously. It was mind boggling that I was in this experience with three thought patterns happening. I quickly wrote down the three things, and even as I was writing, the details of the experience were dissipating. My conscious mind was overriding my experience because it processes things in a more linear fashion.

Invest in and work with your dreams. Be open to the possibilities that this birthright allows. We are all connected on a soul level and the universe connects with humanity through this avenue. Allow it, seek it and ask for it. Then, do your part by accepting, pursuing and working with spirit through your dreams. It might seem impossible that we have the ability to communicate with spirit through our dreams, but dreams transcend physical reality. They are magical for those who seek.

Audrey Williams, MFA, is a medium who uses her gifts to be a clear voice for Spirit communication.  You can contact her via [email protected].

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