Cosmic Daily Weather – October 2021


By Bernadette Evans 

Every month is full of ups and downs, and this month is no exception. October is really Libra’s month, even though the Sun moved into the sign of Libra late September. This month with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Libra, there is a concentrated focus on relationships. Of course, relationships aren’t just about the other person; relationships include you and your part in the relationship, as well as who you are when you’re by yourself.   

Mercury goes direct this month on October 18th. It will take some time for him to gather momentum. If someone isn’t responding to your messages or emails, double-check that they received them instead of assuming the worst. This month Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will all station direct. They move even slower than Mercury, but you could notice shifts once they have started moving direct.

The New Moon’s on October 6th at 13 degrees of Libra at 6:05 a.m. New Moons are about beginnings, and Mars and Uranus are making their voices heard. It’s possible you could find yourself enmeshed in a disagreement, or something happens that is the catalyst for a fresh start. Mars and Uranus can be hot-headed and impulsive. They can also be assertive and innovative, giving you the courage to do something new and out of your comfort zone. The push could be on to create a new partnership.

The Full Moon is on October 20th at 27 degrees of Aries at 9:57 a.m. Full Moons are about situations coming to light, and then releasing what no longer serves you. Pluto gets in on the action during the full moon. Whenever he decides to join the party, you can be sure that things could get intense. There may be some power struggles. Take the time to examine what’s really going on under the surface and behind the scenes… it could be enlightening. As with everything, the more information you have, the better. Trust your intuition to steer you in the right direction.

The Moon takes about 28 days to complete its orbit through the twelve signs, staying approximately two and a half days in each sign. When we say the Moon is Void of Course (VoC), it means the moon makes no more major aspects to other planets before it leaves the sign it’s in. At these times, it can be difficult to get focused and accomplish a task. You may want to relax, meditate, or do something where your focus is turned inward. Don’t try and get a new project off the ground when the moon is void. If you want to find out more about the Void of Course moon, check out

The times below are listed in Central Daylight Time.


Friday, October 1

The morning starts off on a quiet, maybe wistful or forlorn note when the Moon opposes Saturn. You may feel like you’re isolated and disconnected from others. This energy will dissipate when the Moon sextiles the Sun. Put any melancholy thoughts and feelings aside and connect with a friend. The Mercury Pluto square could make for some interesting conversations. Moon in Leo.

Saturday, October 2

You feel drawn to connecting with others when the Moon opposes Venus. You could either spend some time with friends, or if you’re feeling romantic and frisky, well…you get the picture. It’s a day of friendship, love, connection, abundance, generosity, and creativity. Enjoy! Moon VoC at 6:43 p.m.

Sunday, October 3

When Mercury trines Jupiter (remember Mercury is retrograde) you may be going back over your ideas. Some of your ideas may get the green light, while others may get the yellow or red light. You could be conflicted and unsure which way to turn. The best route may be to take your time and re-evaluate before committing to something. Moon enters the sign of Virgo at 3:38 a.m.

Monday, October 4

When the Moon opposes Neptune, you could be lost in your thoughts or dreams. You could be side-tracked by negative thinking or beliefs. Go back to the beginning, remember what you wanted to manifest, and take action. This combination could get your creative juices flowing.

Tuesday, October 5

There’s a sense of order and practicality when the Moon trines Saturn. Discipline and focus are highlighted. You may get a phone call from a friend who needs some advice. Listen and help if you can; your instincts and common sense will guide you. Moon VoC at 3:46 a.m. until 7:41 a.m. when it enters the sign of Libra.

Wednesday, October 6

There’s a New Moon in Libra at 13 degrees at 6:05 a.m. Mars is in a tight conjunction with the Moon and Sun, and all three of them are quincunx Uranus. Mercury is also in Libra but a tad farther away, though I still think it’s relevant. Libra wants to be in relationship and to get along with everyone, which could be challenging. There’s the possibility of outbursts or disagreements, as everyone wants what they want. You may be feeling confused about a situation, and you’re analyzing it to death. Step back from the situation or person. After you’ve had a chance to catch your breath, see if you can look at everything in a new light. How can you strengthen the relationship? New Moons are about beginnings…maybe a fresh outlook would brighten the partnership or situation; it couldn’t hurt. Pluto stations direct at 1:29 p.m.

Thursday, October 7

The Sun and Mars are in an exact conjunction today. This vitality and enthusiasm could be expressed in a few different ways. You’re energized and ready to spring into action. You could also be coiled to respond aggressively if you feel attacked. Doing something physical could help release any tension or pent-up steam. You desire, and therefore focus on, creating relationships. How is the communication with your partnerships? Slow down, breathe, have a conversation, and listen to others. Moon VoC at 12:03 a.m. until 9:22 a.m. when it enters the sign of Scorpio. Venus enters the sign of Sagittarius at 6:21 a.m.

Friday, October 8

In the early morning, the Moon opposes Uranus. You may just crave some alone time. An escape from the usual routine looks pretty good right now. Your intuition is heightened when the Moon trines Neptune. Soothe your nervous system by meditating or taking a walk in nature, maybe even walking a labyrinth. Be open to the messages from the Universe. Have patience with yourself and others.

Saturday, October 9

You’re eager to get out and connect with people when the Sun conjoins Mercury; there’s a desire for discussions. Mercury also conjoins Mars, which sometimes means you say something you shouldn’t, or you attract it from others. On the positive side, with these three together, you could be an eloquent speaker. Focus on what you want and be clear in your words and deeds. Believe in yourself and your dreams, take the appropriate action, and watch your goals come to life. Moon VoC at 1:05 a.m. until 10:24 a.m. when it enters the sign of Sagittarius.

Sunday, October 10

There’s space for you to slow down and take a breath when the Moon sextiles the Sun. Just like a cat basking in the sun, you’re luxuriating in how you feel in your body/mind. Getting together to socialize would be ideal. You may also want to have real dialogues with your significant other. If you both give each other room to speak, it should go smoothly. Enjoy the day. Saturn stations direct at 9:17 p.m. Moon VoC at 11:30 p.m.

Monday, October 11

Happy Thanksgiving Day to my Canadian friends! It may be time to organize a get-together. The Libra Sun and Capricorn Moon highlight socializing and celebrating with family and friends. You’re happy to be with your loved ones, playing, laughing, creating strong bonds, and building solid foundations. You may want to start a new tradition or bring back one that means a lot to you. Moon enters the sign of Capricorn at 12:15 p.m.

Tuesday, October 12

Communications with your loved ones may be tense, emotional, and strained when the Moon squares Mercury and Mars. It could feel like something is brewing inside, and you just have to say something! Have a discussion about what you think and feel, and give others space to express themselves as well. Try not to get defensive when they speak. All in all, it’s better than running away and avoiding the topic altogether.

Wednesday, October 13

Today’s Venus–Saturn sextile emphasizes building strong partnerships. There’s an opportunity for constructing a solid foundation with people you trust. Growth in your personal relationships is possible when you both express how you feel and what you need. The Sun quincunx Neptune could add a confusing element into the mix. You or the other person may be unsure where you/they stand, or what’s going on. Have a conversation (you might have to compromise), and see if you can come together and go from there. Moon VoC at 5:53 a.m. until 3:47 p.m. when it enters the sign of Aquarius.

Thursday, October 14

When the Moon squares Uranus, you could be looking for something to spice up your life. You may not even know what it is, but you feel restless. Maybe you feel something is missing, or that you’re missing out and need more excitement and freedom. Be cautious of trying to get your buzz from disagreeing with others. You may feel moody or attract it. Remember each person sees through his/her own lens. Try not to let others upset you.

Friday, October 15

The Sun trines Jupiter, which can have a carefree, playful energy. With this happy, buoyant energy, you might want to just have a good time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you are focused on your career, this would be the time to pinpoint where you see yourself and take the necessary steps to get there. Your confidence and optimism will win others over. You could also use this time to study something spiritual, religious, or psychological. Moon VoC at 7:33 a.m. until 9:22 p.m. when it enters the sign of Pisces.

Saturday, October 16

There’s the potential for opportunities when Mercury sextiles Venus. You could be offered a chance at a speaking engagement, or maybe you’ve been asked to write an article. Whatever form it takes, it could lead to more breaks. This energy also promotes wanting to get along, being diplomatic,  and expressing affection and love to the significant people in your life.

Sunday, October 17

When the Sun squares Pluto, you could feel you need control over a situation  either at work or in a relationship. Someone in authority may be trying to exert pressure on you, which can lead to disagreements and push-back. Examine what is really happening, how you came to this place, and why you want more control. A part of you may be holding on for dear life; relax your grip, you’ll be okay. Whatever is supposed to come to an end will end, leaving space for something new to arrive. Moon VoC at 6:24 p.m.

Monday, October 18

You could feel more energetic and positive about life when Mars trines Jupiter. It’s a great time to keep plugging away at a dream-project. Your belief in it and your abilities, as well a positive mindset, will get you closer to your goals. Socializing is also high on your list. There’s a desire to move, to live life, to be with others. Jupiter stations direct at 12:30 a.m. Mercury stations direct at 10:17 a.m. Moon enters the sign of Aries at 5:04 a.m.

Tuesday, October 19

When Venus quincunx Uranus, you may feel restless and want to try something new today. You’re looking for excitement. You or your partner could need more space to do your/their own thing, or maybe you two will be changing it up in the bedroom. Whatever the circumstance, there will be some adjustments on your part or someone else’s. Make sure it’s not just one person doing all the compromising; there should be an even exchange of energy from both of you.

Wednesday, October 20

There’s a Full Moon at 27 degrees of Aries at 9:57 a.m. Full Moons are always about a culmination and then a release. Aries and Libra are about you and how you are in relationships. Pluto joins the Sun and Moon and also has something to say. What is simmering below the surface? Is there someone who is ever-so-quietly pulling the strings? Do you feel like you are being manipulated? Are you the one who is using your power, trying to get your way? Examine your relationships, your part in them, and how you see them developing in the future. Maybe this full moon is about letting go of control and allowing everything to unfold. Moon VoC at 9:57 a.m. until 2:59 p.m. when it enters the sign of Taurus.

Thursday, October 21

When the Moon conjoins Uranus, something fun and unpredictable is calling you. All the bones in your body want to explore and play. It might be hard to focus on work when everything in you is saying, “Let’s go for an adventure!” You’re glowing with passion and inspiration… follow it to see where it takes you!

Friday, October 22

Happy Birthday to all the Scorpio babies! The Mars-Pluto square could suggest power struggles and disagreements, possibly resulting in a bruised ego. You could be trying to get ahead and someone is standing in your way, or it sure feels like it. Be careful of saying something that you’ll regret later. Instead, see if you can be more diplomatic and take a different approach to proceed to your destination. Transform the situation by asking the other person for their input…who knows…it may be fantastic. Find your inner strength and apply it with a light touch. The Sun enters the sign of Scorpio at 11:51 p.m. Moon VoC at 3:35 p.m.

Saturday, October 23

You feel safe and secure and sure about yourself and your beliefs, when the Moon trines Saturn. You know you’re capable and strong enough to stand on your own two feet if you have to. If you can, you might want to spend time by yourself for a bit. Time alone with your thoughts is never time wasted.  Moon enters the sign of Gemini at 2:57 a.m.

Sunday, October 24

It feels like the sky is the limit when the Moon opposes Venus. You could have an assortment of choices laid out before you…which one will you choose? Enjoy the day and have fun, but try not to lose yourself in food, drink, shopping, or another vice. Instead, pay attention to your relationships and what they look like. You will feel content from connection with others.

Monday, October 25

If there’s something important you need to finish, complete this before 9:11 a.m. as that’s when the Moon goes Void of Course. The Moon-Mars trine should give you the push you need. If it’s possible, just relax and have some down time without making any big decisions while the moon is void. If not, it’s a great time to finish work (not start something new). Get as much information as you can on a particular subject, so that when the Moon moves into Cancer, you’ll move forward more prepared. Moon VoC at 9:11 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. when it enters the sign of Cancer.

Tuesday, October 26

When Venus squares Neptune, our perception of others is often skewed. You could have an unrealistic version of them in your head; you’re putting them on a pedestal or bestowing qualities that you’d like them to have. Give your head a shake, clear out the cobwebs, and trust what your intuition tells you. If you like to be creative, tap into this wonderland of imagination, put it to good use, and create.

Wednesday, October 27

You could have strong feelings, which may fluctuate wildly — from happy to depressed — suddenly and without warning. The Moon-Pluto opposition can be powerful and intense. Try not to succumb to feelings of powerlessness or obsession. Be careful of people who may try to manipulate you; likewise, make sure you don’t put pressure on someone else either. Call on someone to help you see things in a different light.

Thursday, October 28

It’s entirely likely that you’re going to experience some tense moments today when the Moon squares the Sun. You may feel you need to defend yourself or your position…you don’t. Tap into your inner strength and wisdom. You know what’s in your best interest and you should follow your instinct. Moon VoC at 1:02 a.m. until 4:07 a.m. when it enters the sign of Leo.

Friday, October 29

There may be some confusion about who’s doing what when the Moon quincunx Neptune. Be clear when communicating, whether it’s at work or in your personal relationships. Connect with that sensitive part that feels upset or hurt and be compassionate with yourself and others. It will help you settle any discomfort.

Saturday, October 30

When the Sun squares Saturn, you could feel depressed, hard done by, or burdened from a lot of responsibilities. Not every day is going to be a bed of roses. You wouldn’t know how to appreciate the great times without experiencing the challenging times. This is a moment in time, as all moments occur. If you have work and responsibilities, do them, and get them off your plate. If you’re not sure if it’s your responsibility or someone else’s, ask. Put your head down, and give yourself a pat on the back for all you do! Mars enters the sign of Scorpio at 9:21 a.m. Moon VoC at 2:05 a.m. until 1:09 p.m. when it enters the sign of Virgo.

Sunday, October 31

Happy Halloween, my friends! Eureka…inspiration may knock on your door when the Moon trines Uranus. It could be an idea for something you’ve been trying to create, or it could be you’ve figured out how to rearrange your cupboards. Who knows, it will look different for everyone. Do some exploring, go for a walk in a new area. This energy says to be open to all the unexpected surprises of the Universe… you never know what’s around the corner.

Bernadette Evans is a counselling astrologer, hypnotherapist, Registered Professional Counsellor, and writer. She can be reached at [email protected] to schedule a consultation. You can follow her on Instagram at @bernadette_evans.astrologer.

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