Cosmic Daily Weather – March 2016

By Kaye Berjot

Cosmic Daily Weather Kaye Berjot March 2016


Please note: Times given are for CST, Central Standard Time. For EST, add one hour; for MST, subtract one hour; for PST, subtract two hours.

Spring has sprung early this year. Therefore you will be doing a great deal of spring cleaning sooner than you’d expected. This is a good thing so don’t fret. There is a Solar eclipse March 8th at 18 57’ Pisces, and a Lunar eclipse March 23rd at 3 10’ Libra. Saturn will begin its stationary retrograde March 26th and begin its full retrograde action on March 30th. At the latter part of the month there will be a planetary Super Bowl taking place where all planets will bet on a particular team. Chiron and Pluto will be the referees of this match and you can be assured that changes of perspective will be in the air. The key for this month is to not become completely overwhelmed by the stressful aspects. How you start out the month is not how you will finish it. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, banish the snakes so that you can make it to your pot of gold. March is all about seeing the rainbows once the clouds have moved out of the way. Many of those clouds will need to be removed by you, and some of them will vanish into thin air as if they’d never existed. If there was ever a month to pay attention to the Moon Void of Course (VoC), this would be it. Take the Moon VoC times to meditate before you act. This will allow you to listen, hear, and move forward with precision.


Tuesday, March 1

Yikes! It looks as though the energy of February is still with us. It’s the first day of a new calendar month and the cosmic reset button appears to be out of working order. Not only is there a T-square (an astrological event that involves tension and oppositions); there are also simultaneous conjunctions taking place with major planetary heavy hitters. There is absolutely no way around this. You’re just going to have to wait. You still have a lot to learn and the universal energies are saying that now is not the time to go rogue! Remain calm.


Wednesday, March 2

Compared to yesterday, today’s a walk in the park; at least the Moon isn’t hanging out with Mars, and causing you to feel like a volcano that’s about to blow. Instead the Moon is hanging out with Saturn, and allows you to feel a little more stable. Do your best and remain calm. Allow the dust to clear before you make any sudden moves, because what appears to work in one scenario does not always work in another. Take the time to understand the difference. Jupiter Rx (Retrograde) conjunct the North Node is giving you the opportunity to utilize this energy as a fact-finding mission. Moon VoC begins 8:55 PM until tomorrow morning.


Thursday, March 3

Yeah, it’s still a little tense, and that’s nothing new. We’re just going to have to focus on the positive aspects, and get through these trying times together. One can only stay locked up in “what the heck” for so long. It looks like positive change is peeking its head around the corner, due to the trine between Jupiter and Pluto. Today could be the right time to listen to that song “Waiting On the World to Change,” because this trine says that with a little help from us, it will. Moon VoC ends 4:02 AM.


Friday, March 4

The Moon is in Capricorn, and inching its way towards Pluto, so you might feel a little more grounded. It’s the equivalent of running towards home plate and being safe. You’re a little winded, and that’s ok. Why is it ok? Because you’ve just experienced what it was like to have a front row seat to The Trans-Siberian Orchestra starring Ziggy “David Bowie” Stardust. Whoa! Not only did you live it, you remember what happened. Be grateful because that was a gift from Jupiter in retrograde when it learned its lesson.


Saturday, March 5

Mars is causing chaos, and it has a lot to do with the fact that he will go retrograde in April, so pay attention to what is taking place now. It would be so much easier to understand what’s happening, if he wasn’t trying to barrel through energies that require understanding and nurturing. Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and the Sun are pushing back and telling Mars to back off because he’s being way too emotional. Saturn is whispering to Venus, and encouraging her to spend time with like-minded people and things. Obviously, she is sharing this guidance with Mercury, Neptune, and the Sun. So make sure you listen to the insight, because messages could become distorted, causing you to want to jump ship prematurely.  Moon VoC 10:06 AM until 10:23 AM.


Sunday, March 6

The Moon is in Aquarius, and your emotions could be all over the place, and looking for a safe place to rest. Mars wants you to go out and find those individuals that resonate with your internal vibrations, while Chiron wants you to heal the pain points that stop you from achieving clarity. It might be possible to do both, just make sure to throw away the emotional baggage first. 


Monday, March 7

The Moon and Venus are cuddled up in Aquarius today, and make an interesting conjunction in the sign that rules community efforts. Although there is a tense square to Mars, there is no need to rush out and purchase the first thing that you see. The trine between Saturn and Uranus is letting you know that you don’t have to be reckless, while the sextile between Uranus, the Moon, and Venus allows you to leverage your unique talents to get your point across. Moon VoC 2:47 AM until 1:09 PM.


Tuesday, March 8

It’s a solar eclipse, and with the New Moon at 7:54 PM CST it’s a crowded house in Pisces. Not only are the Moon, Sun, and Chiron conjunct; Mercury and Neptune are also joined at the hip in the sign of faith. With all of this energy you might feel the urge to do some mental spring cleaning. As Jupiter Rx (Retrograde) and the North Node look across the sky at the Sun, Moon, and Chiron, there is a good chance that you see what doesn’t belong and what does. Moon VoC 7:55 PM until tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 9

Today the effects of the solar eclipse still have an impact through much of the morning. Chiron is doing a balancing act as it’s caught between the Sun and the Moon. This is definitely a good place for the wounded healer to be, because it provides clarity on what needs to be equalized in our lives. It’s not possible to do everything all at once. Some things take a little extra time and nourishment before they are ready. The key is to not let things sit for too long, withering away in your mind, because you could miss real opportunities for growth when you do that. Moon VoC ends 1:41 AM.


Thursday, March 10

Mars and Saturn are having serious talks, of the good kind, with the Aries Moon. You might feel inclined to take care of your needs first before bending over backwards for others. Other people’s values just don’t seem to be the most important at the moment and that’s ok. The trine between Saturn and Uranus is making sure that things don’t get too far out of hand, even if Pluto is rolling his eyes at Uranus. The energy of today is saying change your motivation in order to change your circumstances.


Friday, March 11

Mars has squared Venus, Mercury, and Neptune for quite a few days now. Today is the first day that it can finally be addressed. Something about the truths that we tell ourselves doesn’t sound quite so truthful. Why is that? Unconsciousness can be quite burdensome, and Mars wants you to take a look at that closet full of fears. Moon VoC 12:24 PM until 1:44 PM.


Saturday, March 12

As the Moon makes its way soundly into Taurus there is a nice sextile to Neptune and Mercury. This is an opportune time to plant the right mental seeds. It’s as if you’ve found a gallon of courage. During the latter part of the day Venus makes her way into Pisces, and she has a lot of feelings concerning what was found in that closet that you were cleaning out. This is perhaps the reason why Mars has been so persistent in getting you to make progress. Oy Vey, tomorrow will be a busy day.


Sunday, March 13

Whoa! Today it seems as though no topic is off limits. Every single planet is engaged in conversation, and there is a kite in the sky. Kites occur when there is a grand trine, two sextiles, and an opposition. The difference with this kite is that rather than having two planets in opposition, there are four major planets, along with Chiron and the North Node. It’s as though the collective is saying to not give up on something just because from afar it looks as though it’s not working. Re-evaluate the situation. Moon VoC 3:47 AM until 4:04 PM.


Monday, March 14

Yowza! What happened to all of that nice calming energy from the past few days? There are so many squares in the sky that it looks like a giant Rubik’s cube. With all of this tension something is bound to happen that will change the way you play the game. Although there is tension, there are a few positive aspects that are helping out from behind the scenes. There are two ways of approaching this day: understand what the collective unconscious’s goals are, and then change how you communicate, or, change how you communicate, in order to better understand the collective goals. One thing is for sure, you might need to schedule a yoga session tonight to unwind from the day’s events.


Tuesday, March 15

Darn it! The energy from yesterday is still here today. Guess we couldn’t blink and wish it all away, like we thought. The only way to get to brighter days is to go through the storm. With the Moon sextile Uranus at least you’ll get a better understanding of what the fuss is all about. Make sure to listen up, because you are about to get an earful.  Moon VoC 12:04 PM until 7:57 PM.


Wednesday, March 16

Finally a little bit of calm. We’re going to coin this “No Panic Attack Wednesday.” The Moon is in her home sign of Cancer, and trines Venus and Neptune. You might still feel the effects of chatter and speculation, but at least it’s not like a bullhorn in your ear today.


Thursday, March 17

If T-Squares were three-leaf clovers, we’d all be healed, because there sure are a lot of them in the sky today. As the day unfolds be mindful of two things: drastic change leads to stability, and out of chaos comes order. Moon VoC 11:09 PM until tomorrow.


Friday, March 18

The Moon is making her final transit through Cancer, and she’s leaving good emotional energy as she leaves. As the center of attention of two grand trines, your emotional wellbeing is left intact. For many of us, the work week is at an end, and with that, pain points have resolution, communication is proactive, and forward movement has begun.  Moon VoC until 2:55 AM.


Saturday, March 19

The Moon is in Leo, and with that progression she’s brought along good energy. Creative energy is at an all-time high, so make sure that you take advantage of it. Changes have occurred; some of them you liked, and some of them were a little too hot to handle. All in all those changes led you to a new place of productivity. From this vantage point you are able to see the reality of potential. Moon VoC at 3:44 PM until tomorrow.


Sunday, March 20

Not everything has been cleaned up, so today could be a good day to get those last few items in working order. Take a look at how you view authority, and make a wholehearted effort to redefine what authority means. Authority doesn’t have to be viewed as something negative. It can be embraced as an aspect of your environment that tries to stabilize things by utilizing tried and true methods. It doesn’t mean that the concept is wrong, just that the methods might be outdated. Moon VoC until 12:40 PM.


Monday, March 21

Understanding how to fix something that isn’t broken is the trend of the day. Uranus trine Saturn would say that you should apply maximum pressure, to see how long it takes for the system to fail. Mars squared the Moon would say that if you feel passionately about a new way, it doesn’t matter if the unbroken thing is still in working order.  Mars would ultimately want you to move towards the things that you value, even if it’s only valuable for the moment. Saturn, however when left uninfluenced, would say that you fix something that isn’t broken once it demonstrates its inability to move you towards a brighter future. Moon VoC begins 10:55 PM.


Tuesday, March 22

Although today appears to be quite similar to yesterday, it’s different. It could have something to do with the budding relationship between the Sun and Mercury at zero degrees to two degrees Aries. You could have a brand new mantra that you are silently shouting out to the one that matters the most. Hint; that special someone is you, and Mars is quite content that you are finally hearing the song of brand new adventures. Spring has sprung, and not a moment too soon.


Wednesday, March 23

The Moon is full at 7:00 AM in Libra, and opposes the Sun in Aries. This is a “me vs. us” moment, and someone or something is about to be eclipsed out of or into the equation. Hey, something must end in order to begin; that’s the nature of a full Moon lunar eclipse. Mars in Sagittarius is heavily involved in this conversation, and is pushing for the “me” rather than the “us.” This time Mars is going for the long term, rather than the quick wins.  Mars wants you to choose yourself, regardless of the side-long glances that are given by Venus and Neptune. Now is not the time to just value what it is that you have. Now is the time to go after what it is that you want. It’s time to spring into action. Moon VoC until 12:24 AM.


Thursday, March 24

Venus, Neptune, and a Jupiter Rx are applying a lot of pressure to Saturn. What’s interesting is that although they are applying pressure, they are in stark opposition to each other. Venus and Neptune are on one side, while Jupiter Rx is on the other. The question is not which side will win, rather it’s a question of whether or not each side (me vs us) can have a little bit of what each needs in order to achieve progress. Moon VoC 3:56 PM until tomorrow.


Friday, March 25

Uranus in Aries is triggered today via a square to Pluto, and an opposition to the Moon in Libra. Pluto the change maker has been waiting on this moment, and is in tune with Saturn. The question of the day is: are we moving forward and changing the way we collaborate, or are we going to allow decades to pass before we get it right? Fix what is wrong today, and strengthen up the toolbox for what could go wrong tomorrow; it’s the only way to prepare. Moon VoC until 1:00 PM.


Saturday, March 26

While everyone else tries to figure out what the other player is doing, Mars, the Sun, and Mercury are traversing new ground. Soon, Mercury and the Sun will meet a positively aligned stationary retrograde Saturn and Neptune, to let them know what it is that they’ve discovered with the help of Mars. We are learning how to invest our energy in order to maximize our possibilities. Bickering is not one of those things that will provide nourishment, so there is no place in this galactic alignment for it.


Sunday, March 27

Saturn has received the message from the Sun and Mercury. As Neptune relinquishes its hold on Venus she is also receiving the message. It might take a while for the illusion of grandeur to wear off.  After all, Neptune had grandiose visions of how this was going to play out for the collective unconscious. With that said, he’ll eventually get over it. The rest of us have real matters to take care of, as they are values that impact each and every one of us. Moon VoC 2:26 PM until early tomorrow morning.


Monday, March 28

The Moon in Scorpio has been a refreshing change. This has been an upbeat, positive Moon that has embraced the notion of change. In fact, she has been through the storm, and as the day progresses, she will get an understanding of why she had to go through such trials and tribulations. Mars will be in charge of this debrief, and will give the Moon all of the insight that she needs to have before he goes retrograde at the end of next month. So make sure that you listen intently, and study the play-by-play, because it just might come in handy. Moon VoC until 1:47 AM.


Tuesday, March 29

Today is game day, and all sides are betting on their teams to win. It’s like a planetary Super Bowl is taking place in the sky, with Pluto and Chiron as referees. At this point it doesn’t really matter who takes home the trophy, because we will all win in one form or another. Moon VoC 8:56 PM until tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 30

The game is still taking place, and as Venus gets closer to Chiron, we start to see a different picture. It could have something to do with the lunar eclipse from a few days ago, and that gallon of courage that was found during your early spring cleaning endeavor. It wasn’t so much that you were trying to avoid the heartache; it was that you were trying to hold on to it. Somehow it gave you power, and now that it’s out in the open it represents weakness. It’s amazing how perspectives change when we see them in the light of day. Moon VoC until 12:45 PM.


Thursday, March 31

Although the month is ending, it somehow feels like it is just beginning. Lines have been clearly drawn. Although nothing is set in stone, at least you can see which emotions connect to each other. This month was about finding your way through a maze that you’ve been running through for a very long time. You’re not quite out of the maze yet, because there are still a lot of funny mirrors, trap-doors, and roller coasters up ahead. With that said, you now have a clearer vision of which lane leads to which circus act. It’s ghost-busting time, and you’ve got everything that you need to free yourself, and perhaps a few others along the way.


Kaye Berjot is a transformational astrologer who specializes in the aspects of Chiron, the wounded healer. Visit her at to read new articles, weekly astrology overviews and horoscopes, schedule readings, or to find out about her future books. You can also send email to: [email protected]  

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