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How to Welcome Abundance Through Your Front Door!

By Kristina Hollinger –


Abundance. It’s a word filled with optimism and hope. But what does it truly mean to you?

Abundance can come to you in many different forms in all areas of life. Do you long for more time? More money? Deeper connections and relationships? Your desires have been given uniquely to you for a reason. Whatever it is you are longing for in this moment is within reach, but first you need to know how to create the space to receive it. Get ready to design the life you deserve with the ancient practice of feng shui!


One of the first steps when trying to implement feng shui in your home or office is to start with the front entrance. This article explains how to welcome new opportunities and positive energy into all areas of life simply by enhancing your front door!


Why is the front door so important?

The front door is considered the “mouth of chi.” Chi (also spelled qi), is the natural life force, or energy, that is within everything. Every time you open your front door, fresh chi flows in and replenishes your whole house.


Allowing sunshine and fresh air through your front door naturally elevates the chi of your home. This is why it is so important to use the front door entrance everyday. If you do not use your front door, at the very least make an effort to at open it daily so that the natural light can flow through it.


Whether you live in a house or an apartment, the front door of your home is so important when it comes to applying feng shui principles. The front door has two major functions. It protects your house and it welcomes in abundance!


How do you feng shui the front door?

In addition to using your front door daily, here are five suggestions that will help you elevate the chi of your home. These basic front door feng shui suggestions will protect your home and help you attract abundance.


Make a “Yang” Door: When it comes to your front door, think bright! You want all the positive energy to “find” your house. You can attract positive chi by painting the door a different color from the rest of the house so that it stands out. This is highly recommended if there are multiple entrances to your home.


Create a Solid Door: A solid door is considered ideal in feng shui because it protects the house from any negative outside chi which could be caused from busy roads, arguing neighbors, construction, power lines, or other outside factors that are beyond your control. If your door has a large glass window, you can create protection by hanging a colorful wreath. You can also try placing brightly colored flowers on either side of the door. Red flowers are idea. Red is a power color with vibrant energy that will provide protection as well as attract more prosperity into your home.


Place a Solid Doormat Outside the Door: The doormat is believed to welcome helpful people and opportunities to your doorstep. There are three things to keep in mind when selecting your doormat:


  • A solid doormat is best because it is the most energetically stable.
  • The mat should not be wider than the front door. A mat that is too wide will actually bring you too many opportunities, making it difficult to prioritize and handle the workload.
  • Avoid doormats that have your last name or monogram on them. You don’t want people “walking all over you.”


If you live in an apartment and cannot place a doormat in front of your doorstep, have no fear. In feng shui, there is always a solution! You can make an energetic doormat. Take a red pen (leave the cap on!), and “draw” a doormat in front of your door. For an added energetic bonus, “write” affirmations on the doormat of all that you wish to attract into your life.


Have Your Address Clearly Labeled: You might know where you live, but visitors and FedEx don’t always know. Make your address visible so that nothing passes you by, both literally and symbolically.


Place a Metal Wind Chime Outside: A metal wind chime outside the front entrance is a feng shui must-have! The wind chime is believed to circulate the positive energy that flows to your house and magnifies the positive effects each time you open the front door.


Carla Baldacci painted her front door Valspar “La Fonda” so that it stands out. The doormat, colorful flowers and address label complete the look, welcoming abundance to her home.

Are you ready to attract abundance?

Applying feng shui to your front door will be a breath of fresh air for you and your home! You will start to see things from a new perspective, which will give you greater clarity in all areas of life. You will see new opportunities that you did not realize existed, and helpful people will show up as if out of thin air. Everyone’s feng shui journey is different, but if you try some of these front door feng shui suggestions, you will experience a shift. Your home will smile, and so will your heart!



Kristina Hollinger is the author of Teaching from the Heart with Feng Shui: Inspired Living for Teachers, Parents and Kids.  She is a school administrator and feng shui consultant who is passionate about helping others design the life they deserve.


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