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Cosmic Daily Weather – April 2018


Our first full month of Spring has arrived. Aries will soon give way to grounded, sensual Taurus. The fiery god of war will pass the baton of life’s seasonal cycle to the Earth Goddess. She brings abundance to the land by giving stability to new life, so that it thrives, producing a bounty of sustenance. But, we still have a few weeks before the Sun moves into Taurus, so Mars will keep running ablaze of impulsive, instinctual energy until Venus brings things down to earth. This transition can feel like a straight line of energy being pulled into a circle. The great effort required to start something new, like the new season, must be contained and focused, to grow and fulfill its purpose. If you have been lacking the determination and dedication to make use of your own energy in tangible, productive ways, this shift can help. Use it to your advantage!

Astrology is like a map of your personal wiring and energy. It also reminds you of your deepest desires and intentions for growth. It’s an amazing tool to bring about awareness, raise consciousness, and increase empathy and compassion. Check your natal chart out at

The Moon takes about 28 days to complete her orbit through the 12 signs, spending approximately two and a half days in each sign. When we say the Moon is void-of-course (VoC), it means the Moon makes no more major aspects to other planets until it leaves the sign it’s in. We sometimes say the Moon is floating between signs during these times, and it creates a sense of timelessness. You can embrace these events by slowing down and tuning into your inner guidance. It’s not the best time to start new things, but it’s a perfect opportunity to make room for what’s to come. If you want to know more, check out

Sunday, April 1
Be open to new ideas, that when put into action, serve an important purpose. With Mercury/Sun conjunction in Aries, thoughts and communication are in the spotlight and apt to come out with blunt directness. Add Mars/Saturn conjunction to the party and expect challenges around leadership. Who is really in charge? Mars/Saturn is like driving with the brakes on. Carefully choose how to use your energy, so you don’t waste it through frustration. Libra Moon VoC begins 1:29 p.m. until 5:57 p.m. when the Moon enters Scorpio.

Monday, April 2
Moon in Scorpio is an enchantress and seductress. Her nature demands everything. Have you been holding out on yourself or someone else? If you’ve been afraid to go deeper with something you know you really want, today is a good day to risk the vulnerability to feel more alive.

Tuesday, April 3
Scorpio/Moon/Jupiter conjunction invites you even deeper into your desire for intensity and power. How are you empowering yourself? What stands in your way? Use today to feel the edges of limitation and set intentions to go beyond. If dark feelings seem to take over, dive in and become the light. Scorpio Moon VoC begins 11:06 a.m. until tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 4
You aren’t alone if your thoughts don’t match your actions today. Mercury/Mars square is a challenge that often manifests as angry or overly assertive words and body language. Give yourself space to develop a new dialogue between your mental processing and instinctual reactions. Scorpio Moon VoC ends 1:55 a.m. when the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Thursday, April 5
What you want and what is true for you may feel at odds with the demands and beliefs of society. One does not have to be sacrificed for the other, but finding the balance is not always easy. Mercury/ Saturn and Moon/Neptune squares are an opportunity for personal growth that leads to more maturity and compassion.

Friday, April 6
If your emotions have been limiting your ability to see clearly, today’s Moon/Uranus trine will be liberating. This, along with Moon in Capricorn will give us all some emotional breathing room and objectivity. Try stepping back and observing from the outer edge temporarily, for a fresh view. Sagittarius Moon VoC begins 8:36 a.m. until 1:01 p.m. when the Moon enters Capricorn.

Saturday, April 7
With many aspects to the Moon today, don’t worry if you feel moody. We’ll all be navigating these waters. With Mars and Saturn up close and personal, slow down before jumping off the handle or laying down the law. It will be very easy to make demands you may later regret.

Sunday, April 8
Another energetically active day – contrary to the “easy like Sunday” pleasure of songs. Moon/Pluto conjunction can be particularly overwhelming, and in Capricorn, its power is even stronger. Have you been resisting change? If so, today will push your buttons. Let your transformation begin and work with the metamorphic vibrations. Capricorn Moon VoC begins 9:40 p.m. until tomorrow.

Monday, April 9
No stressful planetary aspects with an Aquarius Moon. Enjoy the breath of fresh air and harmonious opportunities. Change is upon us, but we’re preparing for it and learning to choose wisely. Are you getting better at finding the calm in the storm? Capricorn Moon VoC ends 1:50 a.m. when the Moon enters Aquarius.

Tuesday, April 10
The Queen of Swords is our Tarot card of the day, representing Libran grace. Are you using the combination of your head and heart to make balanced decisions? Moon Venus square helps us feel where there is friction, and invites us to bring more ease, beauty and peace to our lives.

Wednesday, April 11
Moving into Pisces early this afternoon, mysterious Moon may sweep us away into the ocean of emotion. Remember, you know how to float and flow with the currents. Aquarius Moon VoC begins 9:55 a.m. until 1:40 p.m. when the Moon enters Pisces.

Thursday, April 12
Sextiles bring opportunity, and today’s Moon sextiles Saturn, Mars and Venus. How can emotional, subjective Moon combine with authoritative, achievement-driven Saturn, action-oriented Mars and receptive, relationship-focused Venus? Each planet represents part of your psyche. Your Moon-self has real human needs and is motivated by feelings. When you take charge of getting your needs met with maturity (Saturn), channel your energy into your true desires and purpose (Mars), and truly listen to and cooperate with others (Venus), your strength, vitality and beauty increase exponentially.

Friday, April 13
Renew your commitment to yourself. Moon/Juno conjunction reminds us our first responsibility is to ourselves. Pisces Moon VoC begins 6:27 a.m. until 10:25 p.m. when the Moon enters Aries.

Saturday, April 14
Moon/Saturn square in cardinal signs reflects struggle between action and leaders. Moon in Aries wants to do its own thing, with its own agenda. Saturn in Capricorn is concerned with respect, accomplishment and society’s measure of success. If you find yourself fighting against, or to be the authority, try honoring both sides, especially within yourself.

Sunday, April 15
What a day for new beginnings! Mercury turns direct in Aries and we have a New Aries Moon tonight. The sign of initiation, action and courage is amplified today, and with Uranus and Pluto adding their influence, liberation and transformation are right at our fingertips. Send your New Moon intentions into the universe with a punch of power. Mercury, the messenger, is back on track just in time to get them exactly where they need to go.

Monday, April 16
Take a moment to enjoy the magic of nature, delicious food and beauty in the diversified expressions of life. Taurus Moon is yummy – take time to fully receive simple pleasures. Aries Moon VoC begins 12:59 a.m. until 3:51 a.m. when the Moon enters Taurus.

Tuesday, April 17
After eight years in Pisces, Chiron enters Aries. The wounded-healer is beginning a new cycle around the zodiac. Chiron in Aries brings great potential for healing wounds associated with identity, initiation and asserting ourselves. Aries seems programmed to fight for everything. Even if we’ve put on a mask of bold confidence, we may not have had the guts to act on our own behalf, when it really counts. Chiron in Aries opens wounds of perceived weakness, so we can heal, harnessing our inherent courage, physical strength and capability. Taurus Moon VoC begins 5:05 p.m. until tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 18
Last night, Saturn turned retrograde, challenging us to re-examine our lives and what we are working towards. From now until September, everything we think we know about rules, success, authority, accountability and mastery is up for review. Today’s Sun/Uranus conjunction offers a brilliant insight that renews your sense of purpose. Veer off your usual course to make room for fresh perspective. Taurus Moon VoC ends 7:02 a.m. when the Moon enters Gemini.

Thursday, April 19
Do you feel the approach of Venus, hear her music, see the flowers springing up as she steps? Tonight, Sun enters Taurus, radiating fertility and sensuality. Send love to yourself and the Earth.

Friday, April 20

Moon/Sun sextile = opportunity for your inner and outer light to unite into something more amazing than ever. Let your feelings and intuition add new depth to how you shine in the world. Gemini Moon VoC begins 7:04 a.m. until 9:26 a.m. when the Moon enters Cancer.

Saturday, April 21
With Moon/Neptune and Jupiter trines, emotions and reactions may be magnified and sensitized. Moon also contacts Mars and Pluto, so expect some ups and downs as well as anger that quickly turns to tears. Cancer Moon gets through life on feelings. Remember that feelings are not always the best way to judge or measure.

Sunday, April 22
Waxing Half Moon in Leo encourages us to test things out to see if they work. This Moon phase is about taking action toward goals, without over-thinking. If you’re excited about something, and ready to try it out, take your show on the road! Pluto is retrograde until October, a time to turn inward to redefine and revision empowerment. For all of us who seek power outside ourselves, this period will serve to sever cords of unhealthy attachment, so we can stand more fully on our own. Cancer Moon VoC begins 9:58 a.m. until 12:09 p.m. when the Moon enters Leo.

Monday, April 23
Moon is in Leo and the cosmic weather is calm. If you’re feeling a lack of external stimulation today, dive into your lunar landscape with dream journaling, music, meditation or anything that evokes the mystery of visions, images and feelings.

Tuesday, April 24
The goddess of love enters Gemini, where she delights in words, connections, and variety. With Venus in Gemini, we enjoy the social and intellectual aspects of relationships. What is your language of love? Gemini is a fantastic translator – use this transit to practice the art of communication and cultivate the ability to see both sides of every situation. Leo Moon VoC begins 1:39 p.m. until 3:40 p.m. when the Moon enters Virgo.

Wednesday, April 25
On his own day of the week, Mercury does not initially appreciate the Saturn square. Also, you may not welcome the rigid feeling that Saturn can bring. Mercury wants to keep things moving, but Saturn puts on pressure to slow down and evaluate direction. Make sure your mind and mouth are not moving ahead of your heart and its wisdom.

Thursday, April 26
Today could start intensely. When Mars and Pluto come together, there can be a battle of the wills, and the power planets fight to the death. Today’s Mars/Pluto conjunction could manifest as positive ego transformation, or anger and obsessive control. Moon’s harmonious aspects make it easier to choose the good fight. Virgo Moon VoC begins 4:49 a.m. until 8:12 p.m. when the Moon enters Libra.

Friday, April 27
Libra Moon’s ease and natural sense of balance helps you choose more peace and harmony. If you feel in opposition with yourself or others, remove any division and visualize the entire situation, including both sides, as one. If you are not against something else, can you find new middle ground? If the scales are tipped too far, will you act with decision and let the dead weight go? Libra offers the mirror. Use it to see and act with more clarity.

Saturday, April 28
If you worked with Libra yesterday, you are better prepared for today. Moon, Pluto, Mars, and Uranus challenging aspects typically rock the “I feel okay” boat. Libra Moon doesn’t like messy and avoids conflict. Can you stay centered and balanced when the going gets tough, dirty and ugly? Sometimes, the safety of what we know and how we’ve learned to cope prevents our growth on a deeper level. Are you ready to stretch outside your comfort zone? It may be your ticket to your true home.

Sunday, April 29
Celebrate the manifestation of your intentions under the Full Scorpio Moon tonight. In the light of awareness, are you willing to confront yourself, including your vulnerability? Your power is in your vulnerability – your willingness to be intimate with yourself and others, in the light and the dark. Libra Moon VoC begins 12:32 a.m. until 2:11 a.m. when the Moon enters Scorpio.

Monday, April 30
What did the Full Moon reveal last night? Today’s Moon/Jupiter conjunction will show you even more, if you are brave enough to trust your gut. You may discover the story of yourself is different than you once believed. As you transform right now, your past and future are converging in the present. You are the change. May your unfolding metamorphosis bring you abundance in ways you never imagined. Scorpio Moon VoC begins 9:56 p.m. until tomorrow.


Tara Aal is a practicing astrologer, writer and teacher. She studied Evolutionary Astrology with Laura Nalbandian and is a certified Soulsign Astrologer through Adam Gainsburg’s program. Visit

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