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Ask Alecia – April 2018


Q. I’m happily married and have been working closely on a creative project with someone of the opposite sex. I’ve felt sexual feelings, but I’m not really attracted to this man. What’s going on? — Married Creative

A. Dear Married Creative,
These situations often arise between people of the opposite sex who work closely together on creative projects. If more people were consciously aware of the potential nature of this situation, many relationships could remain intact, as it’s not always what it seems.

Creativity, sexuality and intimacy are all issues that reside in the second chakra of the body’s energy system. Many mistakenly read their feelings as sexual when, in fact, it may just be the energetic fire of shared creative exchange. We often see this happen with actors who are working on a film and end up becoming a couple on set.

It’s very common for people to gain a sense of intimacy while collaborating on an innovative project. If there’s respect and good energy between the two, accompanied by good ideas that build energy and cohesiveness around the flow of the project, it can feel like there’s special magic being created between those two people. This amps up the sacral chakra energies into a higher, more sensitive state of feeling that might be misperceived as sexual. This dynamic has caused many people to mistakenly act on those feelings in a carnal way which can create problems if either are in committed relationships.

Anxiety and excitement are both aroused emotions that can feel quite similar. Likewise, excited creative energy and sexual feelings can sometimes be hard to differentiate as both are quite passionate and filled with magnetism. Awareness around this allows us scan ourselves with discernment for clarity. It takes conscious maturity and integrity to stand as the captain of our ship, while guiding our actions and intentions away from the dangers of untoward sexual temptations, into safer harbors. Doing so can keep us properly aligned in our working relationships, to insure that our energy remains clean and that the project continues on uncorrupted.


Q. At times my best girlfriends, whom I deeply trust, call out my issues, which can irritate me for months, sometimes longer. I have been perplexed as to how they could think those things and they remain a mental aggravation. I’m not sure how to process this without projecting onto them.  — Clutching My Pearls

A. Dear Clutching My Pearls,
There are several reasons that this can happen. I’ll concentrate on one. Often it’s easier for others to see our issues than it is for us to clearly see our own, hence the saying “You can’t see the forest for the trees.”

In higher vibrational friendships with others who know us very well, it wouldn’t be unusual for them to sometimes see things about us more clearly than we can see for ourselves. We all have blind spots of which we’re not aware of, or sometimes even hide from, until someone else puts a voice to them. I know this has been the case in my life.

There have been many times that close friends have highlighted something about me that has not rung true at the time, yet it continued to haunt me as I pondered ways to explain to them why they were wrong. Over time, I have found myself returning to the conversation over and over again, due to my confusion over the seemingly mistaken differences in perspective.

Why would I stick with this pattern? Because I entrust myself to the wisdom of these sisters who would only point out what they thought would be helpful to my personal growth and consciousness. I trust them so deeply that I just can’t dismiss potential imbalances that they’ve highlighted, due to experiencing a history of my blind spots being slowly revealed over time. The interesting thing is that eventually, sometimes over many months or even years, I have an AHA! moment that reveals the grain of sand they were initially trying to expose.

Occasionally, people will plant a grain of sand in our consciousness that serves as an irritant to our inner victim that we just can’t release. Oysters get irritated by grains of sand and cover them over with layers of minerals that eventually produce a pearl. The same can be so with obsessions that perplex us. They can eventually reveal that which was previously hidden, if we stand in self-excavation instead of projecting back onto others because we’re offended at what they say. This process allows us to eventually mine our own internal pearls of wisdom.

Alecia Rice integrates higher concepts with wisdom to bring forth balance, perspective, and clarity. She’s a personal advisor, speaker and gatherer of women. For perspective on personal issues, you’re invited to text questions and comments to 681-321-1109. Discussions continue at @AskAlecia on Facebook.

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