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Cosmic Daily Weather – April 2016

By Kaye Berjot

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Please note: Times given are for CST, Central Standard Time. For EST, add one hour; for MST, subtract one hour; for PST, subtract two hours.
The Moon Void of Course (VoC) is the time period from when the Moon makes its last aspect in one sign before moving into the next sign. The Moon is the fastest-moving planet and transitions from one sign into the next every 1-3 days. What that means is that the Moon is constantly in motion, it’s never retrograde, so it’s inevitable that she will connect with “something,” i.e. another planet or transit, until the moment that she doesn’t. During the moments when she doesn’t connect, we call it the Moon Void of Course. When these events occur, the best thing to do is to meditate, sit still, and listen to your higher guidance. Sitting still does not mean to physically sit still, although it can be beneficial.
In February you didn’t have all of the information. In March the missing pieces of the puzzle were filled in. In April your plans have been readjusted, and you’re putting those plans into action. This might sound strange, considering that during the month of April we will have a great deal of planets in retrograde motion. Saturn went retrograde March 25th, Mars retrogrades April 17th, Pluto retrogrades April 18th, Mercury retrogrades April 28th, and Jupiter still remains in retrograde motion. So what does all of this retrograde action mean? Most people might say that it means to slow down, and not make any drastic or sudden changes. With that said, it’s also a time when you can make movements because you utilized all of the fast-paced energy that Mars was gifting you prior to its retrograde. With all of this retrograde energy you are rediscovering pieces of yourself that have been missing in action. The Aries and Taurus energy is providing motivation and pride in what you know you can become. Move swiftly and stand firm; most of all enjoy April’s energy as it provides you with a clean slate.
Friday, April 1
A retrograde Saturn trines the Sun, Uranus, and Mercury, and you could feel like you’re covering old ground. As you retrace your steps, things that were once hidden seem to become much clearer. It’s like you’ve found a precious jewel buried underneath a pile of sand. While Saturn makes positive aspects to some planets, it squares Neptune, Venus, and a retrograde Jupiter. These squares are encouraging you to remove all illusions from your vicinity. This includes people, actions, and things. You don’t want to be rude about it; you just want to set clear boundaries that you can live by. Moon VoC 11:39 am- 8:37 pm. 
Saturday, April 2
The Moon starts off in Aquarius and could have you a little anxious. As Pluto and the Moon square the Sun, Uranus, and Mercury in Aries, you might question who you are without the emotional ties that bind. Pluto with its trine to Jupiter Rx is letting you know that you are a much healthier person without all of those chains. Saturn Rx along with Mars are also in on the conversation. They are reinforcing what Pluto says; change for the better.
Sunday, April 3
It’s hard to let go when someone else is telling you to let go. You have to be the person that’s ready. The sextile from Saturn to the Moon is letting you know that you’re ready. For quite some time you’ve been reinventing yourself, and although the full overhaul is not complete, there are some portions that are. These moments are about celebrating how far you’ve come, not about how far you have to go. Moon VoC 6:16 pm to 12:46 am. 
Monday, April 4
The energy from the weekend continues along at the start of the week. Today you might need to take an idea for a test run. Can you run as fast as you think you can? Can you push through for as long as you’d hoped? You’ll never know unless you give it a try, so, try today. 
Tuesday, April 5
The Moon is in Pisces, and you could want to emotionally shift a few things. Things like what is it you think when you feel like your motivation is waning? Do you tell yourself to give up, or do you give yourself a good old pep talk? Understanding the type of motivation that you need will help you through the challenging times. Moon VoC 5:33 am -1:46 am. 
Wednesday, April 6
Venus makes its way into Aries today, and comes into close contact with the Moon. As the two sextile Mars you become focused on making positive movements towards emotional healing. This occurs just as Mercury makes its way out of Aries and heads towards Taurus. In Taurus Mercury will begin planting seeds that are more in tune with your values. Make sure you plant those seeds in the right spot, because when the flowers start to bloom so will you. 
Thursday, April 7
Venus is having a one-on-one conversation with Mars today. The two have decided that it’s time to start being the person that you know you are. It’s been tough to break away from the pack, yet it’s been a worthwhile endeavor. There is nothing wrong with taking time out from the rest of the pack. The only decisions that need to be made are the ones that you make. Others can make decisions for themselves, while you concentrate on you. New Moon 6:25 AM. VoC 9:56 am until tomorrow.
Friday, April 8
Today you’re on a solo mission. It’s one of those days when you feel like you’ve packed an overnight bag, and you’re running away from home. The most interesting thing about this day is that you’re not actually running away from home; instead you’re moving towards your new version of home. The Moon VoC ends 1:10 am. 
Saturday, April 9
The best thing about beginning anew is that you get to start fresh. This time around you have more information and experience under your belt.  You’ve recognized that there are ways of avoiding the traps that can take you off course. Boundaries are good when they allow you to experience unlimited amounts of gratitude. Moon VoC 4:49 am until tomorrow.
Sunday, April 10
The Moon and Mars are in opposition today. This aspect could have you wondering whether or not you’re moving too fast, or not fast enough. The answer to that question is to just keep moving at a comfortable pace. Mars knows that you have to keep going with positive energy, because in the next few days you’ll want to take a rest. It’ll be harder to gain new ground later on if you don’t push yourself through these last few hurdles. VoC ends 12:59 am. 
Monday, April 11
As the Moon enters Gemini it makes an opposition to Mars and a retrograde Saturn. The squares to Jupiter Rx and Neptune are not helping out with this dose of excitement/anxiety that has shown up on your doorstep. If you are trying out something new today, do your best to go with the flow. There is no room in your new lifestyle for fear; there is only growth. VoC 1:57 pm until tomorrow. 
Tuesday, April 12
Today you might not love where you’re at emotionally. With that said, you know that these are just the first steps in moving towards a more dynamic you. In time you will love what you discover, and you will feel right at home. The changes you’ve just made were enormous. It takes strength and courage to accept the challenge as gracefully as you have. Rather than crumble, you’ve persevered. A pat on the back is very much deserved right about now. VoC ends 3:07 am. 
Wednesday, April 13
The Moon is in its home sign of Cancer, and she’d love to kick up her feet as if it were the weekend. Unfortunately, it’s not the weekend, and you still have work to do before Mars goes retrograde. Try to keep your emotions in check for another couple of days, even though you want to fall apart. It takes time to digest everything that has just taken place. No one will blame you if you need to take a little time out. VoC 10:59 pm until tomorrow. 
Thursday, April 14
Today feels like a pressure cooker. The Moon is opposing Pluto, and your emotions could be changing every 10 seconds. A while back you pinpointed the type of pep talk you needed in order to keep you from quitting just when you were about to succeed. So get out that notepad that you wrote that mantra on, and start reading it out loud. VoC ends 8:53 am. 
Friday, April 15
The Moon is in Leo, and surprisingly enough you’re feeling calm. This could be because you’ve walked yourself through a tough week, gave yourself the nurturing that you needed, or finally figured out that you could motivate yourself to move forward, even when you just wanted to sit down. In any case, BRAVO!
Saturday, April 16
Today you can sit down and reflect on everything that has transpired over the week. If you want to cry, you can. Just make sure that some of those tears are happy tears. VoC 12:48 pm until 6:23 pm. 
Sunday, April 17
Mars goes retrograde in Sagittarius today. So you might want to sleep late, or stay in bed catching up on a good book. Even if you opt for a walk in the park, you’ll discover new insights into your psyche, because today starts a time period of reflection. The past few months have been about how you were going to do something, and now it’s about understanding why you’ve chosen this path. Think back to mid-February for clues. 
Monday, April 18
The Moon is in Virgo and coupled up with Jupiter Rx. You’re getting a good dose of the “what’s healthy for me.” Although Mars has gone retrograde, you have learned from all of the energy that he’s been giving you since February. Mars may not be at its max speed, yet you are. That’s all that matters. Pluto goes retrograde today, and is giving you an opportunity to customize your health regimen, so if you need to add more vitamins to the mix go ahead and do so. VoC 7:29 am until tomorrow. 
Tuesday, April 19
Today looks a lot like yesterday. With three planets retrograde you are fine-tuning your thoughts and actions. You are learning that not every scenario requires the same response. Sometimes you have to customize that response to fit the audience. VoC ends 6:24 am. Moon enters Libra.
Wednesday, April 20
With the Moon in Libra, opposition Venus, and squared Pluto, you could arrive at a critical juncture.  Others may call on you to change course, and have you questioning whether or not you’ve done right by them. The bigger question is, “have you done right by you?”
Thursday, April 21
Do leopards change their spots? The answer to this question just might be yes, no, and/or maybe. The real question however, is whether or not you’re the leopard. Don’t give up what you’ve worked so hard for to appease others. You’ve shed your spots already, so you have no more spots to change. You have a clean slate now. VoC 1:13 am until 7:17 pm. 
Friday, April 22
It’s Full Moon Friday, at 12:25 am CST. The Moon is in Scorpio, and you are going after your desires. Unlike most full Moons where you’re letting go of something, you’re letting something in. What you’re letting in is hope. This is the type of faith that is based upon what you are capable of manifesting for yourself, rather than on what others can manifest for you. 
Saturday, April 23
There is a diamond in the sky today, and it’s shining for you. You’ve finally learned how to plant your own seeds, and take care of them. You’ve learned how to dole out the right dosage of communication in order to hold close what is valuable to you. This doesn’t mean that you are withholding information. It just means that you’re no longer going to sacrifice yourself over and over again. VoC 4:46 pm until tomorrow.
Sunday, April 24
The sun is shining a spotlight today. That ray of sunshine is lighting up your sector of health and vitality. As you look towards the possibilities, make sure that they are glittered with faith and longevity. Wishful thinking doesn’t have a place in this garden. The only thing that works is work itself. VoC ends 7:46 am. 
Monday, April 25
The Moon is in Sagittarius and conjunct Mars retrograde. Yowza! This is the first time that your emotions have been solid. You aren’t wavering back and forth on whether or not you’ve chosen correctly. The decision has been made, and if for some reason in the future you need to change course then you will. Now is not the time to change course, especially when you’ve only just begun.
Tuesday, April 26
Saturn and the Moon are sending positive vibes to Uranus (planet of innovation), and Venus (planet of love and values). You are reinventing yourself from the outside in with this type of energy. You’ve learned how to walk again, and you’ve learned how to live. So walk and live with your head held high. VoC 10:51 am until 6:54 pm. 
Wednesday, April 27
Pluto square Venus and Uranus will show you that teaching yourself how to change is not an easy task. You’re at a place in life where you have to unlearn everything, so that you can understand from your own point of view. Some people won’t be on board with this change of attitude, and some will be your biggest champions. Make sure that you migrate towards your biggest champions.
Thursday, April 28
Mercury has been on a solo adventure for the past few days. Today it goes retrograde in Taurus, and is sextile Pluto and the Moon. This is one of those times when a retrograde Mercury isn’t so scary, because it’s showing you what you are able to accomplish when you plant your seeds of change in the right spot. 
Friday, April 29
Today is an enlightened and happy day. If you look at all of the progress that you’ve made since the beginning of the month, you should be amazed. You’ve accomplished things that others didn’t think that you could. Yet, they are things that you knew you could accomplish! Life has changed a great deal since the beginning of the year. Look at how far you’ve come! The universe is proud! VoC 2:07 am until 3:47 am. 
Saturday, April 30
It’s another amazing day. Yeah, there are some rumblings in the background, yet they aren’t loud enough to zap your energy. The Moon is in Aquarius, thereby allowing your new community to take shape. As it squares the Sun in Taurus, you are the one who decides which community aspects are worthy of your investment. It’s your life, and you’re the final decision maker. Choose wisely. VoC 9:56 pm until tomorrow.
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