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Community Happenings – December 2016



SnowFlake Healing is now open! Come visit us on December 3 & 4 to experience our Psychic Faire!

We will be offering: Readings and Reiki $1.00/minute, Free lectures on many spiritual subjects, advice on all things occult, Books, Incense, Ritual supplies, Statuary, Jewelry, Divination tools, Crystals, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Handmade Soy intention candles, Herbs, Henna Artist, Ava’s Naturals beauty products.

Location:  SnowFlake Healing 153 Market St. Willow Springs, IL 60480.

Call: 708‐330‐5346.

We are just steps from the Metra! Find us on Facebook.



Thursday, Dec 8 –  Free EFT workshop

Three interesting “Too good to be true” topics.

1.      Learn how you are affected by other peoples' energy, and even by your own thoughts. Learn how to protect yourself. Learn a simple five-second tool to achieve a state of calmness that will be useful for the rest of your life.

2.       Learn about and actually experience EFT, the gentle tapping therapy for emotional and physical symptom release. PTSD, grief, digestive issues, hip-knee-back-shoulder pains substantially lessen. In individual sessions on the phone, Tom Masbaum guarantees success. You will also experience some relief even in this short amount of time.

3.       Also experience at no charge the eight-minute PEMF therapy now being put into the NASA space suits. This patented technology improves your blood flow, thus increasing your good health.

Come and experience a new spiritual center in Chicago. The workshop is free, but donations are good karma. 7-9pm, Soul Path Studio, 1038 N. Damen Ave., Chicago, 60622. Shelley 773-802-8167. Tom Masbaum,, 708-955-3634,



Susan Barker, The Mandala Coach

Offers holistic physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing in Mundelein. 

“My philosophy is that we have the answers to our own healing, whether we need to heal a relationship, a mindset that is keeping us stuck or physically, it is all related. Physical symptoms are a manifestation of a body that is trying to tell us something, a mind that is disengaged from the body, emotions that are being ignored, or a soul that has been forgotten.” 

Susan’s clients are taking back their power to heal from mystery symptoms such as fatigue, inflammation, vertigo, sleep interruption, foggy mind, anxiousness, frustration, and pain. 

Susan is a Life Empowerment Coach holding degrees from Drake University, and the University of Iowa, as well as completing years of training and certification in Coaching, Holistic and Medical Hypnosis, and NLP.

You can read more about her at,  or call 847-566-5884.



Jeff Vekony, Certified Business Coach – FocalPoint Business Coaching

As a FocalPoint Business and Executive Coach I'm focused on helping business owners and leaders improve their businesses, their careers, and their lives.

I work with business owners and executives who are passionate about their business and personal success, to help them gain a new or renewed focus and clarity on their goals and strategic vision, helping to guide them to their pinnacle performance.

Together we focus on the key areas of strategy:

-goal setting

-improved time management

-building effective work teams

-increased revenues and sales

-transition strategies

-personal goals

-enhanced leadership skills

-greater work

-personal life balance

Jeff Vekony, Certified Business Coach

FocalPoint Business Coaching – 630-208-7270


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