Friday , August 7 2020

The Arts

Chanting OM in the Key of the Earth

By Steven Halpern According to the ancient spiritual traditions of India, OM is the primordial vibration that is the harmonic building block of our three-dimensional world. For millennia, people have chanted this mantra to enhance attunement with the quantum field in meditation and yoga practices. OM ZONE 432 began as …

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Pyramids, Politics, and Sound Healing

By Steven Halpern   My last column was written as I flew off to Chicago to be a presenter at the first Global Pyramid Conference. I've been fascinated by the Great Pyramid ever since I read Edgar Cayce's channeled information about ancient Egypt. In 1980, I was part of the …

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Notes on Prince, Pain, and Sleep Deprivation

By Steven Halpern Writing this column on May 8, the news of Prince’s death is still stunning and painful. During a moment of silence at the ZMR Music Awards on Saturday night, you could feel the wave of emotion in the room. It still feels like it happened yesterday.   …

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Mindfulness and Music: Fact-Checking the Field

By Steven Halpern   With the presidential primary in full swing now, I find the Fact Checking websites and program segments some of the most valuable.    Over the years, I’ve provided quite a bit of truth telling with respect to the sound healing and New Age music field.   …

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Musicians in Transition and Meditating on Mortality

By Steven Halpern In the past two months, we’ve lost several superstar musicians, David Bowie and Glenn Frey chief among them.   Through their music and creativity, they affected millions of people the world over. That’s certainly a main reason so many of us felt their loss so intensely. We’ve …

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STARTING THE YEAR OFF ON A GOOD NOTE! Affirmations vs. Resolutions, Audible vs. Subliminal?

By Steven Halpern Long before 'intention' became a popular meme, I had learned about, and validated in my own life, the power of positive affirmations. Like many who grew up in the 1960s, I was not aware that I had been 'using' affirmations for years already.  The problem was, however, …

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