Wednesday , January 27 2021


Ask Alecia – May 2020

By Alecia Rice Q: I’m a hot mess! I need some tools to deal with sheltering in place. What might I do to get through this long, challenging experience? — Cabin Fever Alecia: Dear Cabin Fever, Through the lens of higher consciousness, this is about so much more than catching a virus or sheltering in place. Conscious attention can be placed on the following to mine the internal gems that these circumstances present as higher opportunities …

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The Circle Unbroken – The Sacred Healing Power of a Women’s Circle

By Kristi Derkacy There are a few things you should know before you join a women’s healing circle. You will be welcomed unconditionally, in whatever state you are in, exactly as you are. There is space for all of you, no matter what your stories are, how you feel about …

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