Ask Alecia – February 2021

By Alecia Rice

Q: I’m a spiritual woman who runs in spiritual circles. I’ve seen a trend lately of lightworkers undermining other lightworkers by judging their way of being, as if somehow, they’re doing it wrong. I’ve been a target of it myself. I find this a disturbing trend, and I’m not quite sure how to process it. Any words of wisdom? — Just Observing

A: Dear Just Observing,

All manner of wisdom has been shared throughout the millennia regarding chaotic times like these. One of my favorites is, “Be in the world but not of it.” This concept offers the guidance to understand that while we do live physically on the planet with billions of other human beings, our calling is to raise our consciousness, to BE and create from a higher energetic place that many don’t yet understand.

Many of us have learned about the difference between 3D (the real world out there) and 5D (the thought/being energetic world inside). Our beliefs and thoughtforms create new higher ways of being, which beckon us to bridge heaven and Earth by embodying higher spiritual concepts, and yet-to-be-realized modes of energetic creation. This makes us Energetic Revolutionaries of Light.

We each have a very specific spiritual purpose and calling, “a spiritual occupation,” if you will. We come hardwired with passions to live out that purpose. We’re called to BE and DO in our unique way, which isn’t for anyone else to question or judge. In these times, we must follow our hearts and our guidance as to how we, as unique individuals, are meant to shine as beacons of light and possibility in this world, while breaking from the herd to be way-showers of a new way.

As lightworkers, many of us struggle somewhere between setting our spiritual ambitions and meeting those goals, which can cause us to be hard on ourselves. This can then cause us to be hard on others, due to our own discontent with not being our highest vision. We must be mindful that even though we are a tribe that stands in the highest intention of raising conscious awareness on the planet, every single one of us comes with our own unique mission.

For unity, it’s important not to judge other lightworkers, but to hold space for who they are and what they do as their own energy signature, which represents their unique flavor of work on the planet. Trust them to know themselves, while we do the same for ourselves, for there’s BIG work to be done. If they are imbalanced, hold space for their highest good.

Some are meant to be the provocateurs and the agitators to wake the collective up to a spiritual and conscious revolution. Others are sensitive empaths that aren’t meant to take that job on because their nervous systems can’t take it. Others came to fully embody love, so that others might be touched by the magic of that unconditional experience. Still others are called to create conscious media, which stimulates the body, mind and spirit through images, words and sounds that bypass the mind, moving energy through the more subtle subconscious channels.

We have different jobs, each of which requires a distinct set of skills and abilities to fulfill our unique part of the energetic puzzle. It’s imperative to remember this as the collective shadow rises to the surface to be healed. It’s of the utmost importance to manage our imbalances so as not to leak our energy onto those who have a different job to do. Most importantly, we need to honor those of our tribe who believe the same things yet whose calling may look different. Don’t undermine their work.

None of us gets to decide or determine the right/wrong, good/bad of how others are doing it. If we find ourselves doing so, it’s important to notice and make a conscious notation, that’s not who we want to be, point ourselves in another direction, and resist the temptation to get in someone else’s business. They know who they are, where they’re going, and how they’re supposed to get there. It’s not up to another to make that assumption.

We need to keep our eyes on our path. There’s no time to be siphoning off another lightworkers energy through judgment. Merely hold them up, trusting them to be clear on their path and purpose. It’s challenging enough for us to figure out how to complete our mission.

Alecia Rice is a Spiritual Alchemist and a personal advisor for those ready to unravel their issues with conscious choices. She offers grounded perspectives for energy management and sage insights in columns, videos, and podcasts. Visit for more information. Submit personal questions and quandaries to [email protected].  

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