Saturday , January 23 2021


Only Two Spiritual Paths

By Joyce & Barry Vissell After 46 years of spiritual study and practice, and Joyce and I immersing ourselves in many forms of spirituality, I am realizing for myself that there are ultimately only two spiritual paths. Both are equally important!   I love the saying, “We are human beings on …

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”When ‘I’m not Good Enough’ Meets ‘I Have to Take Care of Everyone’”

By Joyce & Barry Vissell These two core issues (or negative messages from childhood) often meet and interact with one another, sometimes in disastrous ways. Usually the carriers of these issues are more or less unaware of them.   “I’m not good enough” (often, but not always, a man) thinks, …

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Remembering to Say Thank You

Remembering to Say Thank You by Joyce and Barry Vissell Column: The Shared Heart New Dimensions of Relationship When our children were little, I read stories over and over that I hoped would instill positive qualities in them. One story always stood out. It was a little book, and the title was, …

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