Ask Alecia

Ask Alecia – December 2020

By Alecia Rice Q: I’m concerned about the holidays approaching and having family over with differing political views. How can we keep from arguing about politics? — The Other Side A: Dear The Other Side, It’s definitely a sticky time politically. Many of us are consumed with this controversial topic. …

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Ask Alecia – October 2020

By Alecia Rice Q: My Facebook friend unexpectedly blocked me without conflict or explanation. So, I can’t even contact her to ask why. I’m hurt and don’t know how to process this other than getting mad. — Blindsided A: Dear Blindsided, Social media engagements can be emotionally tricky to navigate, especially when …

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Ask Alecia – July 2020

By Alecia Rice Q: I’m feeling so much social pressure. It’s hard enough to make decisions without feeling pressed by others. How do I make decisions under these circumstances? — Under Pressure A: Dear Under Pressure, We’re feeling all kinds of social pressures lately. Do we wear a mask, volunteer or schedule …

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Ask Alecia – May 2020

By Alecia Rice Q: I’m a hot mess! I need some tools to deal with sheltering in place. What might I do to get through this long, challenging experience? — Cabin Fever Alecia: Dear Cabin Fever, Through the lens of higher consciousness, this is about so much more than catching a virus or sheltering in place. Conscious attention can be placed on the following to mine the internal gems that these circumstances present as higher opportunities …

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Ask Alecia – April 2020

By Alecia Rice Q: I’m so ungrounded and fearful lately. I feel like it’s controlling me. How can I change this?  —­ Fearfully Ungrounded A: Dear Fearfully Ungrounded, Fear is merely a thought, yet it can feel very real and solid. It spawns anxiety which controls and cripples us if …

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Ask Alecia – March 2020

By Alecia Rice Q: I’m an only child. Mom’s aging and not in the best health. When I think of her passing, I get overwhelmed—not only with the heartbreak of it—but also the thought of dealing with her possessions and important paperwork because she’s terribly unorganized. Any advice on making …

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