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Ask Alecia – June 2020

By Alecia Rice

Q: Things have gotten so confusing lately. I used to think that I had it all together, but I don’t feel that I know much of anything now. I see so many conflicting stories with differing narratives of what’s happening. Nothing seems to align anymore. How do I make sense of it all?

— Topsy Turvy

A: Dear Topsy Turvy,

You’re not alone in your confusion. Most people I know feel the same way. Paradigm shifts abound. I saw a quote that said, “We’re all in the same storm, yet we’re in different boats.” This describes our similar—yet varying—circumstances, which cause us to process in different ways.

We’re simultaneously enduring deep uncertainty in ways that we’ve never experienced as a species. There’s no road map or previous experience to refer to as a guide. The future’s an unknown void awaiting new visioning. It may freak us out to admit it, but noone knows the way from here. Yet if we bring our voices to the table and demand that it be so, we can create a new, triumphant global story for humanity of epic proportions.

Growth is a painful, messy process. We have yet to know what’s on the horizon. There are stirrings that seek to untether us from what we thought we knew, so that we may move towards new concepts of being. One of the glues that previously held us together was sharing common beliefs in certain narratives, but we’re outgrowing those. Stories now churn with new assertions that may be challenging in their unfamiliarity. So how do we know what to believe? We can pull up into a depersonalized eagle’s eye view to see the archetypal energies at play for some clues.

Humans typically resist change, but we’re amidst a humanitarian and planetary metamorphosis—a transition of ages. Old templates that don’t serve us anymore are being released, while new foundations for future templates are laid to better serve the collective. Some might call it the struggle of moving out of darkness and control (ignorance/regression/immaturity/dependence) into the light of self-actualization and a new sense of freedom (enlightenment/progression/maturity/independence).

Veils are being pulled away as long-held foundational systems fracture and fail all around us. As more is revealed, we’re called as conscious beings towards the flexibility of mind to reconsider what we thought we knew through new perspectives. As new storylines appear, old and new entities rival for our loyalty and support for their agendas. They seem to challenge and conflict with old stories about structures and motives of systems, governments, healthcare, money, work-life balance, and meaningful existence. Some storylines are revelations, while others hook us with emotionally charged kernels of truth padded with untruths. At first glance, sometimes they “appear” to be one thing, but if one waits and pulls back the curtain, one might be surprised to find that they’re wolves in sheep’s clothing trying to fool us into adopting their agendas.

The balance of power is shifting. It’s time for intuition-building while finding ease with questions more than the answers, as they may not land immediately with the facts. We’re challenged to simmer and synthesize in a new middle ground while getting comfortable with the uncomfortable thought of being in a void of uncertainty for a while. Patience bestows lessons.

Remain curious and flexible of mind in the understanding that two seemingly opposing things can be true at the same time. Question if there’s something within that new narrative that could be true. If so, stay open to that possibility, to see what plugs into it down the road to prove or disprove it, which teaches us to flow in a non-resistant response in the midst of not knowing.

Discernment and curiosity are key as we move into landscapes that we’ve never experienced before. Work on the allowance and acceptance of what is, while unraveling inner resistance which only creates stress. There is no road map from here except what we choose to co-create, which will include adapting to new stories while releasing old ones.

New growth comes through the disruption of patterns and routines which can cause us to feel disoriented and unsure. We’re being remade collectively as a species, one person at a time, while being energetically loosened from our moorings. Will we reach back for the safety of “normal” because it comforts us, or will we have the courage to forge into the scary unknown future co-creating a beautiful, new story together? We’ll make that decision one choice and one person at a time.

Alecia Rice integrates higher concepts with wisdom to bring forth balance, perspective and clarity. She’s a personal advisor, speaker and gatherer of women. For perspective on life issues, you’re invited to text questions and comments to 681-321-1109. Discussions continue at Ask Alecia on Facebook.

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