Ask Alecia

Ask Alecia – October 2019

By Alecia Rice Q: I have a long-time best friend who’s Christian, Republican, kind, good-hearted and thoughtful. We’ve shared politically differing views on gun control, immigration, healthcare, etc. Lately, these issues have us questioning each other’s morals, which is creating problems in our relationship. What can I do to resolve …

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Ask Alecia – July 2019

By Alecia Rice Q: I’m evolving out of my religion into more of a neutral spirituality, yet my husband is still content being a Christian. He’s having difficulty understanding some of my changes. How do we navigate this transition to stay together?— Questioning My Beliefs A: Dear Questioning My Beliefs, …

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Ask Alecia – June 2019

By Alecia Rice Q:Several months ago, my 55-year-old husband was laid off. He is struggling to find another job. It’s weighing heavily on him. I think he feels lost and a bit depressed. I’m not sure how to help him process these challenges. — Treading Unsure Waters A: Dear Treading …

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Ask Alecia – April 2019

By Alecia Rice Q: I’m emotionally sensitive and often feel overwhelmed by what I see and feel going on in the world. Everything feels so heavy, unstable, and divided. It’s getting more difficult not to give up out of discouragement and despair. Is there some way to overcome these feelings? …

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