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Understanding the Beginning of Your Spiritual Awareness 

Testimonial by Joseph Jarnol – 

Spirituality is always with you. You are born with it. Recognizing it is when you become aware of it. The time frame is up to you. Mine was later in age, now I understand it was always there. I had to go through an amazing experience, or some would call it a miracle to be where I’m at now. 

Twenty years ago I was scheduled for surgery on my knee for a torn meniscus. Doctors confirmed that surgery was the only option. Surgery was set for one week, I was hesitant about the procedure. I’m not a religious person, but I always believed in God. I prayed and meditated to God for guidance on this surgery. One day, I was in bed meditating and experienced what I would confirm now as a revelation. At the time, I thought it was a different level of meditation. I kept hearing the word ‘channel’ and had no idea what it meant. I decided not to go for surgery. Just my luck, my knee was healing and feeling better. In a few weeks, it was healed, I continued with my normal day-to-day activities. When I went back to the doctors, they were completely surprised. 

It took six months to realize this was the beginning of my spiritual awakening, something meant to be and not a delusional experience. 

One day a few months after my experience, a dear friend took us to a Johrei Center in Pompano Beach Florida to receive Johrei. Unaware of what this was I was a little hesitant at first. We went in for a little meditation after a long day at the beach. Wow! To my surprise, I experienced the same feeling from a few months back when I was meditating and praying on my torn meniscus. I felt energized and great! Was there a connection? I went back everyday to receive Johrei during my stay in Pompano. When I inquired about the process, Moema, the Johrei spiritual leader, explained that the members ‘channel’ the Light of God to the recipients. The key word was channel. I recalled my initial experience in bed while I was meditating a few months back that I kept hearing the word ‘channel’ but I couldn’t formulate the meaning. My realization was that the healing of the meniscus was not normal but a true spiritual intervention. This was the beginning of the awakening of my spirituality. 

When I returned to Chicago, I studied Johrei and have been an active member and practitioner for over 20 years. 

Many times people hear the knock on the door, but they don’t answer. Had I not taken this trip and gone to a Johrei center I might not have answered the knock. I was lucky for this experience and to have been taken to the center to understand. Awakening your spirituality can happen anytime, any place, any age and any faith. Listen and be mindful of every moment. 

Joe Jarnol is a Johrei Practitioner in Chicago. He has been practicing Johrei since 1999. He received his leadership training from the Izunome, New Jersey headquarters.  Senior Johrei Ministers and Spiritual leaders from North/Latin America and Japan have mentored him. He currently leads the Chicago Northside area and has a mini Johrei location open and dedicated for Johrei sessions. There are several Johrei meeting locations where sessions are provided in the Chicagoland area. To learn more about Johrei log onto or call/email 773-465-9014,

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