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The HeART of Community – The Intimate HeART

By Misty Soderholm –

Intimacy… what does that mean to you? To most it means physical touch, but to the lucky few it goes way beyond this physical realm.  To me, the very sound of the word “intimacy” says it all when it’s broken down, in-to-me-you-see.  It’s an intimacy so deep that it can be felt without touch, heard without saying a word, and seen with your eyes closed. A spiritual connection that taps into higher consciousness and a level of communication that will at moments leave you speechless. Intimacy falls into all levels of our lives; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and drastically affects our health.  

True intimacy is our way to truly connect with others in a sacred soul space that transcends space and time and reflects our own scars and beauty. It is open hearts sharing and speaking their truths without fear or anxiety to be who they really are. True intimacy is looking in the other’s eyes, the windows to the soul, and seeing the depth of their story, not the color of their iris.  To share this space, you must stop long enough to be present, be open, and listen. When you are able to share these intimate soul connections with others, you have begun to find your tribe and regain your well-being.   

I’m learning the most important aspect of being happy is having positive, nurturing relationships in our lives. One of the best feelings in this world is sharing a level of intimacy with others that offer a comfortable and loving space to be ourselves and express our thoughts without judgment and expectations.  

This also applies to your intimate relationship with yourself.  How are you living your life’s purpose? How much are you willing to forgive and let go? How far are you willing to dig into the depths of your shadow self to heal? How much time and energy are you willing to invest to nurture your relationship with yourself? True intimacy exposes our deepest wounds and tragedies, yet opens us up to our true selves and brings our biggest lessons.   

Your Intimate HeART is one of compassion, grace,  creativity, understanding, humbleness, unconditional love, and truth. Explore your relationship with yourself by spending time alone to connect to your spirit, regardless of what religious beliefs you may have. Learn to love that time; be in the present moment with the most important person in your life, You. Go for a walk alone, write in your journal, read a book, sing a song, move your body, meditate or say a prayer. Once you tap into that sacred soul space in your heart, the possibilities are endless. To share true intimacy with others, you must first be able to share it with yourself.  Eventually you will cherish that alone time as much as you cherish the time in your relationships.  

Finding true intimacy with ourselves and others keeps us healthier and happier in all aspects of our lives. I challenge you to change your perception of intimacy and open up to all it has to offer.  


Intimacy (In-to-me-you-see) 

In-to-me-you-see my heart filled with love and grace,
and into you I see the same with smiles on our face. 

In-to-me-you-see my soul filled with bliss and light,
and into you I see the same where our spirits shine so bright. 

In-to-me-you-see my mind constantly thinking of you,
and into you I see the same giving love in all we do. 

In-to-me-you-see my Christ filled with warmth and peace,
and into you I see the same where miracles never cease. 

In-to-me-you-see yourself and the same in you I see,
by looking deep within our eyes we share true intimacy.  

— Misty Soderholm 


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