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The New/Full Moon Energy for September 2021


By Donna Stellhorn

The month of September begins with Mars moving to oppose Neptune on September 2. This can feel like a bit of an energy drain. It’s difficult to take effective action. There can be confusion or you can be led the wrong way. If you’re starting your Labor Day weekend holiday early, give yourself extra time to get where you’re going.

On Labor Day, September 6, Mars makes a trine to Pluto. You may feel obliged to do something important or constructive. You could be ambitious, motivated, and ready to take on any obstacles in your path. Or you’re fighting through some mega traffic jam.

The new moon in Virgo is on September 7, and over the next two weeks, the focus is on taking care of your health and all of the little tasks that make life go smoothly. This energy is perfect for making incremental improvements. Consider “habit stacking,” where you attach a new good habit to an existing habit, such as adding ankle weights to your morning walk or adding kale to your smoothie.

On September 15, Mars enters the sign of Libra, and over the next couple of months, there is an emphasis on teamwork, connecting with others, and reconnecting with friends. Mars is very assertive, contentious, and even argumentative at times. During this period, you may be quick to tell people exactly how you feel.

The full moon in Pisces is on September 20, and over the next two weeks, you have increased intuitive ability. You may have interesting dreams. You may seek out psychic tools such as tarot cards, dowsing rods, or pendulums. You may also feel a desire to escape into music, television shows, or video games.

On September 22, the sun goes into Libra, marking the first day of autumn. There is a grand trine with the sun, Mars, Saturn, and the North node (which represents your life path). A grand trine means that when you take action, good things start to happen. Reaching out to connect with a potential new friend, taking on a high-profile project, or crossing something off your bucket list are all good things to do during the fall season.

And finally, on September 26, Mercury goes retrograde in Libra until October 18. During this time, you want to avoid doing anything you don’t want to repeat. This would include things like getting a root canal, going to DMV, or getting a divorce. On the other hand, this is excellent energy for activities you want to make into habits such as studying a foreign language, working on your novel, or exercising.


You show a busy month in September with work projects and education tasks like homework. Financial opportunities come in when you make one-on-one contact with others. There is excellent relationship energy helping you reconnect with someone from your past. An old lover may be knocking at your door. Your health improves as you make some adjustments in diet or exercise plans. Someone steps up to help you, but it will cost you either money or some other exchange of value.


You’re happily settling into a routine this month. Additionally, you might be cleaning out closets and decluttering in general. You may get a salary increase or at least additional hours, which could add up to a bigger paycheck. There is an excellent love opportunity if you will make time for this person. You may find it challenging to coordinate your schedules. A child or younger relative has a surprise announcement or gains a big (and perhaps lucrative) opportunity within the community.


September brings some pleasurable activities. With kids back in school, you may have more time to yourself, or you may be attending school and enjoying every minute of it. Cash flow is a little tight this month as you may have extra expenses. Later in the month, an investment may pay off, balancing your budget. A romantic encounter is quite possible. You and your sweetheart may be planning a getaway. You may be spending time outdoors in the garden, hiking on public lands, or at a National Park.


The spotlight is on you this month. You may be recognized for an award or acknowledged for your service. You may be making extra money through selling some items at home, or your side business is starting to be profitable. Your love life is quite interesting as you could be exploring some alternatives to what you normally do. But to make this happen, you will need to be spontaneous. There’s a lot of attention being paid to transportation or your vehicle. Some Cancer natives will be getting a new car.


This is a key financial month for Leo natives. You could be gaining a windfall, bonus, or other chunks of money. There also does seem to be some extra spending going on as well. You may have earmarked this money for something you’ve wanted for a long time. Meeting someone for a long-term friendship or love relationship is quite possible this month. You may not recognize them at first glance as they are not necessarily your “type.” You’ll need extra rest this month. Schedule some time off to sleep in.


This is a good money month for Virgo natives. You may receive money from several new sources. These may be one-time checks connected to investments or gifts. A love relationship you thought was moving along fine now hits a bumpy patch. Take the easier road, and don’t put too many demands on your partner at this time. You may receive a job offer or there could be a discussion about a promotion at your current job. Others are stepping up to pay you compliments, especially on your confidence.


You’re thrust into the spotlight this month, even though you would rather hang back and be behind the scenes. A little money magic or feng shui can give your financial accounts a boost. Consider lighting some money incense or placing a lucky money frog by your front door. Your love life can take a surprising turn when you impulsively say “yes” to an offer. This is a good month to change your hairstyle or update your wardrobe. An object you lost in the Spring suddenly reappears.


There’s a focus on friendships and the community, in general, this month. There could be some issues with your computer or phone. Money comes in related to family or real estate. This could result in a regular stream of income. You and your sweetheart may be taking a trip together or have a date in an out-of-the-way place. A government or legal matter starts to move forward, and you see that the end of the matter is getting closer. A broken appliance or system at home turns out to be an easy fix.


There’s a great deal of activity connected to children, siblings, or younger relatives this month. The school year starts out well, and soon you’re in the groove. There’s an opportunity to make more money, but it will pull you outside of your comfort zone. Gains can be made if you’re up for an adventure. You can meet someone with whom you have great chemistry. This person could become a lover or a close friend. You may ride in a new type of vehicle or experience a new mode of transportation.


There’s a lot of activity with new people, especially ones from foreign lands. A sum of money you didn’t think you’re going to get lands in your account. You may be able to pay off a debt this month. You can have some fun, especially of the romantic variety, if you can adjust your schedule to give yourself the time. An attractive person pays you a compliment, and someone in authority shows you some recognition. A child or pet may be added to the family. This could include a bird or a fish.


There’s a great deal of focus on home. Many changes have happened over the last month or two. You may be rearranging furniture or renovating the kitchen. An investment could pay off. However, you don’t want to be overly optimistic about future prospects. It’s good to take profits when you see them. A relationship can turn intimate very quickly. You might start with dinner and end up being together for breakfast. You may decide to go paperless or do something else to help the environment.


You’re quite noticeable this month. Others are singling you out for recognition. People are stepping up to help you, especially with your love life. A friend may be playing matchmaker. A financial opportunity comes through. You also may gain more credit at a very low-interest rate. A prediction you make turns out to be far more accurate than you expected. You might start a new hobby involving food or colorful fabric. A difficult family pattern comes to light, and you’re able to break free.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram @donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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