Tuesday , September 28 2021

The Healing Power of Your Aura

By Barbara Y. Martin

From the time I was very young, I have been blessed with seeing auras. Although I didn’t know what auras were called at first, I could see energies of diaphanous colors and hues around people, animals, plants, and even inanimate objects. When I was a teenager, I made the unmistakable connection between the aura and health. So began one of the most beautiful times in my life as I learned the art of spiritual healing with Divine Light.

Knowledge of the aura, spiritual energy, and its relationship to health is blossoming with the advent of what is called energy healing or vibrational medicine. Spiritual practices from yoga and acupuncture to Reiki and Qigong all use the body’s spiritual power to generate health and well-being.

What is the aura? It is a vibratory essence that surrounds all living things. It is your spiritual support system in all you do, your energy blueprint that shows how you’re using God’s infinite spiritual power. Everything you think, feel, and do radiates a spiritual energy that comes through in definite colors and hues.

The aura is essential to healing because it is the first place you generate health. As with all things in life, making any type of change requires energy. You must first change the energy within your aura to create the health you desire.
There is a whole division of the aura dedicated to physical well-being.

This health division shows itself in several ways. For example, there are striations of light that emanate from either side of the body and are the indicators of health status. These striations (called health lines) are like spiritual power lines to the body. The health lines are a striking feature in the aura and one of the first areas I look at when reading a person’s aura. When we’re healthy, the lines are a brilliant silvery white color and move out in a straight line, perpendicular to our body. When we are ill, the health lines start to turn gray and begin to droop.

The organs of the body each have their own aura. When healthy, the lungs and heart have blue auras, the liver usually has a red-orange aura, the stomach a pink aura, and the brain has a green aura. The body itself radiates an orange-red aura along its contours for about an inch and a half when healthy. Even the cells of our body have an aura — a tiny, bright silver aura — revealing their inherent intelligence!

When we become ill, the aura becomes discolored. The primary color of illness is gray. Other unhealthy energies come into play, such as black, mustard yellow, avocado green, and vitiated red, but the predominant color is gray. Gray indicates a devitalization of spiritual power in the affected area in the body. Except in cases of accidents and physical injury, these unhealthy energies actually show themselves in the aura before the actual physical illness appears. If I see these dark energies brewing in an organ or part of the body, I know the person is in need of healing. By healing the aura before the illness manifests, we can alleviate many maladies.

The miracle of the aura is that by calling on the source of your auric power — spiritual energy — you can send light to the affected bodily area and reverse that negative momentum. I have seen many wonderful testaments to the power of spiritual healing, from Divine Light helping to alleviate a headache to its helping dissolve malignant tumors.

There are several spiritual energies that you can call on for healing. The three energies I work with the most are the orange-red flame, the blue-white fire, and the pure white light. The orange-red flame is a purifying energy that helps break up negative energy associated with any illness. The blue-white fire is the single greatest healing ray there is. It brings in new life force and regenerates the body. The pure white light is an uplifting energy and helps to repair the atomic structure of the body.
You draw in these healing rays through meditation. By meditating with Divine Light, you can make some of the fastest and most effective changes to your aura, which will have a corresponding effect on your body. I have taught meditation for many years. In my new book The Healing Power of Your Aura, I illustrate the techniques for drawing spiritual energy into the part of you that needs healing.

Our thoughts and emotions play an important part in effective healing and in maintaining health. Although I do not believe every physical ailment has a mental or emotional root, it has been my clairvoyant observation and experience that 100 percent of our ills are of our own making! Without our realizing it, destructive states of thinking and feeling can create an environment in which disease and physical distress can grow into the most terrible of conditions.

Creating a proper mental attitude of health is essential in working with the aura. If you’re asking God’s light to heal you, yet you are harboring old destructive patterns of thinking, you impede your spiritual energy flow. Perfect health starts in your mind. Once your mind is thinking in terms of God and health, it is the Divine Light being expressed through the aura that provides the power necessary to actually make the change.

Fortunately, your aura is working for you constantly to build and maintain health, whether you are aware of it or not. Yet when you work in conscious cooperation with your aura and the light, its effectiveness is greatly multiplied. As I tell people, you don’t need to see the aura to work with it. Start working with your aura, and you will see the effects in your life. Working with spiritual energy works very well in conjunction with other medical and holistic practices, as all are part of the total picture of healing.

You will find that by working with your aura and spiritual energy, you have discovered the single greatest key to building and sustaining health.

Perhaps the greatest blessing of all is that by applying the spiritual laws of health to physical conditions, you are discovering the secret to healthy living in all departments of your life and are drawing yourself closer to your Divine source.

Barbara Y. Martin is an internationally renowned clairvoyant, author, and spiritual teacher. Her new book, The Healing Power of Your Aura, has been endorsed by medical luminaries C. Norman Shealy and Dr. Richard Gerber.

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