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The New/Full Moon Energy for November 2021


By Donna Stellhorn

The month of November brings Mars into Scorpio and a lunar eclipse (more about that in a moment). Mars is at home in Scorpio as it co-rules the sign with Pluto. Mars in Scorpio is a caveman whose mind is focused on survival. With this transit, Mars gives you the ability to take direct action towards a goal. And with this energy, you can do some marvelous things. But when Mars feels blocked or scared, it turns to anger, blame, and criticism. Mars travels through the sign of Scorpio just once every two years. Now we all have the opportunity to use this power for something beneficial.

On November 4, there is a new moon in Scorpio. At the same time, the sun makes an opposition to Uranus. You may feel a great desire for freedom at this time. You may want to break out of whatever box, structure, or routine you feel stuck in. This can be done constructively, where you take original ideas and future thinking to reform your life. You can find ways to make your life better.

On November 10, Mars makes a square to Saturn, and there’s a need to make a plan. And on November 15, the sun makes a square to Jupiter, and you can see your plan starting to come together.

And then, on November 19, the full moon brings us the lunar eclipse in Taurus. This lunar eclipse is about prosperity consciousness. It brings the awareness that there are aspects of money and finances that need to be mastered in order to bring prosperity. At this time, money opportunities may seem scarce. But in this age of unlimited information and unlimited connections, there is more access to prosperity energy than there ever has been. This lunar eclipse talks about what you do with money and how you handle resources in general. This is not about giving all responsibility to accountants, brokers, or bankers. This is a reminder to be aware of your finances. There is an abundance of money in this world, an abundance of resources in the Universe, and to what you pay attention expands.

Check in next month when we talk about the solar eclipse in Sagittarius.


This month you have lots of charisma to attract a romantic opportunity. A date could start with dinner and continue to breakfast. A friend may have a business proposal for you. You may be looking at some riskier or leveraged investments. It would be good to seek advice on this before you move forward. You’re likely working more hours as your team may be shorthanded. A new diet or exercise program is going well. Pretty soon, you can fit into smaller size jeans.


This month you have a lot of power when dealing with education. You can get help for yourself or for one of your children. If you’re looking for love, you have an opportunity to have several dates and more than one admirer. You may change your hairstyle or appearance in some way. There’s a surprisingly lucky streak when it comes to money. You could gain a moderate windfall. Your creative project involving art or music finds its way into the world. Others appreciate your work.


There is a great deal of focus on taking care of your physical self this month. You may do a juice fast or get a personal trainer to enhance your workouts. Love relationship energy is very strong. A person from your past may return and ask for another chance. And even though you know better, you may be tempted to say “yes”. A career opportunity now moves forward. You may get an interview or even an offer for a new position. And a new position with possibilities could open within your company.


You are more focused on your children than usual (which is saying something). There could be preparations for a test, travel arrangements to make, or there could be a new baby on the way. If you’re looking for love, you may be pursued by more than one lover. This could be quite an adventure. You may have a strong desire to make money through a creative endeavor. You may put your novel on Amazon or set up a website to sell art. Your job gets better when a difficult person goes on vacation.


There could be some changes going on at home. You might be renovating, adding a game room, or upgrading your entertainment system. Your romantic life could get quite serious as you spend more time together, as well as chatting on the phone mornings and evenings. A new set of rules comes from the head office, and you may get a new manager. Cash flow is a little tight this month. More money has been going out over the last few weeks for education and/or annual expenses.


An agreement for which you have been looking is now in your hands. You have the power to negotiate changes if you choose. There is a perfect job ready for your resume, but you may hesitate just the same. Consider taking a chance and applying. When it comes to relationships, people are coming to you to ask for your advice. There can be financial gain connected to home, your family, or shared real estate. You could be looking at refinancing or buying some rental property.


You are working hard, and more money is coming in. It’s a good idea to diversify your investments and keep a little cash on hand. Winter is coming. A friend you haven’t heard from in a long time calls you out of the blue. He or she may come for a visit. You might be having trouble sleeping, possibly due to caffeine and a really good TV series. You may be working behind the scenes on a project. It’s great to work uninterrupted, but it’s hard to get praise for your accomplishments when you are not seen.


This month is the first of your 12-month cycle. The more new things you do and the more chances you take this month, the more you can harvest a year from now. You may be tempted to make a large purchase as the price is lower than you’ve seen it in a while. If you have been working in the office, you may go back to working at home (possibly due to weather). This will give you more time to get things done. Toward the end of the month, you could receive more guests than you were expecting.


You have a lot more energy this month. You’re blazing through projects and getting your work done in much less time. Your charisma is strong, and even strangers compliment your looks and style. A new relationship is quite possible, and a stranger may give you his or her phone number. You may be a little concerned about your company’s future. There’s a possible merger or some downsizing coming soon. A business idea that you have could bring you some money — not right away, but over time.


You have a lot of interaction with friends this month. You might be invited to several parties or to more than one Thanksgiving dinner. Your magnetism is quite strong. If you’re looking for love, you can find someone with whom you have great chemistry. Investments look like they are profitable, but it may not be the time to sell. There are some concerns about a matter involving school or your kid’s school. And you could receive some recognition on the job such as an award for sales or service.


It’s likely you’ll receive some recognition on the job. This could include a promotion, raise, or an award. If you own the company, this could be a very lucrative month. At the same time, you may be concerned with some of your investments. Consider diversifying your holdings. A friend may express their admiration for you or even romantic interest. The family could be expanding soon as someone announces a pregnancy or a new puppy. Watch where you park. You could get a ticket.


You might be making a decision to travel. There could be weather delays, so it’s good to have a contingency plan. Financially, things are getting better as you’re paying more attention to your investments and keeping track of purchases. A long-time relationship becomes more enjoyable as you spend more time together. A career opportunity opens, but you’re undecided about changing jobs. It’s good to weigh your options carefully and ask for advice from a trusted friend.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram @donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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